happy birthday wonshik


I found this on my Soompi App and I found it really hilarious when some members of VIXX trolls around each other again on N’s birthday. I don’t know, but are they pulling a prank or what?!


Happy Ravi Day!

It’s your special day baby boy :) 24 years ago, an angel was born. Life threw its challenges at him -big and small- but he never once gave up or lost hope, and look where he is now! You never fail until you stop trying, I guess.

Thank you for being such an inspirational being to starlight and continue working hard because you and I both know the feeling of when your hard work pays off ^^ I love you lots, have a good one boy 

930215 . Happy Ravi Day.

Happy Birthday to our dear Kim Wonshik. You have been a great part of our lives and your music continues to inspire us everyday. Whether it be your solo music or VIXX music, you have come so far and words cannot describe how proud we are. Thank you for everything, thank you for being born. ✩

Birthday surprises (Wonsik fluff)

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Happy (late) birthday @heart-baek-bleed ! I’m sorry this wasn’t posted on the 20th, but I hope you had a great birthday! (I haven’t proof read this so I hope it’s okay!! Let me know if there’s any mistakes)

So, this is my first full fluff on this acc and I hope it’s okay??? I think it’s pretty crap but please let me know what you think ?? And please send requests in :) I should have 2 new posts up within the next week

You blinked open your eyes, adjusting them to the brightness of your room. You groaned, sure that you had closed the curtains before you fell asleep last night. Struggling to sit up, you were pulled back by a strong pair of arms gripping around your waist. You jumped as your head snapped around to look at the person behind you.

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Ravi gif spam~^-^

Hi~! It’s Ravi baby’s time now since it’s his birthday! x) Here we go~~
This cutie♥

Awww~~ :3

Did not go as planned tho…;D

Can I be that bunny? or whatever it is:D
naaah let’s not go to hotdamn Ravi…I’ll die. But literally my face (and Ravi’s) when people say he’s not good looking

Seriously these pics^ Oh…My..God… he looks so good!

Put the tongue right back in. Thanks. No need to mess with my feels rn D;

Uggggh how can VIXX and somebody say he ain’t good looking? D; sigh…let’s continue. VIXX members + Ravi..sigh…these cute dorks.

Well somebody likes Ravi;DD Navi~~ ♥ Basically N is me in this one^

Hyuk go away this is Wontaek moment D: :D

my personal fav^ Wontaek from the 90’s

Poor Ravi. You know you shouldn’t do anything stupid to Leo;D

Oh well Leo is forgiving person;D

Ravi and his artwork:3

93line seriously:D

One thing that I didn’t know for a long time was that Ravi is friends with Taemin & Kai. I mean how? How he ended up with those two lil shits? He is not-


yeeah…I’ll take it back. He is a lil shit. But still gonna say how bc Taemin and Kai are just alike and I don’t get that kind of pic of Ravi but I’ll guess he is just the same:D
He has really passionate fanboys :3

^I love those gifs:D Then let me introduce you to Vixx girls’ Yubin (D; Why so pretty. )

Then just random Ravi gifs :)

That hat tho.

I spy tattoo~~ I WANNA SEE IT FULLY!

…not then D:

Although he is a happy person usually I can believe that he has a lot of stress which unravels in the winning situations. I love him so much♥

Da spin~

Wth Ravi?;D


Ok seriously Ravi wth?:DD

Waaaah!♥ This was my Ravi gif spam^-^ Happy birthday to Kim Wonshik aka Ravi♥ aka my other bias x3
Sorry that this took so long but I hope you’ll like it^-^


(Gifs are not mine. Credits to the owners!)