happy birthday vivian


No one could take the place of Vivian Vance in my life. She was the greatest partner anyone could ever have. Nobody ever enjoyed their work more than we did. Vivian and I had an absolute ball, and it showed, I think. We did everything together happily. We used to have so much fun on the set. We had fun by making things evolve, making things work out, making what the writers had written come to life. Viv was something. God bless you, kid! -Lucille Ball

Happy Birthday Vivian Roberta Jones (Vivian Vance) // July 26, 1909 - August 17, 1979

[AoKaga] They Don't Have Maji Burger in America

AoKaga Month / Day 31/Prompt 31 (Lasts/Birthday)
They Don’t Have Maji Burger in America
In the weeks leading up to Kagami’s departure, Aomine took every chance he got at making some snide comment about him returning to L.A. for school – “I guess even idiots have to go to college, huh.”
Notes: Happy Birthday Aomine! I finally write something for AoKaga month and it’s on the last day. orz
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“Apart from her looks, which were magical, she possessed beautiful poise; her neck looked almost too fragile to support her head and bore it with a sense of surprise, and something of the pride of the master juggler who can make a brilliant maneuver appear almost accidental. She also had something else: an attraction of the most perturbing nature I had ever encounter. It may have been the strangely touching spark of dignity in her that enslaved the ardent legion of her admirers.” - Laurence Olivier

“My birth sign is Scorpio and they eat themselves up and burn themselves out. I swing between happiness and misery. I am part prude and part nonconformist. I say what I think and I don’t pretend and I am prepared to accept the consequences of my actions.”

Happy birthday Vivian Mary Hartley aka Vivien Leigh! (November 5th, 1913 - July 8th, 1967)

today is the super lovely talented radiant vikun’s birthday!!!! ;_; I tried drawing her beautiful OC Lotus!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN VIVIAN I REALLY HOPE YOU HAD A HECK OF A GOOD BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday Vivian James

Why are you writing something?

We took all the money, left over from the Scholarship Fund, as well as all the money from the poster sales. And we gave it to a Film School.


In Canada there are two types of Film School, one focuses on the study of film, another focuses on production of film. In production stream in the students 4th year they will make something called a Thesis film, which will their final project.

Now for some reason, Gamergate, and the people who were associated with the Scholarship fund, really hated Paul Feig’s Ghostbuster film. But they wanted to make it clear that it wasn’t because they didn’t want to see women in film, but because they felt that it was reusing an existing story, or rebooting an old idea.

To that point they were much more interested in films that had female main characters that were original, or a new intellectual property.

To celebrate Vivian James’s Birthday, all of the money we gave to the Film School, has been ear marked for an award every year for the next 4 years.

The award will be given to the student that chooses to create an original film with a female main character. The gender of the Direction, Writer, or Producer does not matter, but the main character must be a woman.

This film will go on to be played in festival and act as calling card for the film makers so they can create future productions.


What’s the name of the Scholarship?

The Vivian James Film Award.

Why isn’t it called “Ghostbusters Sucks So We Made This Scholarship?”

               Intellectual Property Laws.

Will the name of the award appear at the end of the credits?

               If the director chooses it will appears at the end of the film as

“The Vivian James Award - Organized by The Fine Young Capitalists” and include the picture of Vivian James used for all of our Scholarship projects.

Will this be last production that the Scholarship does?

Yes, probably part of the reason we gave away the money was for accounting reasons.

Where can I send emails to complain about this?


Can /v/, 8Chan, and Gamergate take credit for this?


#KenjummaDay #HappyKenDay
Happy Birthday to our cutie main vocal K E N!
Thank you for being born, really. Your existence makes my day brighter and makes me smile even more. You are a great inspiration to everyone. Your persistence and perseverance make me proud to be a ST☆RLIGHT. 
재환아! 우리 귀욤둥이 매인보컬, 생일 축하한다 ♥