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i’m so in love with you & i hope you know. darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold. we’ve come so far my dear, look how we’ve grown & i wanna stay with you until we’re grey & old. just say you won’t let go.

Birthday (Dan Howell Imagine)

Summary: It’s Dan’s birthday today, and you decided to buy the first season of Riverdale for him, then a Riverdale marathon

Pairing: Dan X Reader 

Fandom: YouTube 

A/N: I wrote this since it’s Dan’s birthday. I’m sorry if this is bad, I’m sorry if Dan and Phil are out of character. 

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“Hey guys.” You say to your vlogging camera. “So today is Dan’s birthday so happy birthday Dan when you’re watching this. And I’ve brought him the first season of Riverdale. I hope he likes it? Should I get something else? No? Meh? Now all I gotta do is write the card. So yeah.” You say as you look down, you look back up at the camera. 

You stop recording as you set it up on the table where you’re going to write the card. You make sure that the lighting is perfect, then you grab the card and a pen. You pressed record as you began writing.

‘To my dork of a boyfriend. This is a special day for you, and you know it. You’ve brought so much happiness to me, and without it I have no idea where I’ll be. But I’m glad that you’re here, imagine having a world without Phan is a terrible thought really. A world without your awkwardness and bad puns is a terrible thought. Well, I’m glad that you’re here. So Happy Birthday to my awesome boyfriend. Love you, hope you like the present I’ve got ya, xoxo - Y/N' 

You finished as you get up and presses the button to stop recording. You lift the camera to face you and started recording.

“Okay I’ve done the card, now to wrap up the present for him.” You said as you stopped recording and grabbed the Riverdale DVD. 

You sit down and the camera as you put it next to you and the wrapping paper is next to you also. You press record as you start wrapping up the present. 


“Okay guys I’m right outside of Phan’s house and I’ve gotta stop recording here well because I can’t be bothered to film but I’ll do some clips and stuff. Bye bye for now.” You say as you turn your camera off and knocked on the door of Dan and Phil’s apartment. 

You hear the door unlocking and to see that it was Phil that opened the door, a huge smile shows on his face. 

“Hey, Y/N.” He greets you as you smile warmly at him. 

“Hey Phil.” You say as you both went for a hug. 

“Is that Dan’s present?” He asked you as you nodded. 

“Yep, and I bet, well hopefully that he’ll like it.” You say as Phil smiles and opens the door fully to let you in. 

You see Dan sitting on the lounge on his computer. You run as you jump onto the lounge next to him. He jumps as his eyes are widen and his hand places on his chest. 

“Bloody hell Y/N, you could’ve given me an heart attack!” He exclaims as you chuckle.

“Opps. Well, happy birthday from me!” You say as you hand him the present. He grabs it from you as confusion rushes towards his facial expression. “Go on open it.” You say as a smile reaches to your lips. 

He looks at you with an concern look then back at the present. He starts to unwrap the paper nicely. Once he saw a little bit of it he soon realised/realized what it was. Then he started to unwrap it faster. After he was done unwrapping it he looks towards you with an shock expression. 

“You brought me the first season of Riverdale?” He ask as you nodded. 

“Yep, and you’ve gotta share with me.” You say with a smile.

“Happy birthday, Dan.” You say as you kiss him on his cheek.

“Gosh I love you so much.” Dan says as he kisses you on the lips. But to be interrupted by Phil waking in. 

“Argh, every time I walk in on you two.” Phil says shielding his eyes. Once he moves his hand a away he instantly sees the DVD in Dan’s hands. “Oh please tell me we’re gonna have a marathon?”


Today, my favorite person in this big, big world turns 28 and I have never been so damn proud of him than I am right now at this point in time! For 5 years, I have watched him grow up into this beautifully handsome and amazing man and he has blown me away in so many ways! He has given me so much, without even knowing me. I get out of bed every day just to be able to hear his laugh and see his gorgeous smile. And today… today is even more about him than any other day. Today, is a day that I am so thankful for him being out there, very much alive, and giving me so many reasons to smile!

Happy 28th Birthday, Rob Pattinson! 2014 has been going incredibly well for you, and I know that your 28th year will be the best you’ve ever had. I hope this year will give you every thing you’ve dreamed of and more, because you deserve the best. You have so many projects and promos coming your way that you are probably so excited about and I am as well! Always know that I will be there with you every step of the way, always rooting for my favorite English dork!♥

I love you so much bb! Never change and always stay dorky and weird cause I like you that way!


This man has to be the cutest dork I have ever seen. The fact that video games are his life makes me smile and laugh. His voice is pure perfection. I don’t know about you, but when I’m sad or depressed, his voice can calm me down. He voice helped me through hard times and slowly helping me overcome my anxiety. His singing makes me forget about the world. His voice is just unique and amazing! I love it so much! When I saw Avenged Sevenfold live about 2 weeks ago, he changed my whole prospective of music. The way he got the crowd going and how much fun he had on stage inspired me so much. Matt comes off as a big bad bear, but it reality, he’s just a teddy bear that you want to cuddle with at night. Happy Birthday Matt! I hope you have a great day because you deserve it! Love ya you sexy dork!