happy birthday toonami

Hail to the King

Toonami has really meant a lot to me over the years…. I grew up with Tom and the crew and I honestly dont think I would be the person or artist I am today if it wasn't for them. From the old shows that first got me into art to the new weekend pep-talks that almost bring me to tears on occasion (that “Life Advice” one gets me every time), Toonami isn't just a TV block, it’s an inspiration. And I feel like they’ve always got my back, pushing me along when things get tough… So thanks for everything and here’s to more great years of building us a better cartoon show!



Our tribute to Toonami. 19 years and counting. Happy Birthday Toonami!


3/17 is a special day to all of us. It was the day Toonami was born. Happy Birthday Toonami.


I know I’m a lil late but Happy 18th Birthday Toonami and hopefully many many more to come

I have heard many people say they wouldn’t be who they are today if it wasn’t for Toonami, Toonami has help many people get through the hard times in there life including me, Toonami has help me get through many of hard times in my life, it wasn’t for Toonami I probably wouldn’t be as mentally and emotionally strong of a person as I am today , hearing Tom’s speeches to never give up, follow your dreams, to stay positive and to never let life keep you down helped me a lot, it’s because of Toonami I was able to meet and get to know the awesome friends I now have, who have been there for me when I needed them, Toonami has been the one constant good thing in my life that has never let me down, I want to thank Toonami for everything it has help me get through and for everything it has help all of the Toonami Faithful get through, Thank you Jason DeMarco, Steve Blum, and all of the Toonami Crew for all of the work and awesomeness you have put into Toonami all of the these years and thank you Toonami Faithful for never giving up on Toonami, I will always support Toonami through the thick and thin no matter what!

Happy Birthday Toonami Stay Gold as always, Bang!