happy birthday to youuuu happy birthday to youuuuu

(this is the part where a surprise party jumps out and surprises you, throwing confetti and brownies into the air)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE! I HOPE YOU’RE HAVING A WONDERFUL DAY (WITHOUT TROPICAL STORMS HOPEFULLY), AND THAT YOU EAT LOTS OF CAKE AND ICE CREAM (thankfully I won’t be too jealous because we had a birthday last night and I thankfully was able to save a piece today so huzzah cheers mate). you know, I still have that q&a video (that I never posted) from like, three summers ago where I was nagging you about bringing up some cobbler for me. 7 hours is no big deal, c'mon (okay, its a bit longer now). it still makes me smile, so I keep it, ngl. 20 eh? welcome to the big leagues kid ~~you are now officially in the 20’s club~~ unfortunately peter pan never came for the both of us (its a sad truth I have difficulty accepting). you’re absolutely hilarious and wonderful, and I’m so glad we got to be friends. you’re one of those people I’ve followed for ages, and although we don’t talk daily, it’s always nice to see you crop up on my dash. :’) you deserve the best this birthday and I hope you have time to sit back and relax, perhaps marathon some merlin or buffy in there. continue to be awesome and a+ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3