happy birthday to you oh no


“So what are all these stars for?”

“Hmm? Oh, remember that time I invited you to watch fireworks with me but you needed to go to Europe and couldn’t make it?”

“Yes, and?”

“So I can’t really make fireworks, but I thought it would be nice to put up some stars for you as birthday present so you can watch them anytime you like.”

“…Come here you idiot. I have already had my brightest star. You are my brightest star.”

Happy Birthday(and everyday!) my dear Tony! You deserve all the best things in the world!!!

(and if any of you are curious, Steve indeed invited Tony to watch fireworks with him but Tony had to go to Europe in the children book “Captain America: The Tomorrow Army“. So it is cannon!! :D And this book is so much fun I love it so much :D)

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Doctor/Master birthday?

It takes him 15 years to get the calculations right, between Gallifreyan and Earth calendars, but eventually the Doctor works out the right date, and starts planning. 

Seven months later, he enters the Vault with a cake and wrapped gift in hand. 

Missy is draped over a lounge with the pretence of not knowing he had been coming, like the posing drama queen that she is. 

“Oh, Doctor, what a nice surprise,” she says airily. “To what do I owe the honour? What have you got there, is that a cake-”

She stops, eyes widening and voice choking on her words as she realises the implication of the singular candle stuck into the cake. Those eyes of hers go to his, with a kind of disbelief, softer than usual. Questioning if it’s really the gesture it seems.

“Happy Birthday,” he says softly, and grins a little at the way her mouth drops open a bit.  

“But how did you-”

“Maths. Lots and lots of maths. Got there eventually.” 

She sniffs, trying to collect herself. “I’m surprised you even remember. Didn’t think you cared so much.” 

“Don’t be an idiot,” he says, rolling his eyes. “Now, are you going to take your present or not?” 

Missy snatches it out of his hands while he moves to put the cake on the table nearby. She rips the wrapping off the gift only to find herself staring at a violin case. She sits on the lounge and opens it up, pulling out the exquisite instrument inside, shiny and new. Top of the range - only the best for someone as snobby as the Master. 

“Oh,” she breathes, hand running over the wood in a way that is ever so slightly distracting, because she has nice hands. Not that the Doctor notices that sort of thing. 

“Acceptable?” He asks. 

“You can’t just buy me off with a musical instrument, I’m still your prisoner, here,” Missy retorts, narrowing her eyes at me.

“Yes, and the alternative was you being a corpse, so get over it,” the Doctor replies without missing a beat, having long since run out of guilt over the situation. “Now, get over here so we can light the candle.”

“Can I?” 

The Doctor knows he shouldn’t trust her with any form of fire, really, but it is her birthday, so he hands her the lighter and starts mentally preparing in case arson or attack comes. 

Thankfully, Missy just flicks it a few times, letting her fingers running over the small flame and biting her lip when it burns her, just a little. She likes experiencing pain as much as dealing it out, a fact not known by too many, even if its not overly difficult to guess, in the Doctor’s opinion. 

Finally, she lowers the lighter to the candle, and beams at it. The Doctor takes the lighter back before she can get any other ideas. 

The Doctor sings a happy birthday of his own creation. It’s in Gallifreyan, but a rendition of sorts of the Earth version since Gallifrey didn’t celebrate birthdays in quite the same manner. There’s a line about ‘our people were boring about this sort of thing’ in there somewhere. 

Missy does that funny little delighted giggle and kisses him as he finishes the song. 

“Thank you, Thete,” she says softly. 

“You’re welcome, Koschei.” 

They cut the cake, and after having a slice, Missy moves to play the violin, and the Doctor gets started on his second and third pieces while the sound of Mozart fills the room. 

Soft Derek, Warm Stiles, No One is a Little Ball of Fur

Hey guys! I was planning on posting this on my birthday (yesterday) but ran out of time to finish it. So here it is today! I really hope you guys like it. Please leave positive/constructive feedback. Happy birthday/Memorial Day to everyone! <3

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When Stiles got his job at Espress Hangar, the new space-themed café, the pack was immediately on board.

“Oh thank God!” Erica pulls him into a suffocating hug. “I had their Strawberry Starship drink the other day and I think I’m addicted, but they’re like five dollars a cup. Thanks, Stiles.”

“Um, what? Why are you thanking me?” Stiles asks warily.

Scott comes out from behind him with one of his tooth-rottingly sweet smiles and replies, “For all the free drinks you’ll give us,” like it’s obvious. Stiles frowns.

The thing is, it is kind of obvious. Stiles was planning on sneaking a few drinks for them here and there when they came to visit him. But now that they expect him to, he’s starting to reconsider.

“Guys, come on, this is Stiles’ job. You can’t take advantage of him like that,” interrupts Derek. Stiles grins at him and, you know what, maybe he will save a drink for him.

“But where’s the fun in that?” Jackson smirks.

If Stiles has any say in it, Jackson is going on the Do Not Serve list at the first opportunity.


After Stiles’ third morning rush that day, he can finally breathe during the lull that follows. He’s survived his first week at Espress Hangar, a feat much larger than he originally thought. Turns out waking up for work every morning at four o’clock is not as easy as staying up until four o’clock on Wikipedia.

Stiles is wiping down the counters and humming California Gurls to himself when the bell above the door chimes and Derek walks in. The next notes of the song get stuck in his throat and he freezes. Stiles shouldn’t be surprised, really. The rest of the pack have already been by to visit him, even Jackson. Of course, Scott was the only person Stiles ended up giving a free drink to, much to their disappointment.

Derek swaggers up to the counter Stiles is stationed behind, because that’s the only way Derek apparently knows how to walk. He’s wearing a maroon knitted sweater today that looks unfairly cozy. Stiles slaps his own hand down from reaching out and touching the fabric because that would be weird. Although slapping yourself might be weirder. Oh well.

“Hey,” says Derek wryly. A small smirk is tugging at his lips from witnessing Stiles’ hand malfunction. Stiles sighs at Derek’s voice. It’s soft and small, a low rumble of a voice Stiles has been hearing more and more when he talks with Derek.

“Hey,” Stiles says back, his own grin a little dopey. Yeah, Stiles has tried getting rid of his crush on Derek, multiple times, but after three years of cringing and stuttering, he’s come to terms that whatever he feels for Derek is here to stay.

Danny coughs behind Stiles and, oh yeah, he doesn’t work here alone. Oops. Derek ducks his head to hide his smile and Stiles feels a blush work its into his cheeks.

“What can we do for you today?” asks Danny. Stiles glares at him because that’s his job. Granted, he wasn’t doing it but…semantics.

Derek glances at Stiles again before murmuring, “Strawberry smoothie, please.”

“What?” Danny leans closer to Derek to hear him better but Stiles is already putting the order into his register.

“He said strawberry smoothie. You wanted that large, right big guy?” Derek nods minutely. “Did you want to add anything to that? Espresso shot? Any extra flavors? Bubbles? Fruit?”

Derek considers the list of syrup flavors on the board behind Stiles and Danny. Stiles takes the opportunity to take in his alpha. There are bruises under his eyes, but they seem lighter than the last time Stiles saw Derek. The last few weeks has had him more tired than usual. Though, Stiles supposes, having a coven of vampires trying to take over his territory probably isn’t the most relaxing environment.

“Um. Could I have bananas and lavender bubbles added to it?” At first he looks a bit sheepish when he asks, the tips of his ears turning slightly red. He quickly covers it up by sending a glare Stiles’ way, like he’s expecting to be laughed at. As much as Stiles loves to irritate Derek, it’s no fun if Derek can actually be hurt by it.

“Yeah buddy, of course.” Derek pays and Stiles gets started making the drink, glancing at Derek between each motion like he might disappear as soon as Stiles stops looking. 

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*looks both ways* *whispering* guess I’ll leave this here.*runs away* There’s a note on top of the drawing.


                Oh well hello @little-noko, I know we never actually talked to each other but I really like your blog and art style. So here’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY gift. Hope you like it. Also sorry for the quality my camera sucks, and it was my first time drawing both Decay and Paper Crane. So hope you like it, it took me a while actually or I would have given it earlier. Also sorry again and 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for being amazing.

P.S Please notice me. BYE : P  

Aaaaaw, I’m so happy that you like my blog and you did a wonderful job to draw both of my babies ! I’ll do my best to keep being amazing even if I don’t know how I actually do that.

But thank you, for everything ;u;

// Oh yeah I never ended up posting this
Long story short, my birthday was more of a bitter 16
So I asked for a hug from Positive
And let my mind and hand focus on the happy thought rather than the crappy day
Though it was a small action from a little drop of positivity (instead of ball cause hes iiink)
It made that day a lot better than it was.
Thank you, @ask-positive-bendy-bab
You made and still make each day even somewhat better by being around~


— Your smile can brighten even the darkest night. ☆ 

Happy birthday to my precious source of happiness, inspiration and motivation.
Thank you Sehun for everything. ♡
Never stop smiling. ~ ☆ 

The cameras make a habit of getting a LIL TOO CLOSE to Viktor and Yuuri because the mics sometimes pick up what they say to each other before skating or in the Kiss & Cry, and audiences eat that shit up. There are people who watch ISU events like it’s the Viktor&Yuuri Show, and the sports channels know it

TUNE IN FOR THE NIKIFOROV-KATSUKI VARIETY HOUR, the advertisements practically blare.

Viktor can often be heard composing what sounds like literal on-the-spot poetry. (”You are my sun and stars and I will love you until I’m in the ground–”) Much of this is to calm Yuuri down before he skates. Most viewers assume that he writes this shit down somewhere but people who know Viktor understand it to be just the shit that literally is always coming out of Viktor’s mouth.

“Oh,” Yuuri says while they’re waiting for Viktor’s scores one time. He hasn’t put his glasses back on yet and is kind of just staring, unfocused, into the nebulous distance. “I forgot to call Minako and wish her a happy birthday.”

(“YEAH YOU DID,” Minako growls at the television back in Hasetsu. Hiroko pats her back. She just turned fifty. She’s sensitive.)

“Well, you’re dead now,” Viktor says, picking fuzz off his costume. “It was nice knowing you. I’ll never forget you.”

“Will you move on from me?” Yuuri asks. All of this is completely deadpan as they squint at the scoreboard. Yakov is on Viktor’s other side, rolling his eyes.

“No. I’ll roam the halls of our empty home, wailing for my lost love. When I die, I’ll continue to haunt the place where I was once happy. They will call me the Silver Spectre. Once or twice a year, Americans will come and try to film me. I’ll scream into their camera equipment and carve the words triple axel into the hardwood.”

“Please not the hardwood, Vitya.”

They find out that most ISU programming isn’t actually put on a delay during the 2018 Worlds, when Viktor and Yuuri are congratulating each other on winning gold and silver and the cameras pick up Viktor saying, “When we get home, I’m going to bend you over the table and–”


‘Technical difficulties’ is Yuri punting a tiger plush so hard towards Viktor that it knocks him backwards and into the backdrop for the Kiss & Cry.

“This used to be an ELEGANT SPORT,” Yakov growls. He looks to Lilia, whose expression is suspiciously toothy. “Are you laughing at this, Lilya?”

“How dare you accuse me of such a thing,” Lilia replies.

Call Me Daddy

Summary: Phil asks Dan what his kink is, but Dan doesn’t feel so inclined to tell him.

Word Count: 3.1k

Genre: smut (specifically: daddy kink smut oh man)

happy birthday @mangothatismelancholy !! i know im a few hours early but i won’t have much time to post it tomorrow morning ahaha. i hope you like this and i hope i remembered correctly that daddy kink was your favorite (?). also i hope you have a great birthday dude!!! 

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On the other side of the world, it is officially my lovely wife’s, @amaltheaz , birthday. And thanks to the equally lovely @lesly-oh , I was able to gift her this. Before I even followed her into the supercorp fandom, Az was constantly telling me about the similarities she saw between them and korrasami. So, of course, I had to give her the fanart of her heart :P

Happy happy birthday, baby. I love you so so much!

And everyone else most definitely should go wish her a happy birthday :)

Heyo! :D
(I don’t know how this works ehh)

I just recently started to watch your videos and man! I wish I discovered you sooner! (Because you are a literal ray of sunshine and you brighten my day up so much)

And so I wanted to draw you! (And the other yous) uhm.. Sorry if this is weird, I don’t really know what to say xD

But anyway, oh boy.. Happy really late birthday and congrats too! I hope you have a nice day! :3

Thomas: WHAAAAAT!!!!!! This is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! Oh my goodness, what a beautiful birthday gift, THANK YOU for this!!! I love it!!


→ Catherine de Medici + Francis II, for @cassanabaratheon, Happy Birthday sweet <3

Happy Birthday EXO maknae Oh Sehun~ 🐣🐣🐣🎉

(Conffession here, I can’t really add details here since today is such a chaos -with work etc etc 😢 I only have very limited time to draw it. It supposed to be spring theme, since Sehun’s birthday is when sakura blooms, but in the end I totally forgot about the initial idea 😥 but yeah next time I need to manage everything better 💪)
Hope you like the fanart! 💕