happy birthday to one of my favorite boys!


if we just walk together like this
wherever we go, it’ll be heaven

to the boy whose passion exceeds limits, whose kindness brings joy to others, and whose heart is always in the right place.

kai, it’s your 23rd birthday today, but even if the years make you older and wiser, in my eyes you’re still the bright, kind kid whose one and only love is dancing; the kid who lives and breathes for the stage. thank you for being one of the warmest, sweetest people i know. for loving your fans so greatly, and for caring for all the other exo members. thank you for having a big, bear heart! one that loves a little too much. thank you for your loud, silly laughs and your strong and supportive words. for your pretty selfies, your lovely singing voice and your mind-blowing dancing. for all the hours and all the artistry you put into your work. thank you for all the years of laughs and tears you’ve shared with us; and most of all, thank you for the ones that are yet to come.

to the sweetest dancing king i know! happy birthday kim jongin!

Top 7 Kenny McCormick moments

I normally post these lists on my other blog but posting here instead.

Happy Birthday, Kenny. In honor of his birthday here are my 7 favorite Kenny moments.

7. His letter from Hawaii to the guys 

I know this episode is celebrated by Kenny/Butters fans and that happens to be one of my NOTP, but I actually really enjoy this one. Kenny’s letter and Trey’s voice-over while the boys are reading it kills me.

6. Defeating Hell with the Holy PSP

Just Best Friends Forever in general I love. Kenny is the chosen one and saves the day, how can you not love it. Archangel Michael’s reaction to Kenny defeating the armies of Hell with the Holy PSP is great. Like oh come on show me it!, haha. Damn you Trey and Matt. Also at the end when he’s given a Keanu Reeves statue, Kenny’s blank reaction always has me wondering is he thinking “what the fuck is this?” or “hell yeah!”

5. Kenny as a sketch artist 

This whole episode is one of my favorites and I’d love to see more like these again. The boys being boys. The part that I enjoyed most by Kenny has to be him being the sketch artist. Plus Kyle’s “Dammit Kenny, that’s not what she said!” added so much. Oh can we appreciate Kenny’s handwriting being Comic Sans.

4. Real life Kenny in I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining 

Okay, so I know the actor they cast isn’t canon to how Kenny looks, and I’m pretty sure it’s been established that’s part of the joke. I fucking love the guy they cast regardless. His delivery on the lines are perfect. Kyle and Cartman doing their usual bickering and when Cartman demands Kenny say who’s fault it was for going zipling, “I dunno. I don’t really give a shit.” and later “fuck you, Cartman.” I think all the boys were cast well but Kenny’s my favorite.

3. Betraying Cartman and joining Stan’s side in Black Friday

I know a lot of people would’ve picked Kenny becoming a Japanese princess from the Black Friday trilogy and I almost did. However, I just really love this scene. Stan’s speech, taking out his sword and everyone chanting “to the Princess” and then revealing Princess Kenny. The camera slowly moves in and  ends on her rat screeching. Also, looking back maybe I shouldn’t have been so shocked by the SOT twist, lol.

2. Mysterion 

I’m not picking a particular Mysterion moment like I did with Princess Kenny because I can’t. Princess Kenny is Kenny having fun with make believe and dressing up but with Mysterion we really get to explore his character further than before. Mysterion is Kenny. Kenny is Mysterion. We learn more about his experience with death and that his feelings towards it. Later, we see he still keeps the mask on for Karen and is her guardian angel. I can’t even begin to think of a top moment for Mysterion. This was going to be my top pick for Kenny until I remember what is now my first choice…

1. Kenny giving Karen the doll

God, my heart. I can’t handle how much I love this. Both Kenny and Kyle’s love for their siblings are just another part of South Park I love. My friends and I have argued who is the better older brother and I believe it’s impossible to pick. I remember watching this episode and thinking “not bad…but meh…” and then the ending came and I lost it. My heart melted into a thousand pieces. Thinking back to the earlier episodes and all the shit Kenny would do for a dollar and he finally makes some money and uses it to buy his little sister a doll.

Happy Birthday Kenny!


The Musketeers started 3 years ago, on january 19th, 2014. With Santiago Cabrera, Howard Charles, Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Maimie McCoy, Alexandra Dowling, Tamla Kari, Ryan Gage, Hugo Speer & Peter Capaldi.

Wherever we draw breath, make a stand, save a life, that is the garrison, we are the garrison.
                                                                                   ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL!    


on december 19 this beautiful and amazingly talented boy was born. these are some of the many photos i love that pretty much describes him for me. the last two are my favorites since bandana brian was the greatest thing and him in girl put your records on. their cover was one of the things that got me hooked on day6 | in conclusion i hope brian has an amazing birthday and i wish for day6 to have an extraordinary comeback

HAPPY FRESH FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got @angelakimbo one of my favorite artists on here who draws the coolest character shapes and designs!!! not to mention the cutest fanart go follow!!! gfkdlsjfk.  unfortunately i couldnt find any place near me showing boy and the beast and couldnt find anywhere to pay for it online or anything but ill see it eventually… hope you enjoy this drawing i cobbled together even if its probably out of character lmao;;; have a wonderful 2016 angela !!!! ;w;;;;
thanks always to @arlir and @jessiewongg for the invitation and for organizing!!! happy 5th birthday FF!! mwa mwa mwa

Tali's (astralfreckles) Riarkle Drabble Week: Day 1

I got 600 followers a month or so ago! I want to say thank you so much to those of you who follow me, comment on my fics, and just show me love in general. It has made me so happy, and so this series is a way for me to say thank you to all of you! I know quite a few people in the fandom who love Fall Out Boy, so I hope you guys like this series inspired by their music!

FOB's music has been influencing me for years now, and I found a way to create a story by using some of my favorite songs. I will post a new drabble every day this week (for 8 days, actually) that will add on to the story. This is part one.

Series Info: Riarkle, T, will also be posted at my ao3

Where is Your Boy?
Where is your boy tonight?

Farkle stands off to the side and watches as everyone at the party wishes Riley a happy birthday. People are hugging her left and right, complimenting her, and giving her gifts. She truly is the sun, beautiful and bright. Everyone orbits around her, taking in her dazzling eyes and warm smile.

And somehow, Lucas is able to get close to her without getting burned. He’s the one who gets to stand by her side and hold her hand like it’s no big deal. Farkle sees Lucas wrap his arm low around Riley’s waist, making her turn toward him and place a kiss on his cheek. A pit forms in Farkle’s stomach that forces him turn his head to the side and pretend to take a sip from his drink. He can’t bear to watch them for more than a second.

Someone in the kitchen turns music on and everyone around Riley starts dancing. She grabs Lucas’s hand, inviting him to dance with her, but Lucas pulls his hand away and whispers something in her ear. Farkle’s attention is drawn back to them just in time to see Riley’s face go from happy to upset, and then he sees Lucas and Zay leave through the front door. Maya quickly distracts Riley by twirling her around and leading her to a different part of the room, but when the song ends, Riley walks away from Maya and sits down at the living room bay window. She maintains a fake smile on her face, and that seems to fool most of the people in the room. Her specialty is never letting anyone suspect that she’s hurting, but she doesn’t fool Farkle.

He walks over to the bay window and sits down next to her, and he has to fight the instinct to card his fingers through her hair and put his arm around her shoulders. Instead, he settles for what he thinks is a simple question.

“What’s wrong? Where’d Lucas go?”

“I don’t know,” she answers in a defeated tone.

Confused, Farkle continues, “He didn’t tell you where he was going?”

“He just said he needed to go and that he would text me later,” she says, resting her chin on her hand as her eyes scan the room.

“This is your party, Riley. You should go have a good time. Forget him.”

“You’re right,” she says, but makes no move to get up. She sighs loudly, and it pushes Farkle over the edge. Before he knows it, words are coming out of his mouth that he didn’t even prepare to say.

“Riley, is he good to you?”

“What?” she says, caught off guard.

He knows he can’t take it back now, so he just goes with it. “Is he a good boyfriend?” he says, more bluntly this time.

Riley furrows her brow and waits a minute before responding. “Of course he is.”

Farkle doesn’t believe her. He’s not sure if Riley even believes her own words judging by the empty look in her eyes. So he pushes, “Even when he pulls stunts like this?“

The implication must frustrate her, because without another word, she gets up from the bay window and walks to the other side of the room.

Farkle’s not sure what he’s more pissed off about: the fact that Riley is blind to what’s going on in her relationship, or the fact that he knows he could be a much better boyfriend to her than Lucas.

Day 2


Jan. 25 birthday boys 

…from some of the games I play these days.  I was really happy when I found out Hakushu and I have the same birthday >u<. He is one of my favorites in Bungou to Alchemist <3 <3

Hakushu Kitahara 北原白秋
Shigeharu Nakano 中野重治 . 文豪とアルケミスト 
Iori Izumi ‎和泉 一織 . IDOLiSH7

Happy Birthday Con!!!🎉🎂

Happy birthday to one of my most favorite people on earth, I hope he has a great day filled with friends and family. I remember the shy boy, I remember the smol boy. Now you’ve gotten more confidence and that makes me so unbelievably happy. You’re gonna keep doing great things Connor, happy birthday to the moon and stars❤✨🌟🎉🎂

The Birthday Boy - L.H.

I set this up to do a part 2 if it was ever requested. Anyways, hAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE SMOL NUGGET!


“Y/n!” Luke yelled making his way over to her quickly scooping her up in a hug as she laughed, clinging to his large frame tightly. “I can’t believe you’re here. I love the shirt by the way.”

“Are you kidding me? You boys sold out MSG and it’s your twentieth birthday tomorrow. You really think I would miss this? And hush up, Hemmings. I have one with each of your last names on it. This is a birthday celebration. ” She asked as he set her back down, adjusting her Hemmings 96 shirt, only to be lifted up in another hug by her brother, Ashton. “Now, how excited are we?”

“I’m going to piss myself between nerves and excitement,” Ashton said bouncing up and down watching his sister giggle to herself, shaking her head with amusement. “Anyways, I’m going to try to calm down. Don’t lose her.” He quickly ran off leaving the two by themselves, a bit of tension in the air.

“So, how’s that boyfriend of yours?”

“Matthew? He dumped my ass for flying halfway across the world to watch my ex play at MSG. How’s Arz?”

“Great question considering she should’ve been here an hour ago,” he said back sticking his hands in his pockets watching her, catching his bottom lip between his teeth. It had been five months since she last saw him, slowly getting used to the new lip ring and how much older he looked with the scruff and his hair, but she liked it. “So I’m assuming Ashton still doesn’t know about us.”

“Of course not. We said we’d keep it to ourselves, especially if it didn’t work out,” she responded as they made their way towards the side of the stage where Michael and Calum were waiting, both growing smiles on their faces at seeing her face, both embracing her in a quick hug.

“Baby Irwin, has Ashton seen you yet?” Michael asked causing her to roll her eyes.

“I’m older than Luke. I’m not the baby,” she responded crossing her arms in a pout as they all laughed, Ashton coming out of nowhere.

“By, like, a month,” he said back laughing as they all got the okay from the management team to get ready to go on stage.

“Alrighty, boys, hugs all around. I’ll be right in front watching you all,” y/n responded receiving a hug from her brother first, Mikey, Calum, then Luke last who’s hug lasted a bit longer than the others with a quick squeeze on her ass and a hidden kiss on the cheek from Mr. Hemmo himself.


The concert was unbelievable and probably one of their best yet, bringing in GTB halfway through the show surprising everyone, including y/n herself who, of course, knew every word after hearing it when it leaked the previous weekend. “I seriously don’t get tired of watching you all. And jesus christ, Lu…let’s just kill a girl with the falsettos,” y/n stated hugging each boy once again not caring if they were dripping in sweat.

“It turn you on, baby?” he asked teasingly as Ashton smacked the back of his head.

“It may be your birthday in an hour, Hemmings, but there will be no birthday suits with my sister. Understood?” Ashton asked causing y/n to roll her eyes at the only father figure she’s ever had in her life.

“Maybe that was the only present I had gotten him, Ashton,” she responded causing both boys’ faces to turn a shade of either red of pink while y/n crossed her arms over her chest, Calum and Michael laughing to themselves as they walked away.

“Disgusting,” he muttered walking away leaving the two by themselves once again.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“I missed watching the lot of you up there. I need to come back on tour with you all for awhile. Maybe management will give me a photography gig or something,” she said back as they walked back to the group of boys who were currently discussing what to do for Luke’s birthday.

“Alright. You down to go out tonight?” Calum asked the birthday boy who just shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t really care. We do have a concert tomorrow though so whatever we do we can get too drunk…we did that last night,” Luke responded.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind going out. I have a new dress I just got that needs to be worn,”


“You look sexy as hell,” Luke whispered coming up behind y/n at the bar, wrapping an arm around her waist as she waited for another drink.

“Well, birthday boy, I’m glad you like it,” she responded grabbing the vodka soda from the bartender as Luke rested his chin on her shoulder. “Did you need something, Hemmings?”

“How drunk are you?” He asked not moving from her body, only pulling her closer.

“Not even tipsy. Why?”

“I want you, just didn’t want you to be drunk in case you didn’t want to,” he whispered in her ear once again so no one else would hear. She leaned into him, chugging the rest of her drink before turning slightly to meet the bright blue eyes of the boy behind her.

“What about your girlfriend?”

“What girlfriend?” He asked raising an eyebrow with a smirk on his face. She knew him well enough to know he would never cheat on anyone, so she didn’t bother to ask anymore questions about it. His arm was still tight around her way in a protective way as if he was trying to claim his prize. “Do I get my present yet?”

“And what present would that be?” She asked batting her lashes at him innocently causing a smirk to rise on his face.

“Let’s head back to the hotel so I can show you,” he suggested squeezing her side lightly. “It can be our little secret.”

“Isn’t our little secret what caused us to break up, Hemmings?” she asked back cocking her head to the side.

It was true. The two had started dating back just before the start of their first tour, when they opened for One Direction, two years after she was introduced to the band by her brother the first time they came to practice in their garage. She had overheard a conversation he was having one night with Michael about how he thought she was attractive, deciding that she would use it to her advantage and take control of the situation, inviting him over one night saying Ashton wanted to have a movie night, ending it with the two of them lip locked in her bedroom.

The eight months he was gone for tour was difficult, and it was even more difficult flying to visit him without showing any signs of affection in public or around Ashton knowing management didn’t want that kind of publicity and Ashton wouldn’t be okay with that situation. By the end of the tour, y/n grew tired of the games and having to hide their relationship, not that it stopped the two from having secret flings and makeout sessions to downright raunchy sex in the backseat of his car.

“Are you giving me permission to kiss you in this club in front of your brother?” He questioned turning her completely so she was standing in front of him, back pressed against the bar. He pressed his forehead against hers slightly, lifting his other hand resting a finger under her chin making sure she kept eye contact. “I’d love to show every guy that’s been mentally undressing you tonight that you’re my girl.”

“I’ll always be your girl,” she muttered back causing him to smile slightly before pressing his lips against hers in a soft kiss. It lasted seconds, both pulling away as he turned his head to the side noting Ashton’s focus was on the other three band mates. “Let’s go get the birthday boy into his birthday suit.”

“I love the sound of that.”

The initial moments after the door to her hotel room closed were anything but what she was expecting. She was expecting hungry kisses and the roughness of his actions as he pressed her against the wall like any other time they’ve gotten down and dirty, only to be faced with him pressing her against the door softly, one hand on her waist, the other forearm resting against the door as he leaned into her, lust in his eyes as he pressed his lips to hers softly once again, with more passion this time causing a slight moan to form in the back of her throat as she gripped onto his button up with one hand, the other tangling in his matted locks. He let his lips trail down the side of her neck to her soft spot right at the junction of her neck and shoulder, kissing and biting just enough to leave a mark, but not hurt her.

“I’m not going to fuck you tonight,” he muttered against the skin of her neck as she craned her head to the side more opening up.

“I thought that was the point of us leaving,” she huffed as his grip on her tightened, pulling her closer to his body than before. He brought his hands down to the back of her thighs, lifting her up refusing to remove his mouth from their place on her skin until she turned his head, kissing him rougher, tugging on his bottom lip with her teeth.

“I’m making love to you tonight, baby girl,” he whispered huskily as he laid her on the bed softly, crawling up her frame, stopping to pull her heels off, slowly, kissing up the inside of her legs to her thighs. “You’re the only thing I want for my birthday for the rest of my life, and every other day of the year.”

“Lu,” she started before being cut off by his lips pressing against hers.

“I mean it, y/n. I can’t keep pretending that I hadn’t fallen in love with you. I’m so in love with you, y/n Irwin, that it hurts.” The look in his eyes showed her that everything falling from his lips was the truth. She wasn’t one to believe in love, knowing damn well that after she was conceived, her father left her mother and her brother, being two at the time, to fend for themselves. But, it was from Luke where she learned that she didn’t have to life in fear like that, well before the two of them had even started dating.

“Then love me, Lu,” she whispered back, the blonde pausing a few moments before going in, kissing her roughly as his hands slid up her sides, one pausing at the zipper of her dress, tugging it down slowly to not break the new dress she clearly loved, although he was more than willing to buy her ten more if he did. He tugged the fabric down her body leaving her completely nude causing him to cure under his breath as he took in the sight underneath him.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” he muttered biting at her neck as her hands fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, tugging the fabric away from his shoulders and off his body as he started to slowly grind his crotch into hers. “I don’t want foreplay tonight, m’kay?” She rolled him over, tugging on the waistband of his jeans as she unbuttoned and unzipped them, ready to tug them down along with whatever stupid underwear he had decided to wear that night. She had eventually succeeded before taking a seat on his lower stomach, leaning forward to peck his lips.

“Have your way with me, Hemmings,” she whispered as he magically pulled a condom out, tugging it open with his teeth, before lightly pushing her over to roll the rubber onto his shaft, pumping himself a few times as he kneeled up to position himself in front of her. He positioned himself, her legs around his waist, forehead resting against hers as he slowly entered her tight pussy, walls clenching around him immediately as a deep groan left his throat, her head thrown back in ecstasy. He put a hand in hers, slowly bringing it above her head pinning it there while using his other hand to support him as he thrusted into her deep with the slow, sharp movements of his hips causing her eyes to roll back into her head, her mouth forming a perfect ‘o’ as small gasps escaped her lips each time their hips met. Everything about the feeling was sensual and passionate, the sounds of the moans lacing together through the small hotel room, music to their ears.

“Fuck, baby, you feel so good,” he muttered, face buried in her neck as he tried to control his breathing.

“I-I’m coming,” she barely got out, the euphoria in that moment taking the breath out of her as her orgasm approached rapidly, with much more haste than many other times. “Fucking hell.”

“Come on, baby. Come all over my cock. Come for me,” he coaxed, driving her to the brink of her release, just as he released, her walls milking his orgasm into the condom as they rode out their highs, lips pressing together sloppily as she ran her hands up and down his back. They both collapsed next to each other, Luke pulling her into his chest. “So…”

“So, what, Hemmo?”

“Are we going to try again?” he asked with a serious tone, not even needing her to turn around knowing what he was talking about.

“Only if you tell Ashton. I refused to do it.

“Consider it done.”

Happy birthday to Christina Ricci who turns 36 today! She is one of my many favorite actresses! Among many great roles maybe one of the most famous is her role as the gloomy Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family movies from 1991 and 1993.
Even though it was 25 years ago since the first movie came out, she still is quoted by many. “Are they made from real girl scouts?” “I’m a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else” “Boys? Homicide” and “Be afraid, be very afraid” are just some of the frequently used quotes.

I wish her a lovely day today! I’m looking forward to see her in future projects.


“I never knew that love had a sound, until I heard you laugh.” Since you got scouted at age 17, you probably haven’t had the time to spend your birthday back in L.A. despite this, I hope wherever you are, you’re surrounded by people who love and care for you. Even if we are unable to meet one day, the fact that you and I exist under the same sky is enough for me. Instead of making a graphic, I decided to gif clips of your laugh/smile, because all I want for your birthday is your happiness. Thank you for working hard for us~ Happy Birthday to my favorite boy, Joshua Hong ♡ #가장_위험한_세븐틴_교회오빠_탄신일

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Happy Birthday to my favorite boy, Niall James Horan!

Niall-centric clips from my videos from OTRA Manila Day 2. 

Here’s the LINK if you want to watch it over at Youtube(HD)!