happy birthday yamamoto


February 22 - Yamamoto Taketora’s birthday!!!

Bishin (Tora)
Hey, Yamamoto Taketora. 
Happy birthday!!!
Thanks for being born.  
I was so happy I got the chance to play you on stage.  
Keep being that overwhelmingly manly, super cool Ace of Nekoma.
Also, keep being awkward with girls.  lol
It’d be nice if you can keep being cheered on by that cute little sister of yours.

Shouri (Kuroo)
Yamamoto Taketora!
Happy birthday!

I’m gonna keep expecting great things from you!

Tarou (Inuoka)
Uwooohhhh!!! What a joyous day!  
Happy birthday!

Takeru (Yaku)

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

What the Nekoma team got Yaku for his birthday...
  • Kuroo: A "Best Mother" mug.
  • Kai: Food, and lots of it!
  • Yamamoto: A shirt with a cat on it.
  • Kenma: A Neko Atsume plushie.
  • Fukunaga: A stress ball "to help you deal with Lev".
  • Inuoka: An assortment of cat-shaped sweets.
  • Shibayama: A beanie with cat ears.
  • Lev: Stilts.
  • ...
  • Needless to say, Lev got his own present from Yaku that day - A kick where no man should be kicked.

Happy 24th Birthday Sayanee!

NMB’s Center/Ace/Captain and one of the best singers and dancers in the whole 48 Group. Sayanee’s talent really amazes me. She’s also super funny and I love seeing the dorky side to her. Also one of my favourite things is Sayanee dancing when other members are performing like in Request Hour I always look out for her.

She didn’t run for Sousenkyo this year but she had a really good with ranking 1st in the Kouhaku Senbatsu, congrats Sayanee! Also she had a solo album released and a tour! She really deserves it.

I’m not the biggest Sayanee Oshi but she’s definitely my NMB Oshi. Hoping for continued good things for Sayanee!

SayaMilky & NMB 1st Gen Fun Times

I recently made a simple slideshow of the fun times SayaMilky shared throughout their 6 years together. Includes photos of mostly just NMB 1st gen! 

I decided to finally make use of the huge stack of photos I’ve collected since 2011 haha.

The song I used for this is one I reaaally love and I thought it was fitting. It’s Day6′s Dance Dance! 

I felt like doing it for Milky’s 24th birthday today, so here you go! Happy Birthday to Miyuki and hope you all enjoy these nostalgic photos! Haha