happy birthday to you oh no

Oh when you laugh
I forget that it’s about me
But it’s alright
Yeah, cause being your punchline
Still is something

Yeah well I’m not scared
I’m not going nowhere
Yeah, you might want me to drop dead
But I don’t even care

Guys! It’s Keith’s birthday! This boy deserves all the love and happiness in his last year of angsty teen awkwardness. Actually, scratch that; he always deserves love and happiness. Especially after whatever the hell went down in season 4, you know?

So here, have this lil doodle of Lance worrying over a torn Keithers :))

Also, creds go out to @color-palettes for their “Eden Dusk” palette that I admittedly only used half of. Oops. 

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Happy Birthday, Nagisa! :)

Happy birthday, Shingetsu-kun! Hehe, I’m sure you didn’t expect this, right?

He was probably all sad and lonely, thinking that we forgot about him.

Eeeh?! That’s not good at all!

…That’s not true. I wasn’t lonely at all.

Sure, sure. So, do you like our surprise? It wasn’t easy to make sure that Daimon-kun didn’t tell you anything…

….It’s okay.

Look at the banners, I made them myself!

I helped with the design of the cake! You probably don’t want to eat anything I help doing though.

And I made the cake.

Oh there are presents too! Big bro Byakuya even gave us something for you!

…Thank you. That’s really nice of you all.




💙It’s so hard to believe you’re now an adult, but I think we all know you’ll always be the same Ethan we fell in love with. Treat yourself today! You’re special and oh-so amazing.

💙We’ll be your protection squad for any shit that comes your way, we’ll be your shoulder to cry on when you’re upset, we’ll be your friends to joke around with, we’ll be the ones who will laugh when you make dick jokes, we’ll be the ones who stay up late to get to a stream.

💙We will be loyal and loving people, always.

💙Not just as fans, not just as people who casually watch you, but as the ones who love you with all their heart.

💙Sadly, not all of us will have the privilege to see you. But we’re still here, watching you and choking on our food because of your hilarious and adorable craziness.

💙There are some toxic people on this format that are part of your fandom, but just know that us, as in me and many others, would never EVER in our whole fucking lives disrespect you or your friends. You are who you are, and if people can’t see that, they can fuck off.

💙We love you so so so so so much, it cannot be expressed.

Never stop being awesome, because that is who you are.

And I just want to personally say:


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love your halloween icon sm!


Oh my goshhh thank youuu!! I hope I get to see one some day :’D


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AaAaAaAhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHaPpPpPpY BiRtHdAaAy YoOoU!! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‚ oh my goodness I can't believe I forgot!!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ I set reminders and everything!!! I really really really neeed you to have a great and fun birthday(and life) and I wish you the absolute best!! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear (god)Zilla! Happy birthday to you, you wonderful person you! ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽŠโ™ก

aaAJFDFJGKDNF yOU sEt rEMIndeERS YOU’RE SO SWEET AAAAAAH thank you so so much!! oh man this actually means so much to me, i really really do have a great and fun life because of you and how kind you are to me huaahgufh HAHAHA OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU YOU’RE SO NICE TO ME i m cRy ING

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*gasp* Oh my god! Can I get a birthday drabble, pretty, pretty please? :D My birthday's on the 18th of November and I'd be so happy about a fluffy DJWifi one! I just love how you write them and I seriously hype your writing style overall! (Only if it's okay with you, of course :o)

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My sweetheart! How did I not have you on my birthday list yet?! Of course I will write you some fluffy DJWifi! And thank you so much! <3


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 


— Your smile can brighten even the darkest night. ☆ 

Happy birthday to my precious source of happiness, inspiration and motivation.
Thank you Sehun for everything. ♡
Never stop smiling. ~ ☆ 


Happy Birthday to our cute sunshine hero ♡ |
↳ ★ Kirishima Eijirou ★ 10.16 ~ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ ♥

Call Me Daddy

Summary: Phil asks Dan what his kink is, but Dan doesnโ€™t feel so inclined to tell him.

Word Count: 3.1k

Genre: smut (specifically: daddy kink smut oh man)

happy birthday @mangothatismelancholy !! i know im a few hours early but i wonโ€™t have much time to post it tomorrow morning ahaha. i hope you like this and i hope i remembered correctly that daddy kink was your favorite (?). also i hope you have a great birthday dude!!!ย 

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It's Keith's birthday! got any headcanons?

happy birthday keith!!!!

  • shiro: “you’re the leader of voltron now and you’re going to have to accept that” keith: “wanna bet”
  • if keith’s glaring at you he probably has something to say to you
    • his thinking face just looks like his angry face
    • hunk: “oh no lance keith seems mad did i do something wrong” keith, thinking: “how do i tell him he did a good job?? do people just go up to people and say that-”
  • coran and keith are the Go To Bed Fully Clothed Club
  • kolivan: “this mission requires stealth, you can’t be seen” keith, walking through the corridors and slicing sentries in half: “what”
  • lance is secretly jealous of how cool keith’s marmora outfit is
  • allura, playing keith: [anime rival voice] “tch
  • speaking of, he kept up with the voltron show tour in between missions
    • like if he had free time he would check on what the team was doing through clips
    • and uh… yeah. they were. certainly doing something
    • keith: “is something wrong with allura? she looks mad during most of the shows” pidge: “lol yeah she’s playing you” keith: >:o
  • keith: “how did you find me?” lance: “oh i saw a big explosion and wondered ‘now who could that be?’”

(Technically it’s the 15th since it’s 1:38am)

So there’s one bit near the end of the Genocide Run that hit me pretty hard, personally. And as with most things that hit me very hard emotionally, it was a random almost throwaway line that wasn’t written to be focused on that much. But whether it intentionally held the meaning I took from it or not, it doesn’t change the fact that I DID take meaning from it.

When Flowey is monologuing near the very very end of the game and explaining what he went through, he talks about how he lacks the ability to feel anything for the people around him, and how desperately, frantically, he wishes he did. He talks about how, at first, he tried to help people. He talks about how at first it seemed to help, but every time it was time to let go, to move on, he got scared and couldn’t do it. He’d panic and reset instead. And how then he’d be right back where he started. And he would try helping everyone again.

But it became hollow. Everyone always said the exact same things, and did the exact same things. And nothing changed. And nothing new ever happened.

And eventually, just out of sheer desperation for SOMETHING new, he decided to kill everyone. And how that was at first a relief, but even that grew stale and empty as he did it over and over again. Until he was left with nothing, and there was nothing to care about, either for better or worse, but he couldn’t let go either. So he was trapped in this world where nothing ever changed, and he couldn’t make himself leave.

It’s a sad story, but it’s also a bit of a gut punch because of its implications.

Maybe in time, the person playing the game, the actual human being behind the keyboard, not the pixel character they control, would find themselves in the exact same situation. Eventually, things in a game stop changing. Characters always say the same things, do the same things. And maybe in time, as boredom takes over, the player would also try a genocide game just for SOMETHING new. But eventually even that will become empty and lead to nowhere after you do it enough.

I can’t really say if that’s true or not. I can’t say it’s false either.

But It’s 2 years now. And a lot of us are still here. And more importantly a lot of us still care. Quite deeply in fact.

And maybe we won’t care forever, maybe the same thing will happen, or more likely, we’d be the ones able to let go and move on to other things and let go. Maybe there’s no escaping that.

But it’s been 2 years, and at least for now, we’re still here.

There is also the possibility I’ve considered, that since the insane success of the game was never expected or anticipated at all, that the level of love it caused in gamers was a complete and utter surprise, maybe their ability to never fall into that cycle of apathy and just how long they can keep going, caring as hard as ever, will also be a complete surprise that was never foreseen.

Or even more simply, maybe Flowey just needed to be shown, as with so many things, he was wrong about that too.

Who knows. Honestly I can’t say how things will look in time. It could either way.

But at least by year 2 we were still here.


cosima + smiles

happy birthday, @starconfetti!