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Hi:) I was wondering if you could do one where Castiel has been holding the readers hand a lot because he wants to know she's there. Have a good day and thank you!

Hi. I can. And I will. Right now! In honor of Castiel’s birthday, please accept this 5-minute drabble as a token of Castiel’s profound adoration.

The first time Castiel reached for your trembling fingers, you sat side by side, bunker bound, in the rear of the Impala. The angel had healed you, healed all of you, and yet, as always, there existed wounds he could not see or mend with his divine grace.

In the driver’s seat, muted by guilt, Dean’s green gaze seemed fixed so far away that his white-knuckled clutch upon the steering wheel and steady pressure of his boot on the gas pedal were, more than anything else, a base manifestation of homing instinct.

Sam reclined restlessly against the passenger window, eyelids heavily shut in the elusive search of a fitful slumber forever out of his grasp.

Tears reflective of the gruesome hunt gathered in the corners of your eyes, the briny sting of innocent lives lost stained your flushed cheeks.

The dense shared silence of varying regrets hung viscous in the air between the four of you so that the simple act of breathing became a tiresome chore.

In gaining a familiarity with the nuances of human touch, Castiel understood hand holding to be a means to comfort you – the gesture a physical reminder that you were not alone. He had no way of anticipating the reverberating influence of the action on his own sense of grounding.

Numb fingers sensing the warm rough skin of his palm overlaying your hand, you twined your fingers through his, a shaky sigh rattling your chest as you wriggled across the distance between your bodies to lay your weary head on his shoulder.

Castiel drew your hand to rest upon his lap – grateful to have helped, grateful for your existence.

More and more habitually in the days, and weeks, and months following, Castiel intuitively reached out to hold your hand. Frequently, it was to reassure you, as on that first fateful occasion. Just as often, it was out of a shyly blossoming affection. Sometimes, when he felt most lost and most without purpose, it was to satisfy a nascent desire in himself to hold on to something tangible and alive in a world where too often the immaterial natures of hope and faith were not enough to fend off the darkness or the thought that he, alone, was not enough to aid in the stand against it.

Together, hand in hand, anything seemed possible.

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Birthday Surprise

Cas x Reader

Summary: It’s your big day, but everyone seems to have forgotten, including your boyfriend, Cas.

Warnings: Temporary angst, then the fluffies.

For my awesome dude @prob8850‘s birthday! Hope you have an awesome day, and I hope you enjoy!

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You groan rather loudly when the insistent beeping of your alarm clock echoes throughout your room. 

However, your sour mood doesn’t last long when you notice the numbers representing the date. You grin widely as you realize that this was your first birthday you get to celebrate with the Winchesters and your new boyfriend, Castiel.

With a smile still plastered on your face, you sit up and stretch, noticing your boyfriend’s absence from the other side of the bed.

Figuring he had something to attend to (like he usually did), you shook it off and walked into the bunker’s kitchen.

Sam, of course, is already up and researching something on his laptop, occasionally sipping a bit of the steaming coffee in the mug next to him.

“Morning, Sammy. Do you know where Cas is?”, you greet with a toothy grin.

“Morning. I haven’t seen him today”, he greets back, immediately refocusing on his laptop. 

You frown at the lack of dialogue and presence of your boyfriend. They’re busy, you reckon with yourself.

After pouring yourself a cup of joe, Dean barges in. “Do we have anything on basilisks?”

Sam doesn’t look up, but answers his question anyway. “The big snake things that can kill people with a look?”

“Yeah”, Dean responds, leaning up against the counter with his own cup of coffee.

“I don’t think we have any info how to kill them though”, Sam sighs, rubbing a hand over his face.

“Well”, Dean begins, pushing himself off the counter, “Pack up. We’re going to have to research it in the library.”

Dean and Sam don’t seem to notice the disappointed look on your face. Maybe, they just forgot. After all, there was probably a small town haunted by this basilisk. Those people are more important than your birthday, you decide. 

After hours and hours of boring research, the only things you discovered were that basilisks were weak to a rooster crow and that your two best friends and lover all forgot about your birthday.

Thankfully, it was dark in the Impala as you drove back to the bunker. Un-shed tears lined your eyes. You hadn’t seen Cas all day and all you got to do today was stick your head in a book.

Soon, the Impala is parked in the garage, and all you want to do is sit in your room by yourself.

Before you can step in, Dean grunts, “Help me with the books.”

You let out a deep sigh before lifting a few of the many book in the back seat. How could this day get any worse?

When you step into the bunker, it’s pitch black. Before you can reach your gun, a pair of warm, familiar arms lace around your waist. “Hello, darling.”

You almost drop the books when you hear Cas’s immensely deep voice in your ear. Before you can respond, he snaps his fingers and all the lights turn on.

This time, you do drop the books. The bunker is decked out in balloons in various colors, happy birthday streamers, and several pies and cakes. 

The two brothers make their way in, grinning ear to ear. 

“Did-did you guys do all this for me?” you stutter out, happy tears replacing your solemn ones.

“Of course, sweetheart”, Dean chuckles, wrapping a friendly arm around you.

“You’re like family, Y/N. We wouldn’t forget your birthday”, Sam pipes in, slightly mussing your hair.

You stare at them wide-eyed. “So, the b-basilisk-”

“Was just a distraction”, Cas finished for you, his blue eyes shining.

You let out a choked laugh. “Thank you guys so much. I love all of you”, you say genuinely, doing your best at wrapping your arms around the three men.

“Now”, Dean says, still grinning, “I believe we have some pie that needs eating.”

You roll your eyes in mock annoyance, but when you see Sam and Dean run over to the desert table happily laughing and when you feel Cas’s secure arm wrapped lovingly around your waist, you can’t help but feel the happiest you’ve ever been.

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imagine you help dean with making a cake for Sam’s birthday even if he didnt want to celebrate it.

A/N: I thought it would be fun to make a imagine for once. I have a lot of imagines in my head so I thought why not one for Sammy’s birthday.

“dean, stop eating the cake mix. If you want me to help you then you need to stop eating the mix.” You said when you saw deans finger get in the bowl of cake mix. You two where baking a cake for Sam’s birthday even Sam said that he don’t want to celebrate it. You where his stubborn little sister so why not? You want to make one for him. You celebrate their birthdays not much and they never celebrate it. You always wanted it but they didn’t. they celebrate yours but now you are going to change it. You celebrated deans birthday so now that one from Sam.

“what do we need to do now?” dean asked.

You put the cake mix in the bake form and put it in the oven. “only need it to put in the oven and then decorate it.” You said. You looked around to spot of Sam is going to enter the kitchen soon. Dean looked confuse at you. “sorry, I didn’t told Sam about it and I’m scared that he not going to like it.”

Dean drag you quick in a hug. “don’t be scared kiddo.” He looked in your eyes. “it’s Sam and even he don’t like sweets as much as you and I. he love us and of course he will be happy. It would be little weird because we never did it but he it’s a good change for once.” Dean smiled and you to.

You nodded. “you’re right.” And released yourself from the hug. you saw that dean had a proud smile on his face. You rolled your eyes. “oke Mr. I’m the best brother now help me with cleaning the kitchen.”

You and dean cleaned the kitchen. At the same time the cake was done. You opened the oven and placed the cake on a tray. “and now?” dean asked.

“waiting until its cooled down.” Dean sign. You knew that he wanted cake but if you now decorate it the icing would melt.

After a while the cake was cooled down and you and dean where ready to decorate it. Dean spread the white icing on the cake when you were jumping to try to reach the candles. After a min you saw a hand reached the candle and gives to you. You looked up and saw Sam smiling at you. “what are you going to do with those candles?” he asked.

“uhh.” You looked over to dean but there you couldn’t find any help. “Sam there are for the cake dean and I baked for you.” You looked down. “I know that you didn’t want to celebrate it but I just need to. We don’t celebrate it and I just want to do it. Please don’t be mad.”

You felt a hand on your shoulder. You looked up and saw a smile on Sam’s face. “why would I be mad at you? Okay, I didn’t want it but hey you did it for me. I love it and I love you. Come here.” he gives you the big moose hug. after a min he released his self and looked you in the eyes. “are we going to eat some cake?”

You smiled and nodded. You stick the candles in the cake and dean lighted up the candles. You saw a bright smile on both of their faces. “now blow out the candles.” You demended sam and he did what he got told. He blow out the candles and heard really hard. “happy birthday Sammy!”

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Happy Birthday, Moony || Remus Lupin x Reader Drabble

Summary: Imagine asking the marauders to arrange a small get-together for Remus’s 57th birthday, and things don’t go how you imagined 

Fandom: Harry potter (AU kinda)

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Warnings: None 

A/N: Let’s all pretend that everyone is all alive and happy. I was too heartbroken about the fact his birthday falls three days before a full moon, so let’s give him a party like he deserves. Hope y’all enjoy! This one is for you @hogwarts-konoha <3 ~ Rae

March 10th 2017, Remus Lupins 57th Birthday.

A day that’s supposed to be spent full of celebration, Happiness and a drunk Sirius black singing ‘ For he’s a jolly good fellow’ at the top of his lungs. But not this year. This year is a ticking clock as this year his birthday fell three days before a full moon. You cried when you realised at the universe 

He begged you earlier in the month, while you lay in bed together not to celebrate his birthday this year.

“please [Y/N]” He whispered into your hairline “How can I celebrate when I know in three days time I’m gonna that monster”

You sat up in bed, looking softly into his eyes as you lightly traced the scar on his face, then firmly placing a kiss on his forehead “ celebrating is exactly what we do rem, We are gonna outnumber those horrible days with good ones, with amazing ones surrounded by our family and loved ones”

“[y/n]…” he began, but you cut him off 

“we gotta hold onto the joy in our lives for as long as we can sweetie” He smiled at you softly, pulling you back into his arms 

“ I love you,[Y/N/N]” he whispered kissing your shoulder 

“ I love you too, Moony” 

“something small?” he pleaded “ I don’t want a repeat of last year,“  You thought for a second, agreeing with him 

“okay, Something small” you compromised 

March 10th came around a lot faster than either of you had realised. You had spent the day just the two of you, a long lie then lunch, walked around a bookstore for a while buying him whatever he wanted. Then go to see a muggle movie before deciding to head home. a peaceful and low-key, exactly how he wanted it.

“the guys are coming over in a bit,” you said to him as you walked up the path towards the home you and him shared, he groaned a little  “we will order dinner have a wee beers … low key” you emphasised “okay” he smiled  giving you a quick kiss as you walked through the door, the house still in darkness, the lights were flicked on and everyone jumped up out of their hiding spots 

“SUPRISE!!” they all shouted, blowing into streamers and party poppers

the rest of the marauders, Lily, and a bunch of other people all friends and family stood smiling in front of the pair of you. As you looked around the whole house was covered in banners and there were balloons everywhere 

“boys I said small” you laughed pointing at the rest of the marauders 

“Don’t blame all of us [Y/N] it was mostly Pads” James accused 

“well we HAD to have a party to celebrate your birthday, gramps” Sirius smirked wrapping and arm around Remus’s neck. As everyone else approached Remus to wish him a happy birthday you excused yourself to the kitchen, returning with a large chocolate birthday cake. you nodded to lily and she dimmed the lights as the whole room began singing happy birthday, he pulled you onto his lap, kissing you softly. the both of you blushing slightly as you remembered the room full of people 

“Happy Birthday, Moony”

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Indefinite Initials Masterlist

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Misha x Reader - Completed

Everybody receives a special tattoo of their soulmates initials at some point in their life. After nearly thirty years, you wake up with the initials ‘M.C.’ tattooed onto the back of your shoulder and set out to try and find who it might be.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

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Love Me Now (part 2/3)

Characters: Sam, y/n, Dean, Narrator/mystery person, Rufus Turner(mentioned)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word count: 1,648

Warnings: Tiny smidge of angst, some self loathing, some fluff, implied smut, swearing, mentions of people being “torn apart”

A/N: Can you figure out who our narrator is? I gave you some hints. Narrator’s thoughts are bolded. Lyrics are italicized.

I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone
So I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have
I know it’ll kill me when it’s over
I don’t wanna think about it, I want you to love me now

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A/N: This was written for @larajadeschmidt13‘s birthday challenge. I got, Dean, motel and chocolate. I really hope, you like what I came up with. It got slightly out of hand and is the longest fic I have ever written… HAPPY BIRTHDAY

wordcount: ~1500

characters: Dean & Reader

summary: Dean wanted some alone time after a hunt and ends up, finding a lovely woman in the local diner.

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Two favorite men

Word count: 724

Pairing: Dean X OC

Warnings: Pure fluff

A/N: This is for a beautiful and wonderful lady, @charliebradbury1104. Happy birthday Elizabeth! I love you so much and your lovely boy too. I hope you like this, sweetheart! Thank you for being an amazing friend and I hope your day is really special!

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“I don’t think he remembers, Sam,” you said, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Of course he does Lizzy,” Sam winked at you and you smiled in spite of yourself. You loved it when Sam called you that because it was his way of showing affection, to let you know that you were a part of his family.

“He went to bed early last night and didn’t even wish me when we woke up at 4,” you sighed.

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Birthday David fluff!! :D

It’s my birthday today and I wanted to treat myself a little by writing this!!! (I still have 1 request and I’m working on pt.1 of the portal thing but!!! Special occasion!!! X>) 


(Y/N) yelped as she was-  quite literally -swept off her feet and into the air. She yelled and laughed as David spun her around bridal style, smiling the whole time before setting her back on the ground. 

“Thank you Davey.” (Y/N) giggled. 

He smiled at her. 

“So what do you want for you birthday? Songs? Food? A trip to town?” He asked, clearly excited for what he considered to be a holiday. 

(Y/N) laughed again, hugging him. “Nothing too extravagant- just a hug will do!” She said, smiling. 

He smiled, wrapping his arms around her and swinging her around- making her laugh even harder -before pecking her lips lovingly. 

“Whatever you want! I’ll be happy to provide!” He said cheerfully. 

At that, she grinned. 

Anything?” She asked. 


“…You see your lover- trapped in the dragon-guarded tower you’ve only heard of in legends!!! What do you do?” 

(Y/N) thought for a moment, before pulling her wooden sword from it’s hold. She faced Nerris with a determined smile.

“You check the perimeter- I’ll go straight on!” She declared boldly. 

Nerris nodded, smiling as she began scoping out the space around the cardboard tower. (Y/N) walked in, wooden sword at the ready as she tried not to laugh with joy. She blamed Nerris for getting her into this game in the first place. 

“Oh no… you’ve been stopped by an evil wizard- do I have to do this?” Said Max, unenthusiastically.

“Yes you do- (Y/N)! Roll for strength!” Nerris cut in, peaking her head in through the door. 

(Y/N) rolled her dice, and smiled. Nerris looked around her and jumped on her heels. 

“Critical hit!” She said. 

(Y/N) tapped Max with her sword, making him roll his eyes as he walked out of the tower. 

She encountered many more ‘dangers’ along her path, but ended up at the top of the tower, where David was waiting for her, amused by her odd birthday wish. 

“You reach the top of the tower,” Nerris narrated. “Where your lover is waiting for you.” She shot David a look. 

“Oh- uh- My love! You have saved me once again!” He said, awkward and slightly flustered. 

(Y/N) giggled a bit, setting her sword down and rolling her dice as she walked over to him. 

“I cast, kiss lover.” She said, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him lovingly. 

“Well actually, your character doesn’t have any magic.” Nerris cut in. “But I’ll allow it because it’s your birthday (Y/N).” She winked, making both (Y/N) and David laugh. 

Happy Birthday, Dean!

Title : Happy Birthday, Dean!

Pairing : Dean X Reader

Word Count : 3,369

Prompt : This is to celebrate Dean Winchester’s birthday tomorrow! I’m sending love his way, hope you all enjoy this! (not my gif)

You opened up the box of chocolate cake mix with a wide smile as you moved as quietly as you could around the kitchen. You brought up the plastic bag of powder to your eye level with a frown. You had baked before, but with all the time that Dean liked to spend in the kitchen, you never had the opportunity to cook as often as you were used to. When you used to hunt on your own, you would cook all the time. And yes, you would bake a cake just for yourself on those days because heck, no one was around to tell you no.

Plus, if you were honest, you had a bit of an addiction to chocolate. Alright, maybe a major addiction, but who didn’t like chocolate.

You tried to pry open the bag with your fingers for a moment before you nearly spilled the milk on the counter beside you. You let out a sigh and yanked on the plastic bag hard. You realized your mistake a second too late as the bag exploded and sent cocoa powder showering all over your torso.

You let out a soft cough, blinking in shock as you waved away the powder from the air around you. Most of it landed in the mixing bowl, so you shrugged it off. You brushed off your shirt and added a few eggs and water to the mix, doing your best to stay quiet. You stirred the cake batter quietly, casting a nervous glance upstairs when you heard the stairs creak. You waited, frozen in place until you were sure you were the only one awake. You went back to baking, casting a glance at the clock on the counter.


You grinned as you quickly poured the cake into a pan and set the timer for the required thirty minutes. You closed the oven door with a self-assuring smile as you stared for a second or two at your creation, praying that the scent of chocolate wouldn’t wake anybody up.

You smiled and tiptoed away from the kitchen to the living room. You sat down on the couch with a smile, looking over the half-wrapped gift that you had set down beside you earlier that night. You smiled and tied a quick bow on top of it before you ran a hand through your tussled hair.

You cast a glance upstairs.

Dean and Sam had just gotten back from a Salt and Burn that evening, and they had crashed the moment they made it through the door. Dean barely even managed to give you a smile before he was in his room fast asleep. Apparently the ghost had given him and Sam a run for their money. You hadn’t really minded that the encounter was brief. In fact, it gave you a head start on your plans for tomorrow.

You got up and headed back into the kitchen. You set to work on cleaning up the mess you had made. You were determined for tomorrow to be perfect. God knows Dean deserved it.

It was his birthday.

You almost giggled to yourself as you thought about it. Dean probably had totally forgotten about it himself. But then, it was your job to make sure he had a good day.

He was your best friend after all. Your fellow chocolate enthusiast. Your extremely attractive partner in crime…

You shook your head to clear it, feeling a blush work onto your lips. You always had to scold yourself for letting your mind wander like that. Dean wasn’t yours to get excited about. You looked over the mixing bowl and spoon. You smiled, looking around to make sure you were alone before you swiped your finger across the chocolate mix and popped it in your mouth.

“Mmm…” You murmured to yourself. “Not bad.”

“What’s not bad?”

You whipped around with a soft yelp, your arm whipping up to grab the fork as a weapon. As you went, your elbow hit the box and it flew across the kitchen and came to rest with a hollow thump at a pair of slipper-clad feet.

You looked up, your heart hammering, only to come face to face with Dean’s warm green eyes. You swallowed hard. “Whoops.”

Dean ran a hand through his sleep tussled hair, his eyes tired and blinking to adjust to the light, his nose scrunched up against the light, a slight smirk on his face as you looked over the state of the kitchen. “What are you doing, Y/N?”

You looked around rather helplessly for a moment, before you finally let out a sheepish sigh. “I was…baking?”

“Baking?” Dean echoed, rubbing his eyes tiredly as he bent over and picked up the cake-mix box from the floor and studied it for a moment. Slowly he looked up at you, his eyebrow cocked in a smirk. “A cake?”

You blinked slowly, trying not to smile in embarrassment. “Yeah.” You chuckled softly.

Dean stepped toward you and stopped beside you at the oven door. He leaned over and looked in the oven before he raised his eyebrows, impressed. “I thought I smelled something amazing.”

You let out a soft chuckle as he straightened back up, looking at you. Dean folded his arms, looking you over with a grin. “Not that I am opposed to a midnight snack or anything, but why are you baking at eleven at night?”

You hesitated and looked around. You turned back to Dean and for a moment you considered telling him of and sending him back to bed. But in the end, he basically had ruined the surprise for tomorrow, so you just bit the metaphorical bullet and let out a breathy laugh. “Well it was supposed to be a surprise, but I was making it for your birthday.”

Dean let out a scoff. “Really?”

You pursed your lips at him with a glare. “Yes.”

Dean laughed and looked away. “You’re cute.” You looked at him hard before he reached forward and ruffled your hair affectionately. You felt a tiny twinge of annoyance at the gesture. He said those type of things all the time, gentle reminders that you were stuck in the friend-zone.

Fueled by a new sense of irritation you turned away from him sharply and took the mixing bowl with you to the sink. “Fine. Be an ungrateful turd.” You shot him a savage look over your shoulder as he stared at you with a chuckle, his arms folded over his chest. “Geez, Dean, you seem to think that I made the cake only for your birthday.”

Dean snickered, leaning against the counter top, eyeing you. “You didn’t?”


“But I thought you said—”

“Shut your pie-hole!” You cut him off, trying not to laugh as he smirked at you. “I happen to like chocolate cake; your birthday was just a valid excuse to finally make one.”

“Oh so you aren’t going to share it now?” Dean quirked arrogantly, and you stiffened, trying not to give him the satisfaction of seeing you smile.

You turned around to face him head on, cocking your head to the side smugly as you glared at him. “Nope.” You locked eyes with him as you swiped your finger against the cake batter to emphasize your point and stuck it in your mouth with a self-glorified smile.

Dean stared at you with a soft smirk on his face as you pulled your finger from your lips with a pleased hum.

“Don’t be a jerk next time.” You stuck your finger back in the bowl and shot him a look. “It’s delicious.”

You grinned up at Dean, expecting him to laugh. But he didn’t. His smile faded slightly and he took a step forward, his eyes looking over your face. You blinked, surprised at his change in tone. Had you said something? You and Dean always joked like this, it was strange for him not to have some smart-ass comeback ready.

You looked up into his green eyes for a heartbeat. It was long enough to unnerve you. He was so much taller than you, and he was staring at you. You felt heat rush to your cheeks and resorted to looking away. You raised your hand to your mouth to clean the chocolate off your finger, but as you moved with a sheepish laugh, Dean reached up and caught your wrist in his hand.

You flinched at how tight his grip on your arm was. You looked up, slightly alarmed. Dean’s eyes were already on yours, green and warm and intent. Your lips parted slightly, your heart hammering as you tried to figure out what he was about. “What?” You barely managed to get out the soft question before Dean closed the distance between you until his robe brushed against your bare knees. You had no time to react before he bent his head and brought your fingers up to his lips.

You felt your stomach tie in a knot as your heart exploded with the hammering like that of butterfly wings as Dean gently kissed the tips of your fingers before he pulled your index finger between his lips, sucking softly.

Your eyes flew wide in shock as you honestly didn’t know what to do. Dean let out a soft moan before he pulled back, running his tongue across his lips as he met your eyes for a fleeting moment. “You’re right.” He purred, his voice soft and low, rumbling through his chest. “Delicious…”

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Bed of Roses

Summary: The reader finds Dean playing an old piano in the bunker, and watches as he plays. 

Words: 1,312

Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff at first but then angst, with a happy ending

Notes: Just a little something I wrote for @lovin-ackles as a birthday present, happy birthday beautiful!! I hope this turned out alright, I got a little excited with this :)

Songs: the song Dean is playing when the reader finds him is Hey Jude from the Beatles. The other one is Bon Jovi’s Bed of Roses, which is what my prompt was. To hear the arrangement the reader plays, click here. Song lyrics are in italics.

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There’s an aroma in the house. Dean sniffs again, emerging from the blankets. It’s a familiar scent, but not something he’s ever smelt in this house. Pushing back the covers, he climbs out of bed and pads to the bedroom door.

“What the….” Still in his t-shirt and shorts, Dean hurries down the hallway into the kitchen. There, his senses are overloaded with the scent of cinnamon, sugar, spice, and apples.

You turn at the sound of Dean sniffing. There’s flour all over your clothes, and probably some on your nose. You offer him a smile as you hold up the apple pie, fresh from the oven.

“Y/N, did you-” Dean’s green eyes blink in disbelief.

“Happy Birthday, Dean!”

[MOONDUST] part 9

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THIS GIF BRINGS ME PAIN. soo I posted this early because IT’S @freenowtillmay BIRTHDAY!!! and since she loves this series so much I was like why not? HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! 

characters: Namjoon x Y/N x Jimin (FT. TEAM NAMJOON AND TEAM JIMIN)

genre: Angst? fluff? honestly I have no idea

description: Well TEAMS are going head to head hahaha



“What do you mean you’re going to win hyung?” Hoseok asked to Yoongi who sat in front of the three boys with a smug look. “Well, while Jimin is dancing away at the company our little Namjoon is on a date with Y/n.” Yoongi smirked at the faces the guys had and before he could say anything the three of them were running towards the door. “MOVE!! I NEED TO GET TO JIMIN!” Hoseok screamed, “WE ALL HAVE TO GET TO JIMIN, HYUNG!!” Taehyung screamed back. “YAH!! HYUNG’S WE ALL DON’T FIT THROUGH THE DOOR!!!” Jungkook yelled at the two idiots. After what seemed like an hour of them three trying to all fit through the door they finally managed to get through running down the stair bumping into Jin, “HYUNG MOVE!” they all yelled in unison seeing the poor older man with fear in his eyes.

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Mini Series ➢ The King is Coming Pt.5

                    Parts III III IV V VI VII VIII IX X

“Happy Birthday, (y/n)!”

The music pounded in your ears as all your friends raised their glasses in the air and toasted to you. You downed the shot and coughed as it stung the back of your throat. “Give me another!” you yelled and Stefan laughed as he passed you another glass. You drank that one just as quickly and moved your way onto the dance floor.

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I Do

Summary: Sam surprises the reader on her birthday

Words: 794 (834 including texts)

Sam x Reader

Warnings: none

Notes: Part 2 of @teamfreewill-imagine‘s birthday celebration!! I started writing this one before she made the celebration, but I guess you could count it as a continuation of the first story. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAM!! Enjoy some fluffy Sam writing. Hope it answers all the questions I asked you about things you like :)

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You chuckled at your boyfriend’s cryptic texts. You always knew when Sam was up to something because it showed in his mannerisms, in this case, his texting. You hurried to get the rest of the stuff on your list, sending Sam a quick message once you were in your car. 

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