happy birthday to the most awesome and sweetest guy i have ever met :)


i posted this throughout various comments on instagram, but i wanted to post it everywhere just because it was such an amazing experience.

so after we went through the hollywood walk of fame we went to the venue to try and get the tickets to the idkhbtfm show that we came all the way to LA to see. dallas had messaged ryan on snapchat to see if there were going to be extra tickets because they were sold out by the time we tried to purchase them and he said that if we showed up at like 3 then there would be. well when we showed up just after 3 and there were just a few people sitting outside the venue waiting we were really confused to realize that there was no one there to continue selling tickets or anything. so they didn’t even open the doors until 8pm but there were security people and this lady that was running the whole thing came and talked to my mom who explained that we drove all the way from northern washington to see them and what ryan had said to dallas and she let us go in THANKFULLY and since we were waiting outside since literally 3pm we were pretty much like the 3rd group of people in line so when we went in dallas and i were literally right up against the front of the stage in front of dallon. it was glorious. the opening act was pretty good, i didn’t know them very well but when idkhow came on i fucking lost it. dallas and i kept grabbing each other’s arms whenever dallon would do something in person that we’d only seen him do in videos. AND visitation of the ghost wasn’t even on the setlist and they started playing it anyways, dallon said he wanted to try something new and asked if anyone in the crowd knew how to confidently play bass, and long story short this girl came up on stage with dallon and he gave her his bass guitar and had her play while he got off the stage with NO WARNING and said “i’m gonna come snap with you guys” and stood in the middle of the crowd singing, snapping his fingers and dancing. it was literally the purest and most wonderful thing i’ve ever experienced with a musician becoming so close and intimate with an audience before it was AMAZING. also to give you an idea of how close we were while he was performing, dallas and i both kept getting hit by his sweat flinging from his hair whenever he’d whip his head around. i didn’t know whether to be disgusted or honored considering one almost landed in my mouth at one point 😂🤧

so anyways after the concert ended, he went to the merch booth and was just hanging out and talking to fans and i approached him and talked to him, and he shook my hand and i asked him if i took take a polaroid with him and he said yes, so dallas took the polaroid of us. (keep in mind i was super nervous because i was a little star struck and i was running on adrenaline so i was literally shaking 😂). he was a little distracted because there was a lot going on but eventually we moved off to the side of the booth, and dallas and i were talking to him, she gave him the drawing she made for him and breezy as well as the shirt that said “better than kenny” on it (he thought it was so funny and said he’d mail kenny a picture of him wearing it so he’d be like “oh i’m getting a card from dallon” and then see the picture of him with that shirt on it) and he also loved the drawing dallas made for him and said that breezy would also love it. i asked him to sign the polaroid we’d taken and he did, i handed him the sharpie dallas brought and he signed it and handed it back to me, and i went to grab for the sharpie and he thought i was reaching to hold his hand and he literally put both of his hands over mine and held it for a second before he was like “oh this is your pen!” and laughed as i took it back and it was the sweetest thing 😭 me and dallas walked away so that others could get a chance to talk with him and he promised he’d be outside a bit later and we could give him the rest of our stuff, and we eventually made our way over to the other side and got to meet ryan, who was just as down to earth as dallon and actually more personal, it felt like i was talking to a friend with him. he was so casual and sweet, he high fived both me and dallas and when i asked if i could take a picture he was like, “i’m just warning you, i am really sweaty”, and when dallas told him how we were with our mom and she pointed up at the entrance to the venue where she was standing and he waved to my mom and said “hi mom!” omg it was so pure. we also met breezy and we got to take a picture with her, she was so nice and she is SO BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON. we told her about how we loved her posts on snapchat and instagram and that she has a beautiful family and dogs and we even told her about carebear and how her dog zero reminded us of her. she was so nice and personal too, everyone overall was so friendly.

so eventually we made it outside and finally met up again with dallon at the very end but he was a bit rushed taking care of last minute things with fans that he wanted so we felt bad but he loved the matching back to the future shirts we got for him and ryan (and was so sweet about it, i apologized to him because we tried to get a medium and large but they only had larges and he said “no problem, i’ll just wash this in really
hot water a few times until it shrinks”) and was so happy when we told him we got him bath bombs. he also took one last picture with us and wished dallas a happy birthday when my mom told him that we made the trip down as her 16th birthday gift. we also got ryan the crown and pocky dallas got for him and he thought they were great too 😂 and breezy was excited at the jack-o-lantern flashlights dallas got for knox and amelie, and thought her whole “beep beep im a jeep” thing was really funny.

overall dallon weekes is such a lovely man and although he seems salty on the internet (because a lot of his fans are shitty and constantly put him down for everything he does) he is so genuine and wonderful when you meet him in person. this was by far the best concert i have ever been to in my life.

a couple things i added on:

breezy loved dallas’s shirt that said “that was harry styles” and dallon even signed it for her, she’s going to hang it up on the wall in her room.

this was just funny, dallon was on stage saying that it was awesome how everyone in the audience knew all the words to songs they hadn’t even released yet and everyone started yelling “release the album” and he laughed and said “how about i start telling YOU what to do” it was so sassy

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It's so great to find another fan blog of BatB and Le Duo and Luke Evans! :) And I love Le Duo so much! Do you have some headcanons about these two and you would share them with us?

Hello Anon! Well, it’s impossible to not love them! Just look at them! :D

Originally posted by lovingtheshow

I absolutely have some headcanons!

- before the first time they met, both were REALLY nervous!, because they need a good chemistry - because Gaston and LeFou

- and Luke was already in the table read room and Josh walked into it, with Emma, and Luke saw him, but was too nervous to go to him so he watched him from the distance

- and Josh made everyone laugh!? Literally everyone!?

- and they started talking and after 10 minutes they just KNEW it - best friends forever

- they both have a great sense of humor, so during filming (sometimes) they try to make the other one laugh

- and josh has a hard time not to laugh when Luke is in character - because he plays Gaston so very well

- the mirror scene?! yeah, they had to shoot it SO MANY TIMES, because everytime LeFou has to talk to Gaston, Josh has to laugh

- and Luke has a hard time to keep a straight face everytime Josh is on a horse

- to put it in a nutshell: most of the bloppers are about these two laughing


- when Josh is arriving at set, early in the morning he’s singing “good morning” to Luke and Luke does the same

- which leads to a conversation, completly sung

- and they sing disney songs and musical numbers - ALL THE TIME

- “is there one song you two DON’T know?!” - they know all the songs

- and they talk for HOURS about disney

- “cinderella is such an amazing movie!” - “yes, but NO WAY is it better than snow white” - “are you crazy?! of course it is! bibidi babedi boo!” - “hei ho song!”

- Luke visited Josh and Ida numerours times (and vice versa) and at one point Josh and Luke had a Disney weekend

- which is basically 48 hours, these two infront of the TV, watching every disney movie…and singing

- Ida was away with the girls, but at some point she returned to check how her husband was and she found him with Luke on the living room floor, singing “Let it go”, together

- and Ida absolutely understands why Josh has a bromance-crush on Luke - because Luke is the nicest and sweetest human being ever!?!

- “i honestly think about making him a godfather or something, because if something happens to us, i want him to take care of our children” - “Ida, i was thinking the SAME THING!” - “…actually I was a bit joking…” - “oh…but can we discuss this?!”

- and Ida knows her husband (who is a cuddler) and so she’s very happy when she finds out, Luke is one too

- her whatsapp with Josh is at least 50% pictures of Josh and Luke cuddling somewhere

- and during night filming, Luke had a break, so he took a much needed nap somewhere

- and Josh saw it and saw, that Luke was freezing and he also needed a nap

- “Josh, you can’t cuddle with Luke when he’s aslee…” - “MY BOY IS FREEZING SO YES I CAN!”

- and a bit later Emma and Dan found them cuddled up, sleeping and Dan was like “Are we sure, they aren’t married?!”

- also: Josh is such a great masseur

- and yes, they shared a hotel room, everytime they traveled together

- and the PR-Disney team had a hard time because “Guys, you can’t share a room! We’ve booked seperate rooms. Would you please…”

- in the end one of them always ended up in the other ones room so at some point the PR team was like “Okay! Have a room together!”

- and if you were looking for one of them, there was a 99,99999999% chance the other one was there too

- besides Disney, the could and would talk about everything - no matter where and when

- and sharing a hotel room was maybe also a bad decision, because they would stay up really long and watch movies together or just talk for hours (because who needs sleep?!)

- and during production breaks they would talk with each other nearly every day

- and when Josh’s birthday came up, Luke got all excited

- and he planned that BIG suprise birthday party and orded the cake and made sure everyone is there and OF COURSE he would bring the cake inside the room and would start singing

- “hey guys, we thought you two should go together on the press tour. is that a problem?!” - “WE GO TOGETHER ON THE PRESS TOUR!”

- Josh is also an awesome wingman

- because there is this cute assisstent guy and Luke thinks he looks nice and he told Josh (Josh already saw Luke’s glances)

- and “You should talk to him.” - “Why should I?” - “Because you think, he’s cute.” - “I’m…not…” - “Oh come on! Talk to him!” - “I don’t even know if he’s gay.” - “He is.” - “How do you know?!” - “I just know! Talk to him!”

- but Luke is too shy so Josh makes sure he always needs something so the assisstent guy has to help him and “Hey, have you met my friend Luke?”

- unfortunately the guy already has a boyfriend, but he was flirting with Luke and went on one or two dates with him, so when Luke finds out he’s a bit heart-broken

- that’s the night he sends Josh so many text messages, because he really needs his best friend right now and when Josh sees all the messages, he rushes to Luke and “He doesn’t deserve you. He’s an asshole.”

- and at one Valentin’s Day, Josh sends Luke the biggest bouquet of roses he could find (because he’s such a cutie) with a very sweet message: “You’re the Lady to my Tramp, the Ariel to my Sebastian, the Peter to my Wendy, the Tigger to my Winnie Pooh, … . But most of all, you’re the Gaston to my LeFou, and I love you!”

- and Luke had to laugh so much and that’s one of the sweetest things ever

- these two also got drunk, at least once

- and the night ended with these two telling each other how much they love each other

- “Luke, I just love you.” - “No man. I love you more.” - “That’s not possible, because I love you the most.” - “No, no, no. I love you to the moon and back.” - “Maybe, but I love you to the sun and…”

- and the sentecne “You two are like an old married couple.” is one of the sentences they here the most and “yes, we are.”

- and “Luke, why the hell are you perfect?!” - “I’m not?!?” - “Yes, you are!” - because Josh is seriously amazed by the fact that everything about Luke Evans is perfect - EVERYTHING

- and he just can do anything?! LITERALLY ANYTHING?!?


here is the rundown of today. yesterday, i guess. i already feel kind of guilty for the entire thing because it felt sort of TOO perfect. like i just literally lived the pentaholic dream. fuck.

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At Indy this morning.

So when I met jack today he started almost yelling random stuff at me and he was so fast and extra Irish and I can’t really remember it because I was so nervous (but I remember he said I was “totes adorbs” at some point which just was amazing) but I couldn’t stop smiling because I was looking at the sweetest, most caring man ever. He looks half different in person, it’s weird to explain. But in a good way (he’s too adorable for words). But I asked and he gave me a bear of a hug, and I quick told him he has helped me through my sleep seizures. I just wanted him to know that. I wish I could have told him more but I didn’t want to take up more time.

And mark was so sweet too. I told him he shouldn’t be so hard on himself, and he told me that’s how he does better. I was so nervous that I didn’t ask for a hug, but when I shook his hand he took mine in both of his and said some, I assume, very nice things-I don’t remember ( again I was so nervous), and gave me the best smile and was just so kind. I really regret not asking for a hug or saying happy birthday, but I also wanted to respect his space.

Wade started messing with me because I said something stupid because I was so nervous, and passed it down to bob. Wade even started the hug to me and it was so awesome.

I just wanted to say that they really are the sweetest men on the entire earth. They went through 3 grueling days of meeting fans for hours without breaks, and they still kept a smile. Maybe some day I’ll be successful enough to meet them again, but I am forever grateful for today and the love they showed each and every one of us. I just wanted to say it all somewhere I guess.
Thank you guys.

Oh, and the panel was amazing too.