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Again, a very Happy Birthday to Rin & Len! Both of you will forever be our two yellow singing robot angels for years to come!

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Yo I heard from a lil birdy that it’s Jacks birthday today and that he’s a fan of Rick and Morty.

Happy birthday, Jackaboy! Thank you for two (for me) years of helping me up when I’m at my low points and for making me laugh when I felt I was unable to be happy. Hope you’re enjoying yourself :)


Happy 30th Birthday, Phil Lester!!  ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

i couldnt think of an edit to sum up how beautiful phil lester is and how much he means to me but i wanted to join in the celebrations anyway!! :D 

Our dearest Phil has turned 30 and I feel like this milestone is a commemoration to everything Phil has achieved and the incredibly smart and loving and silly person he is. He’s such a huge and significant part of all of our lives, and for good reason! Phil is inspiring and creative and encouraging, and he’s loving, with a caring spirit and a big heart.

I’m ever so grateful that you let us into your life, giving someone to guide us and to believe in. From the moment you first existed, you were destined for great things.

So, to Phil Lester on this January 30 - I wish you all the happiness in the world, and that all your birthday wishes come true. I, and the rest of your fans, can’t wait to see how much further you go :)


The Bird and the Worm ch. 3

Sanji watched Zoro from across the table. All around him, the crew was laughing and joking. Forks clicked against his stoneware plates and cake crumbs littered the white cloth he’d thrown over the table before dinner. The tea kettle and coffee carafe were getting low and the ice cubes in the water pitcher were almost gone. But Sanji couldn’t be bothered by any of that. He was too focused on Zoro.

Zoro wasn’t paying any attention to him though. His eye was bright and his smile wide, the deep baritone of his laugh echoing off the walls of the galley. The lights overhead cast small shadows from his tufted bangs over his forehead and caught his earrings as he turned his head, the soft jingle only adding to the noise of the room. The swordsman’s cheeks were flushed, a testament to how much he’d drank today and no one had dared touch the last onigiri that still sat on the serving tray before him— a snack for later, Sanji knew.

With shaky fingers, Sanji reached into his breast pocket and drew a cigarette from his pack, leaning to the side slightly to pull his lighter from his pocket. Placing the stick between his lips, Sanji brought his lighter up, sparking the flame to life as he continued to watch Zoro over the flicker of the blue fire. Snapping it closed, he set it on the table, exhaling that first drag toward the ceiling and trying to pick Zoro’s voice from the chaos of the room.

It was mostly just babbled banter. Dares to keep Usopp and Luffy drinking, but Sanji caught the quick nod and mumbled ‘thank you’ when Nami handed everyone a tangerine, as was custom on special days, and the excited ‘come on’ when Chopper asked to sit in his lap. Sanji smirked around his cigarette as he, like everyone else, peeled back the thin skins of their fruits and for a moment conversation stopped.

Sanji watched Zoro as he set his down, half peeled, onto the table to peel Chopper’s for him, the little reindeer unable to do so with his hooves. Then, as he bent his head to listen to what their doctor was saying, picked his tangerine back up and kept on where he’d left off. He took his time, ate his piece of fruit, slowly and carefully, same as everyone one did, but Sanji noticed how Zoro, Nami, Usopp, himself, and yes, even Luffy, always seemed to savor the flavor longer, eat a little slower than the rest of the crew.

“These seem,” Zoro paused, chewing the piece of fruit in his mouth and swallowing. “I don’t know, they seem sweeter somehow. Than before, I mean.”

“I hadn’t noticed,” Robin replied, looking over to where Nami had paused in eating her own fruit. “Did you do something different to them, Nami?”

“Just tastes like home to me,” she replied quietly, inspecting a new slice carefully. Looking up, she grinned at everyone. “Come on! It’s Zoro’s birthday! Let’s not get all depressive!”

“Well said, Nami-swan!” Sanji spoke up, reaching out to flick ash into the tray on the table. As he looked up, he met Zoro’s gaze, the gray of his eye flashing in the lights. Sanji couldn’t look away and Zoro didn’t either, and Sanji felt his skin shiver in anticipation.

“Hey,” Zoro started, and to Sanji everything else fell away. All the noise, all the clamber of the kitchen, hell, even the sound of the waves crashing against the side of the ship. The only thing Sanji could focus on was Zoro and the sound of his voice. “After dinner…”

Sanji nodded as Zoro trailed off, and Zoro pursed his lips before nodding sharply himself and returning his attention to Chopper. Sanji didn’t mind as the chaos flooded his hearing once more and he took another drag off his cigarette. There was no need for words to be spoken between them, enough had been said already.

Leaning back in his chair, Sanji watched Zoro and thought about the different things that could happen after dinner had been cleaned up tonight. He could feel Zoro’s hands against his skin, warm palms and rough calluses and Sanji could almost taste the sake that he knew the other man had been drinking all night long. He could smell the lingering scent of the polishing oil he used when cleaning his swords and his fingers twitched with a want to run them through Zoro’s hair, the fluffy strands much softer than he’d ever admit to them being. He could hear the harsh pants and taste the salt of slicked skin, feel the heat of the moment and picture the storm of excitement in Zoro’s heated gaze.

Yet, for now, Sanji watched, content to sit back and wait. At the end of the day, when all was said and done, and the crew had given all they could to Zoro, Sanji would just be beginning, making sure that Zoro’s birthday was one he would be remembering until Sanji could outdo himself next year.

Noona, Unnie (4)

Member: Jimin (Jimin x Reader x OC)

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut  : Poly! BTS

Word Count: 2426

A/N: iight yall, Imma level with ya. My dumb ass thought I queued part 3 ½  to post after the most recent part of Jimin, CEO. OBVIOUSLY that wasn’t the case but by the time I realized it, it was late and I was lazy :P So here is part 3 ½ and 4 combined for a longer Chapter 4.

I know I don’t much feedback but I’d really appreciate feedback on this.

                ~~  Meet Unnie  ~  One  ~  Two  ~  Three  ~~


You screamed into Jimin’s left ear as Unnie did the same to the right ear.

A wide smile spread across his face but his eyes stayed closed. He rolled over with a laugh, an arm tucked seemingly uncomfortably under him and his other arm flung lazily around Unnie’s waist to pull her down next to him. Your smile faltered a bit but you laid on his back. He chuckled happily.

Despite the unbalanced dynamic IT’S JIMIN’S BIRTHDAY! And oh how how you loved birthdays! Your lovers’ especially.

Jealousy couldn’t ruin this. Birthdays brought out a happiness in you that you couldn’t explain.

“Ok come on.” You said after a moment. With swift tug, the covers were completely off of him. He chuckled and stood up, attempting to walk with Unnie but you grabbed his hand and pulled him into the living room with excitement.

Nearly pushing him onto the couch, you posed in front of a huge, nicely decorated piece of paper.

He read the big words on the top aloud. “Birthday Schedule?”
You nodded excitedly as Unnie came to sit on the arm of the couch, with a smile almost as bright as yours.

“She has been planning for months.” she whispered to him.

He nodded and smiled too.

“OK so first a set up breakfast at your favorite place. Then…”

They let you ramble excitedly until your were rushing them off to get changed. Scurrying to your room, you hoped this would be as exciting as you planned.

“I don’t think I can move.” Jimin complained.

He and Noona came into the dark apartment and he immediately fell back onto the couch. You were parking the car but you still had way more energy than you should. Mostly fueled by what you had to end the night.

She chuckled. “But you are content I assume?”

A smile spread across his face. “Definitely.”

The day had been packed with good food, friends, his parents meeting you for breakfast, and more gifts than he could count.

“Oh! Before you get too sleepy we have to post a thank you and a picture with all your gifts from fans.”

He let his arm slip off the couch in laziness. “We can do it tomorrow. Plus alot of stuff is still in the car. There’s no way Y/N can bring it all up herself.”

Before she could make a comment on how she doubts that, he had already reached out to bring her closer. She landed next to the couch with a huff. “I thought you were tired.”

“I have enough energy for a final present.” He said with closed lids and a grin.

She smacked her teeth and he opened his eyes enough to catch the small smile she was trying to repress.

Without another word he captured her lips in a languid kiss. She was hesitant but even tired, he was hard to pull away from.

Just as she melted in the kiss, you were struggling at the front door. You were able to the door open before his book fanart could slip through your arms. You sat everything down near the front door before locking it behind you.

It had been a long day but you still had one more thing to do. A call of his name died in your throat before you even opened your mouth. Seeing the two of them already so heated drained the rest of your energy. You weren’t sure why but all the birthday excitement was finally weighing on you. You just wanted to sleep.

With careful steps you made your way to your room, at this point getting more and more used to being in there.



The calm dream of sitting near a lake turned into your back laid in the grass with an undeniable heat growing in your stomach. One hand held onto the imaginary green as the other gripped someone’s hair between your legs.

Slowly, you were pulling from your dream, feeling the person more vividly.


Both hands now gripping the person’s hair as your eyes tried to open. You felt it clearly now. A smooth pair of lips placing kisses over your heat. Hands ran up and down your inner thighs telling you exactly who it was. Only one person caressed your thighs like that.

“Unnie.” you called hoarsely. You felt her smile against your inner thigh before laying a kiss there.

You shuddered at her gentle touches. A soft moan slipped past your lips. “Unnie.”

She glanced up at you, removing a hand from your thigh to run a finger up your folds. Her touch wasn’t foreign but it had been a minute since you last felt her touching you so intimately. Momentarily lost in thought, she slipped a finger past your entrance.

Your mouth opened in a breathless ‘O’.

“Has it been a minute, sweetie?” her voice low and seductive. “You’re tighter than I remember.”

She commented with a smile, slipping another finger in before curling them.


“Sweetie, how long has it been since Jimin or I touched you?”

You tried your best to keep your legs open. “T-Too long, Unnie.”

‘Hmm.” was all she replied before leaning down to place a kiss on your clit. “You know…” Another kiss. “I’m just…” Another kiss. “Next door.” she lightly bit this time. You gasped and your back arched, close to your climax.

“Or do you like it when Unnie comes to you?” emphasizing with another curl of her fingers as she pumped harder.

Your legs threatened to close as her head dipped back down to suck your clit as her hands continued.

A string of curses tied with her name erupted as you reached the edge.

She continued through your high, before she slowed and final pulled her hand away with one final kiss your folds. She sat up and moved to lay next to you. You thoughts were still fuzzy and her thighs were closed.

With a tired yet content sigh, you stretched. She propped herself up on her forearm to smile down at you. “Good morning.”

You grin. “Very good morning.”

Her beautiful smile grew wider. “Was this a good way to ask to spend my day off together?” You nod, bending over to pick up a pair of panties and nightgown from the floor. “Good because I haven’t seen you much lately. Especially since Jimin has been extra needy and sleeping in my room at lot more lately.” she hesitated before continuing. “You know…you are welcome as well.”

You gave a weak smile. Of course you knew you were welcome. Until recently, you mostly only came in your room for clothes. Or when they were being extra frisky and you needed sleep. The questioning look she bore into you made you bite the inside of your cheek. You focused your attention in the spot where your white paint met the very off white of your ceiling.

“Jagiya, I know something is wrong.” She gently placed her hand on your cheek to make you refocus on your gaze on her now worried one.

With a sigh, you moved her hand away as you sat up.

“I’m going to go make some coffee.”

A sigh is all you hear as you leave the room.

The coffee doesn’t take long, though you were distracted while it was brewing. Someone shuffles into the kitchen as you fill your cup.

Without warning, a large shirted figure jumps onto the counter next to your cup, almost making you drop your creamer. “You shouldn’t drink so much coffee, agi.” Jimin laughed. A too-big black shirt covered his top half while only boxers covered the bottom.

It was your favorite look on him. It let you know he was relaxed. Plus the fabric was as easy to slip off as it was to slip on.

Disregarding his comment, you put away your still in tact bottle of creamer and make your way to the living room. You weren’t sure if she was still in your bedroom but you wanted to avoid anymore of the conversation she was trying to start.

Unfazed by your silence, he jumps onto the couch next to you.

What is up with his jumping today?

Out of habit he tries to grab your legs to place them on his lap but you jerk them away as soon as he grabs them. For a second, he eyes you looking for a reason. You expect him to question you but instead he quietly turns his attention to the TV.

It wasn’t long before you felt his hand on yours. You tense up as he begins to play with your fingers. Glancing over, you notice he is absentmindedly doing so.

Part of you wanted to pull your hand away but instead you relaxed in the back of the couch, lazily watching his hands play with yours.

“Y/N.” You meet his eyes and realize he is watching you. He flashes a sweet smile but you can’t find the sense to return it. Your body is frozen the same way it was the first time he ever smiled at you.

He leans his forehead to rest on yours. “You’re so beautiful.”

Something in hearing those words come from him for the first time in so long sets a fire in you. One opposite of the jealous anger you had become acquainted with.

Your lips are against his in a second. You feel his smile against your lips.

All movements almost on autopilot as you slide to straddle him. His hands grab at your waist pulled you toward him as you grind down on his lap. His needy moan makes you smile as you open your mouth to allow him in. Your hands move quickly to his boxers. You didn’t bother palming him through the fabric, too deprived to wait to feel him in your hands again. Removing his cock from the thin boxers you begin stroking him as he moans deliciously into your mouth. You pull away, looking into his eyes as you lift to move the crotch of your panties out of the way. His half lidded eyes stared into yours as you lined his tip with your entrance. You sigh as you slid down on his cock.

His lips find the curve of your neck after removing your nightgown, every now and then moaning profanities as you steadily move your hips. You start slowly, relishing in the feeling and the attention. It didn’t last long until you needed more. Your hips moved faster, grinding down against him. His impatience was clear as he began thrusting upward to meet your movements. Occasionally, your clit brushing against his hips.

“Fuck.” you cursed. The feeling was indescribable but you were waiting for him to hit the spot he always found.

The sweat on your forehead mixes with his as you lean against his. You bite your lip as you watch his pleasured face. The only thing that could fuel you more would be your name falling from his lips.

You drop a hint as you release a rather dramatic moan of his name. When his mouth opens you smile wickedly but halt your movements as soon as he speaks.


The neediness in his voice throws you for a half a second but it doesn’t mask the name he called. You scramble off of him, trying not to let the loss of contact openly affect you.

His confused eyes shoot open and turn to your heavy breathing figure. “What-” he begins to protest but stops at the tears already rimming your eyes.

“What’s my name Jimin?”

He pauses still looking confused and unsatisfied when his eyes go wide. “I didn’t mean-”

He attempts to reach for you but you push his hand away.

“Stop, you know I didn’t mean to call y-”

“Why do you do this?” You ask suddenly. “Why do you cast me aside? Do you not like citrus? Is that it? Am I not mature enough to acknowledge in any other way?”

“Citrus? What are y-?”

“You don’t even realize that this is the first time you have actually acknowledged me in so long.”

“Just because we don’t have sex everyday?”

“This isn’t about sex Jimin! Tell me, when was the last time you told me you loved me before a few minutes ago. Or slept in my bed?” You paused, not sure if you should even mention this. “Or even looked at me.”

“What’s going on?” Unnie comes frowning down the hallway in an oversized night shirt and shorts. Immediately he is drawn to her. His eyes glance over her form almost hungrily. His glory is covered with a pillow but you can tell he is trying not to stay hard.

In a whisper, you let it slip. “I shouldn’t have done this.”

“‘This’ what?” she questions. “We’ve all had sex on the couch.”

“No!” You shout. “THIS!” You point crazily between the three of us.

Her face falls. “You don’t mean that.”

You nod. “This was a stupid idea. How could I even think two perfect people like you could incorporate me into your lives?”

“Don’t say that.” She says, her heart breaking more with every frantic word from your mouth.

You don’t respond as you pick up your nightgown

“Y/N, I love you!” she says desperately.

“I know. I love you too.” You fix your panties, ignoring the sensitivity of being unsatisfied. “But not as much as you love each other and definitely not as much as he loves you.”

“Y/N this is insane. You know how I feel.” You frown at his words.

“I’m saying I love you and trying to find some reason to stay in this weird triangle and you still can’t say you love me.” You look right at him.

“Please don’t do this.” she pleads, grabbing your hand. You can’t bare to see her cry but your mind is fried and can’t think straight past what you’ve have already decided.

You remove her hand from yours before grabbing your backpack by the door after sliding on your coat and shoes. You silently hope your wallet and phone are still in it so you can stay away for a while.

Ten minutes of odd stares at the crying freak and walking uncomfortably, you knock on someone’s door.  

When it opens you stare at Hoseok through tear blurred eyes. “Don’t say I told you so.”

Without hesitation he welcomes you into his apartment and into his arms.

“I wouldn’t dare.”

Happy Birthday Fiddleford @gingerwithhat!!!


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words: 3305

pairing: hoseok x reader

genre: fluff, smut

summary: Hoseok knew you did not like special events for your birthday, but he was determined to make this the best birthday you’ve ever had

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