happy birthday to them and i

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good you, Dodie, and Ben sound together?? My ears/eyes have been blessed♡. Also, happy birthday lovely!!

I was just so happy. This is what I was beaming over a couple of days ago. I had dueted with both of them separately and we all make our own individual music. This was, for me, like a uniting of the Avengers!!! I was so thrilled the whole time we were working (by working, I mean, Dodie and Ben collabed and worked out the harmonies, while I sat there marveling at them the whole time… ps. Marvel? Avengers? Get it? Ehhhhhhhhh???)!


happy 100th birthday, ella fitzgerald // april 25, 1917 - june 15, 1996 // “just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong”

“The best way to start any musical evening is with [Ella]. It don’t get better than this.” Frank Sinatra

“Man, woman or child, Ella is the greatest of them all.” Bing Crosby

“Ella’s amazing! My daughter says that every time she makes a mistake, it becomes a hit record.” Lucille Ball

“It is so much fun to sing with Ella. It is so nice to sing with someone who does more than make a pretty noise.” Jo Stafford

“If you want to learn how to sing, listen to Ella Fitzgerald.” Vincent Minnelli

“The one radio voice that I listened to above others belonged to Ella Fitzgerald. There was a quality to her voice that fascinated me, and I’d sing along with her, trying to catch the subtle ways she shaded her voice, the casual yet clean way she sang the words.” Doris Day

BTS REACTIONS: Them celebrating your birthday for the first time at home. *REQUEST*

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! ~~ (I hope you don’t mind I change the scenario a bit for some)

JIN had locked himself in the bedroom for the whole morning. You wanted to know what was going on, but were too busy answering calls from your family wishing you a happy birthday to bother him about it.

When he came out of the room he went downstairs where you were. He sat across from you with his guitar in his lap with a piece of paper on the ground.

“I wrote you a song. Rapmon helped me with the lyrics, but its how I truly feel about you.”

A few hours later a delivery guy came with your food. You had told him months ago that you just wanted to stay home for your birthday…and he remembered.

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RAP MONSTER walked into the house with flowers and your favorite candies. It was your birthday and he was excited to be celebrating it for the first time!

“Y/N, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What would you like to do today?”

You told him that all you wanted was to spend it at home and wanted to order from your favorite food place. He smiled and kissed you on the forehead.

“Then I’ll light some candles and order the food.”

You guys sat in the living room eating and talking for the whole day. He even told you that he loved you and hope that next year on your birthday you guys can do this again as a tradition. For your present, he gave you a very lustful night…

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SUGA sat on the couch next to you and asked you what you wanted to do for your birthday. You told him you didn’t want to do that. That you just wanted to stay home and eat take out with him. He was really confused, because he thought you would of wanted a party.

“Y/N, you’re always surprising me with something new about yourself.”

You proceeded to order your food. When the food came you both sat and grubbed and talked about everything, it seemed like it had only been a few minutes, but it was going on two hours.

Suga got up and headed into the kitchen. When he came back he had a gift in his hand and gave it to you. You opened it to find a scrapbook full of pictures of happy moments you both had.

Suddenly as you were looking at the pictures a big flash disrupted your focus. You look up to see Suga holding a Polaroid camera.

“This album is full of memories I never want to forget, like today.”

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J-HOPE had already asked you weeks ago about what you wanted to do for your birthday, so he knew what to expect. He had a surprise up his sleeve though.

“Happy Birthday, Y/N!”

He woke you up with a body slam. You both laid there talking for a few, but had to get up to take a shower and get ready for the day. For the whole day you both played games and ate as much food as you could, because J-Hope ordered way too much. As the day was ending J-Hope had one more thing for you.

He got up and head straight for a room you didn’t go in very much. He came out with a open box and placed it on your lap. You looked inside and saw a puppy!!!


“I honestly can’t describe how much I love you. I got us a puppy, we can have our own little family now!”

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JIMIN was stressed the whole week, because he didn’t know what to do for your birthday. Even though you told him all you wanted to do was stay home and eat he felt like he should do something.

The day before your birthday you were a little terrified that he was planning a big surprise birthday party, but you let it be and went to sleep. Your phone started going off, which woke you up. You slept threw the morning! You reached for your phone to read the message that woke you up.

Jimin: Y/N! Happy Birthday! Come down stairs when you’re ready!

You sprung out of bed and got yourself ready. Heading down stair, you noticed him wearing a coat and had yours in his hand. You immediately told him you didn’t want to go out, but he ignored you.

“Y/N, follow me!”

He led you to the garage where he had rented a big van and decorated it with a cozy comforter and string lights, along with big fluffy pillows and all the your favorite foods. Soft music was playing as well.

“I know you said you wanted to be at home, but this is our first time celebrating your birthday together. I promise for your other birthdays we’ll stay inside.”

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V was away filming a drama. So he couldn’t spend it with you as you would of liked. Even though you were crushed you didn’t spend too much time moping, because you knew all you were going to do was eat some of your favorite foods at home anyways.

That night V texted you and asked if you were busy. You replied that you weren’t doing anything and he responded by asking you to get on Skype. So you did and video called him.

“Y/N, Happy Birthday! Its my first time wishing you Happy Birthday and I can’t be there, I feel horrible.”

You explained that you didn’t want to do anything but stay home anyways. Somehow you both ended up joking around and talking for hours. After hours of talking you both fell asleep on the phone together. Even though he wasn’t there, he still wanted to spend a bit of your birthday with you.

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JUNGKOOK was not having it when you told him that all you wanted to do was stay in and eat your favorite foods. He didn’t even allow you to explain before he told you that you were going to your favorite restaurant for dinner and to get ready.

“Y/N, we’re going! So get ready.”

Despite trying to convince him otherwise, you decided to just do it, because Jungkook was Jungkook never let anything go. To make him pay, you took  extra long to get ready. As you headed downstairs you noticed rose pedals on the stairs leading to the living room.

Jungkook had turned your living room into your favorite restaurant, with your favorite foods spread out on the table. He even had a sign hanging from the ceiling with the restaurants name.

“I decided to bring the food to you. I love you and Happy Birthday.”

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Hi! My birthday is April 24th and I'd love to read everlark where Peeta thinks he's lost Katniss somehow, like a misunderstanding or even some kind of accident, but everything works out in the end. Love the drama/angst, and I'm down for any rating (but let's be real, the smuttier the better bc it's my birthday lol). No infidelity please! Tytyty! You are awesome!

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Happy Birthday! There is definitely some angst in this one. Thanks for having a birthday so we can all enjoy this great story! And thank you to @katnissdoesnotfollowback for writing and submitting it. She’s been a MAJOR contributor to this blog, as have many others, and we can’t thank her enough. Links to part one & part two if you haven’t read them yet. Enjoy! I know we did. 

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy this somewhat angsty story. Hugs and lots of love to you on your special day!

All’s Fair - Part 3

WARNINGS: RATED E for language, PTSD, and smut. Mostly the rating is for the smut. SMUT I SAY!

A/N: HR in this instance stands for Human Remains. There’s no gore or graphic violence in this, but there is a healthy dose of angst. Thank you @peetabreadgirl for pre-reading.


My boots scrape the pavement as I stop to stare up and down the parking lot aisles. I find at least four Jeep-shaped vehicles under black covers and sigh, drop my bag on the pavement, and search through the pockets for my keys. Not even my car keys, either. Customs fucked up my packing job and I’m pretty sure they wound up back in my footlocker. I find the keys I need underneath a half empty bottle of Gatorade and unlock my trunk, rummaging around until my fingers find the canvas ribbon on my at home keychain. Yanking them out, I listen to the jingle of home with the distant growl of a C-130 spooling up its engines. The humid North Carolina air presses down on my lungs and I blink in the fading light.

It’s late. I’m exhausted and hungry. And the red REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tag on my keys is a one-two punch to the face. I don’t even know where he is right now. He was supposed to be home sometime last week, although I don’t know the exact date, but the fact that he wasn’t here to meet me means he was delayed somewhere. Or something far worse that I am not prepared to contemplate on four hours of shitty sleep on a cramped rotator flight and an empty stomach.

Pocketing my car keys, I slam my footlocker shut and lock it back up, hefting my bag back on my shoulder and hauling the trunk onto its wheels to continue my solitary trek. I hit the lock button on the key fob twice and hope my battery didn’t die while I’ve been gone. I’ve got jumpers, but no one I feel comfortable inconveniencing. Most of the others have already gone home. Prim couldn’t be here this time, unable to get away from med school. Mom’s too sick to travel. Gale’s still somewhere in Fallujah, I think. At least, that’s the last place I ran into him.

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happy birthday @mattsmartin!!!  ❤

(six 720x1280 toronto maple leafs phone screens, feel free to use even if you aren’t the wonderful elise)

Happy Birthday Thomas!!

@thatsthat24 lol so I wanted to put a message, but I didn’t wanna be in the birthday video because *finger guns* social anxiety. So, here I am. OK so I think of birthday’s as, instead of the day you were born, I think of them as in “Hey, another revolution around the sun and you aren’t dead yet! What an achievement! It’s so easy to die, and look at you. You survived, you’re alive.” And you know what another revolution around the Sun means? It means that you traveled around the galaxy more. Thomas, I don’t know if you’ll read this, but you are stardust, literally and metaphorically. First of literally: As we cling to our tiny planet with the force of gravity keeping us stable as this rock hurtles through outer space around our Sun, and the sun hurtles around some more around the galaxy, and who knows what galaxy moves around, we are made by the light of dying stars. The elements from within them showered onto our planet, bringing us to existence. And because of the conservation mass, those elements are still there, within each and every one of us. But I believe the reason you are such a kind, wonderful person, is because you contain more stardust than the average person. And there’s proof of this, because everyone is literally stardust, but not everyone metaphorically. You wanna know why you’re stardust in my eyes? It’s because you are such a bright light of hope and happiness in the dark times of our world. You put out messages to make people smile and feel better, and wow, have they helped me, and I assume countless others, through bad days. Not gonna lie, I used to watch the battling anxiety video almost daily bc the tips really helped me and I would wake up and watch it and know what to do through the day. That video showed me, that my Anxiety was a part of me, and that I can control it which is something all those mental health websites fail to say. So, thank you so so much for that. More reasons you are stardust: Boy oh boy, don’t even get me started on how much I look up to you. Like it sounds kinda cheesy and kinda like a pretentious teenager thing to say, but man I really do. Like first of all, you do this whole video online thing to make people laugh and be better, and like you recognize all the fan stuff created in the little ever growing community. And and there’s other stuff like the fact you’re a music theater chemistry dude and im a music theater science girl(?) so like, yeah. Okay I’ve sent you an ask before with this better explaining why I look up to you, I can’t remember all my points right now (if you wanna read it, I bet you could CTRL-F “the-sanders-sides”) Anyway, You are stardust man. There are so many more things I haven’t listed here, but in my eyes, you will always be the brightest stardust out there. So thank you for helping me when times are rough, and thank you for existing, and thank you for being such an amazing person I can look up to.

So here’s a half-doodle of Thomas Sanders, Dodie Clark, and Ben J Pierce, because the cover that Thomas posted today was GORGEOUS and I was really sad and literally sobbing earlier and watching this video made me feel a millions times better, so I HAD to draw them 💜 also, hey happy birthday @thatsthat24 you make me feel happy when I’m sad, you’re an incredible human being

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HIII just realized that it's the 24th of April, HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉 hope you have an amazing year. I have a question about the contest, can we still submit it? Or is it closed? Anyway, have a lovely birthday 😊

Thank you! Yes still submit! The official end is midnight tonight, but if I’m honest I probably won’t collect them all together until tomorrow morning 👌👌👌

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Hey Diana! Today I turned 19 and just wanted to say thanks for over two years of a great webcomic experience. I know that it takes a lot of effort to create a page so that's why I admire every update and look forward to them so much. Thanks for creating one of my favorite webcomics ever and for working so hard for your fans. You're genuinely one of my biggest inspirations as an artist. Also, if I may ask, how old were you when you started writing/drawing (specifically Lonely Vincent)? Thanks :)

Hey, happy belated birthday!! I really appreciate this, you’re so sweet to send me this message, thank you! And oh gosh… Alright, I think I was at least 15-17 when I first started drawing this comic (I’m 26 now!). And as some of my older readers know (*narrows eyes at all of you* don’t you dare tell anyone) it was MUCH different back then. I will forever lament how long it took me to draw this comic, but I still maintain that its current incarnation is better than whatever I came up with in the beginning, haha!

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if they were to use technology, who do you think would be the old man who would still use one of those ancient ipod shuffles where it didn't even give you an option to play it in order: kakashi or iruka? thank you for taking the time to answer this question

Iruka. Iruka is the old man. 

I imagine Kakashi being the one whos more willing to explore newer tech, or just enjoys its because its new information & good to know. Iruka prefers to use things until they’ve actually broken or are on their last legs, has no regard for the latest wave of tech & is stubborn about it. You could argue with him all day about the latest features or specs, & he’d just be like “But it still works.”

But also for kicks & because he knows how much it riles Kakashi, he still sometimes sends Kakashi messenger birds instead of using the phone.

a tribute to the best guy in the world

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @thatsthat24 THOMAS!!! ok so Ima ramble for a minute. You literally are the funniest, sweetest, coolest guy I’ve ever seen. You’re always so positive and happy and encouraging of others and so confident in yourself. You have like 1,000,000 friends and you’ve earned all of them by being such an amazing person! You’re an astonishing singer and actor and writer, you’re creativity never stops! Whenever I see ur old vines or YouTube vidoes they always make me smile because you are always so nice. You’re the friendliest person I’ve ever seen and I would love to be your friend some day.

Have a marvelous birthday!!

-katie ✌️

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rules: tag someone which i’m not going to do i’m breaking the only rule are you happy

birthday: 8/15/99

gender: girl???

relationship status: literally i’m the most confused about this one

pets: 2 cats 2 dogs but i don’t own them but i love them good

wake up time: 6:45 school days, whenever the fuck on weekends

love or lust: i could go for both

met a celebrity: well i guess i’m the head of a small religion since i have 1,000 followers. am i famous?

first kiss: had it, hated it

tall or short: i wanna say i’m short but i’m 5'5"

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY TO THE SELECTION! I think the 5 year celebration tag going around is great and was brought to its attention thanks to the mentions from @thedandelioninperspective @theselectionmouse and @illeaslockedbluebox so i’d like to dedicate this doodle to them being I wouldn’t have even noticed what an important date was if not for their mentions! :)

When I joined: So I actually did not join this fandom upon reading the books. I read them back in 8th grade. I believe all three of America’s story were out then. Thus I read them and put them back on the shelf. A year later it was my 9th grade year and i was cleaning my room. I found a copy of the selection beat up and crammed between my bed and my window. I still don’t know why it was there but it was. I skimmed through it remembering how I cried the first time I read it purely because I loved it so much. A few months after I decided I would check and see if there was a fandom. There was so I made a blog on October 20th 2015.

How this fandom/book series has impacted me:

I say with 100% certainty that I owe my life to this series, as it saved my life twice. My 8th grade year I was horribly depressed. I hated everything about myself I didn’t have too many friends and the one friend I had was way to close to my family, I was terrified she would tell my mother if I told her anything about how I wished to end my life. Due to this book series I made friends with a girl named Paula who had already liked and read the book. She became my best friend for that year and she was the one I called right before I decided to kill myself. She was not able to stop me, however she stalled me for long enough that my mother came in and stopped me. The second time I was more depressed. This was before I joined the fandom but after I found the books again. My 9th grade year my depression hit harder. I had a lovely summer without it but as soon as fall came it was back. This time I self-harmed. I wanted to peel the skin off of my legs and rip out all of the fat inside of me. I viewed myself as nothing. There was a boy who I liked (my current boyfriend) but he didn’t like me at the point in time, my art looked crappy, I missed my friends from middle school as I had moved, and my friends were all depressed so their misery leeched onto me and drained me of all joy. However once again I made friends due to a common interest. A girl named Elizabeth became my close friend due to the books and she was able to help me through my depression. Without the books we probably never would have met. Not only do I owe my life to these books but I also owe my current enjoyments of life to it. My art has improved through fanart and I have made online friends through the fandom. I am truly grateful for the selection books and the fandom.

My close friends in this fandom are: @prince-consort-lolz  @prince-consort-erik @prince-consort-kile and @book-and-comic-fangirl

Some blogs I admire: @eadlynschreaveofillea @skylars-selection and probably a lot more none are just coming to mind right now. 


170424 [BOYFRIEND] Happy Young Kwang Day🎂🎉 ~

when it started I thought it would be only the twins aaaaaa but then everybody came in.. I was a little disappointed haha don’t give me wrong, I love our six babies but a whole v broadcast would be incredible😘.. anyway, they are so beautiful, thank God for them

watch the broadcast video here: