happy birthday whishaw

( photo credit to @i.anderson55 on Instagram // follow her for more beautiful artwork of Mr. Whishaw! x )

Personally, I could go on for hours and hours about how you’ve helped make my year special, Ben. From my incredible first experience in seeing you in your element on stage during The Crucible, in the flesh, alive and in the moment – to being lucky enough to fly across my country to New York City to do just that, while getting to meet you too, as if everything else wasn’t already enough. Yes, you’re truly a bright light that will never fade out and forever a gift to creative theatre and the art realm for many people. 2016 has been unprecedented for me, literally, but by every sacrifice and every gain, it was made better by being able to fully support an artist I sincerely believe is extraordinary.

XOXO, SimplyWhishaw (who also turned ONE this month!! WOOP!! Thank you to all my amazing followers and friends!! You are appreciated. x.

happy birthday to my favourite

i could wax lyrical forever on all the ways in which i love you, but i feel like by now i have said it all before

thank you for richard, thank you for sebastian

thank you for mojo, and everything mojo brought to me

thank you for peter and and alice. oh, god, thank you for peter and alice

thank you for freddie. thank you for freddie. thank you for freddie

thank you for being kind, for being sweet, for being endlessly patient. for being a little bit dry and a little bit sharp and a little bit sassy

thank you for putting thought into everything you say and listening intently to everything you hear, for having imagination and an open mind

thank you for giving me some of my favourite days of my entire life

i love you. happy birthday.

(oh and thank you for sometimes growing a monster beard)

Bad News!

You see, a friend of mine works at the post office, and told me there was a package for me so he brought it. When I got it, I saw it was the envelope I used to send Ben’s birthday present to England.

Point One being, it never reached England. It got stuck in France. That’s perfectly fine, happens sometimes, surely to packages with books (I send books quite often, and it really does happen), but what shouldn’t happen is point number two.

It was open, and empty.

Now, I can’t tell you guys it arrived, because quite obviously, the envelope has never been in England, let alone London, or Hamilton Hotel. I also don’t know where it is, because obviously someone opened the envelope (it’s been torn open) and just didn’t put it back in.

I have sort of failed you guys, because all the effort you put in it, together with me, was quite something, and I am sorry. Perhaps I should have sent it registered, but I simply couldn’t pay that.

I plan on doing something else, something small quite soon. I’ll post something somewhat later, when I thought of something. For now I can just say, ehm, sorry. You guys, and Ben, aaand.. well, I’ll feel bad over this and think of a solution. Sorry, fandom.

The Plan - HBW

Codename HBW, because I don’t feel like writing out my blog-title all the while.

Hi everyone!

Since tumblr is basically THE place to be when one whishes to locate a fanbase, I will turn to you, and the Ben Whishaw fans amongst you. As you might know, Ben’s birthday is October 14, and I would love to send him a present, as in, a collaboration of fans. I lately saw the idea of sending a scrapbook/picture book, since it is easy to transport and deliver and the like.

But well, I am not a fanbase on my own!

So I’d like to ask you whether you would like to join in, simple as that. I will pay for the shipping and printing (even though, of course, if you’d like to help on that it’d be welcome - but I don’t mind paying it) and all you guys have to do is send me:

A picture
A drawing
A text
A letter
Whatever else you’d want to give him

Please do note that I have to create the scrapbook online, which means the files/images have to be word, pdf, png whatever - as long as I can see them on the PC!

Of course, if you’d like to help promoting or donating or whatever else, leave a message in the Askbox!

If you want to mail something, mail to: Happybirthdaywhishaw@gmail.com

Deadline for now is: August 20

Lots of love, I hope to see your wishes!


Extra content needed!

Since I managed to get a deal with the printer that will print the book, I need more content even though most of you have sent in your letter already! I can now print double as much for the same prize so.. I had this idea: we take a poem of keats, and we all take one line, write it down and photohraph ourselves with the paper, I hus making a big poem out of our pictures. Who would help me to do this?

Dear everyone,

Due to me being on introduction of university, I give those of you still wanting to contribute to this project till september 6 in the evening! That will be the last chance, since I will print and post the book shortly after!

The dame deadline counts for the photographing project. If correct, you all got your line by now!

I can still answer c er rtain questions.