happy birthday to my one and only idol

<//❤️~Oo°*_( 桜さくや )_*°oO~❤️\<

Tadaaaa !
The other drawing for husbando Sakkuuuun (/❤️u❤️)/~~~~ <3
<*_~ SaKuRaSaKuYa ~_*> ! c:
wuh !
I always wanted to draw him like this since I know about the #桜さくや hype on Twitter :’D NOW - FINALLY.
pink suits him so well, he'sgoddamnhandsomeasalwaysjfc ///^///) I already smell the scent of cherryblossoms…. <3 spring feeeeliiingsss ~❤️~

haaahh..I’m so glad I managed to draw a digi drawing for him too  although I’m still super busy with final exams ._. BUT NO, I’d go through sleepless nights just to finish fanarts for his birthday *^* !!
alright, it's STILL his birthday, so we can still celebrate and talk about what a great person he is…. <3 ALL DAY LOONNGGGG

It’s actually the 4th time celebrating his birthday, which means I almost love him for 4 years, FOUUURRRRRR YEARS ;w;)9 !! <3 ma luv, ma baby <3
Thank you so much StrikeTanaka for making him EXISSSTTTTTT ( 9;////;)9 ! what would be life without Sakuya, seriously :’D! 

Moreover it’s sad I can’t show my love for him like japanese fans can do, like..LOOK AT THAT AMOUNT OF MERCHANDISE THEY HAVE. HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN SPEND ON THIS. IT’S LIKE THEY’RE RICH AF. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ;////;? Ok they do have the benefit that they don’t have to order that stuff overseas etc v.v)! ahahahah ~ what a great life :‘D at least that’s all I can do for Sakkun now ;//w//;) <3

anyways, hope u like this one too >w>)/ !! <3 <3 <3

Dates and Cupcakes

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A/N: hellooo again! Another update that is not Blood Relations! please spare me. This is a birthday present, for the beautiful, most kind, wise, cutest person in existence, the one, and only @tokyoblack !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABE ILYSM!!!! also since it’s her birthday present, Y/N is turned into El, and if anyone has a problem with it, then don’t read it! okay Mary stop scaring your followers wtf

Words: 1728

Pairing: Jin/Reader (El)

Summary: how can your birthday be okay when it’s one of the most tiring days you had? Oh, right with your boyfriend…

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reasons to appreciate dazai osamu

i got a few requests to do this so here are reasons you can appreciate dazai for! (mostly me appreciating some of the panels he’s in because dazai makes some quality faces)

(shoutout for the earlier style dazai is drawn in it was the best tbh)

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151015 Happy Birthday, Lee Donghae!! My favourite person, my idol, my ultimate bias, my first love, my sunshine… you have ruined my life in more ways than one. But if I ever had the choice between knowing you and not knowing you at all, I would easily let you ruin me to my death. Thank you for being my source of happiness and making me smile even when I’m at my lowest. I wish “Happy Birthday” was the only thing I have to say today, but sadly it isn’t. It’s not a goodbye but a see you later, and I really will, because there is no way in hell you could get rid of me that easily! Do well, stay healthy. I’ll be here when you come back♥♥


(I actually meant to draw other fanarts for my precious sweet cinnamon roll’s birthday but…my grapfic tablet got brroken and…I had this one sitting in the drafts for ages and was the only one who fits the birthday aura, so….)

Happy Birthday, Rin ⭐  01/11/2015

Surprise?(Yoongi story pt.1)

Summary: You suspect your boyfriend and best friends are planning a surprise party for your birthday. Maybe… (ft. Mark of Got7)

Type: Short story/ Fluff/ Angst/ Part of ‘The Foreigner’ system 

Request?: Nope

A/N: An idea I had a while ago. Read til the end…trust me.


“That’s a stupid idea, just get the purple… No I know what she likes and it’s not blue, it’s PURPLE!”

You covered your mouth to stiffle your giggle. Your fiance, Yoongi, was on the phone with your best friend, Lee Arin. They were making a very sad attempt at planning a surprise party for your upcoming birthday.

Keyword: Surprise

Sure, it was supposed to be a surprise party but they were both terrible at secretly planning it. They were both on their phone constantly. When one wasn’t distracted by text they were stepping into the other room to speak to “someone”. Yoongi didn’t always control the volume of his voice well either when he talked about it which is how you found out.

Hearing what sounded like the end of the call you removed yourself from the side of the door and back onto the kitchen stool. You shoved a piece of orange into your mouth like nothing had happened as he walked in.

He took a seat next to you, grabbing a slice for himself. “What color do you prefer: purple or blue?”

You suppressed a knowing smile. “Why?”

“No reason I just want to know.”

You pretended to think for a second. “Hmmm…Blue.”

His eyes widened slightly as he muttered a “I have to make a call.”

Just as he stepped out you laughed. Personally you prefered purple but you could deal with blue decorations for the sake of messing with him.


“Oppa, come on! I already know there’s a party so just tell me!” you begged your 2nd best friend, Mark, to tell you.

He smiled at his phone as he continued to text. “If you already know about this “party” then why do I have to tell you?”

Defeated, you sighed loudly. You knew he would never give anyway. Normally you would use killer aegyo in situations like this but Mark was King of Aegyo so you knew that wouldn’t work.

“Fine, my birthday is in a week anyway I’ll just find out then.”

He just laughed and redirected the topic. “What do you want for your birthday anyway?”

A smile slid across your face and you sat up straight. “Well, the new Got7 mini album is coming out the day before my birthday I hear so if, I don’t know, a certain best friend would get it for me with Junior’s autograph I’d say I would be pretty happy.” You looked at him through your lashes.

“I’ll pass on the message to this “a certain best friend” person. And why Junior?”

You laughed at his hurt tone. As ‘straight out of fanfic’ as it sounds to be dating a kpop idol and have another male kpop idol as your best friend you liked it. Mark was one of the only other people close to you in Korea that you could speak english with and feel make references to foreign things.

“He is the best looking in the group. Obviously.”

He smacked his teeth in protest. “Now I definitely don’t know about any party.” He coolly picked up his soda can and left as you trailed behind him once again begging for information.


Returning back to your apartment, you hear two distinct voices as you search for your keys. You smile, guessing what they were discussing before walking in.

They both stare at you wide eyed from the couch. Yoongi pushes a bag out of view with his foot and Arin nervously adjusts her lazily thrown on shirt.

“What are you guys up to?” you smile as they both quickly state “Nothing.”

As you laughed to yourself you took notice of the hot room and strange smell. “Yoongi can you open a window? It’s stuffy in here. I think there is something wrong with the air conditioning because I’ve been smelling something and feeling hot alot lately.” He nods quickly, doing as you ask.

‘I hope the party isn’t here then.’ you think.



It was your first thought when you woke up.

Today is my birthday!! you thought happily. A text from your love was already on your phone saying he would be recording and writing all day.

Haha suuuure.

Then of course you got another from Arin saying she would be working so she would have to see you tomorrow instead.

Again, suuuuure.

Birthday messages from overseas and Korea flooded your phone. You figured you would save anyone the trouble of thinking of a cover for not hanging with you tonight like Arin and Yoongi did and instead replied with simple ‘Thank you’s. Mark texted to ask if you wanted to go for bingsoo though. 

Ever since you moved to South Korea it was always something you couldn’t resist and he knew it.

“Need to get me out of the house huh?” you mused as you locked the apartment door behind you when he came to get you.

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just taking the birthday girl out for a treat.”


Hours later he was walking you back to your door.

“Ok the moment of truth is approaching.” you nearly squealed on the elevator to your floor.

He laughed. “What?”

“We have been out for hours. No one else offered to see me on my birthday and you have been constantly looking at your watch. There is so obviously a party.”

“Ok.” he stopped in front of your door.

“Ok what?” you smiled.

“Ok as in open the door and see if it’s a party.” a smug smirk tugged at his lips.

You placed your hand on the knob. “Fine.”

Swinging it open you yelled. “SUR- prise?” you frowned at the dark and empty apartment.

You hear Mark laugh from behind you. “Surprise.”

You turned to him in disappointment. “But-”

“Go put your stuff down and we can watch some tv until Suga gets here.”

You nodded sadly and headed for your room without turning any lights on. As you swung the door open in sadness you heard “SURPRISE!”

Tons of your friends were stuffed into your bedroom and attached bathroom. As you stood shocked they all piled out into the kitchen and living room while Mark turned on the lights to reveal the blue AND purple decorations.

Mark blew a noise maker in your face and Yoongi and Arin both smiled happily at you.

Yoongi wrapped his arm around your shoulder as everyone began to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you.

In that moment you felt truly happy.

But the night was still young…


Cake was distributed. Outside friends mingled with work friends. People got drunk.

You couldn’t help but smile and feel grateful for the great friends and boyfriend you had for doing this. 

After the shock wore off Mark told you they came up with the hiding in the bedroom plan after you began to get too suspicious. Of course you still said ‘I knew it’ though.

Despite the fun, you hadn’t seen the other two tricksters since the cake was cut. You began looking around the apartment for them until someone spilled their drink. You sighed at the colorful stain and headed for the linen closet to grab a towel to put over it.

When you opened the door you were greeted by two half naked bodies nearly attacking each other in front of your towel shelves.

You were about to close the door until you recognized the two lovers.


Happy Birthday to one of the most influential people I’ve ever met in my life. One of my dearest friends, my sister, my idol. I can only hope that I’ll grow up to be just as amazing as her. This is to you, my dorky, hilarious, and gorgeous sister – Kayla, one heck of a Danny Phantom nerd.

(P.S. - Danny Phantom isn’t 14 anymore. Just sayin.)


Happy Birthday to Alex Kingston. For me she has been a true role model not only in the acting aspect of my life but also the day to day. Her strong characters show that women can be just as tough as men sometimes even tougher. She’s funny, kind, witty and each character she portrays becomes someone people can look up to. She is one of my idols and I wish her the best on this her special day. Happy Birthday Alex :D xoxo

Billie Joe is 43 years old today!
May this be a year full of health, inspiration, peace of mind and happiness to him!
This year it makes 10 years that I knew Green Day and I was saved by their music and by the compositions of this man that I never saw in front of my eyes, but it has a great importance in my life.
I already repeated the same words to say what BJ represents to me one million of times, so I really don’t know what to say now.
The only thing I can say is that I love you and I will always love you, as an idol, artist and man.
May this year be a green year to Green Day and to the fans!
Happy birthday, Billie Joe!

Ok Story Time

So last January when I was dying, my little brother was feeling pretty shit. Instead of complaining, he wrote a letter to his hero telling him how much we’d miss him in the fiftieth anniversary (he wasn’t confirmed at this point). He mentioned I wasn’t well and how much he wished the Doctor was real so that he could make me better. He asked if he could have an autograph for me to give me something that would make me smile whilst recovering, hoping it would arrive for our birthday in June. He’d given up hope that the letter had even been read when our birthday passed and so told me nothing.

This morning my brother woke me up almost in tears as he handed me this autograph. Mr Tennant had written back, apologising for the lateness of the letter and explaining his busy schedule. He wished me a speedy recovery and focused on my brother telling him that the Doctor would always be there for those who needed him. He wished us both a Happy birthday and not only sent me an official doctor who autograph but also gave my brother one which he has now framed. My brother has spent the whole day beaming because ‘The Doctor fixed everything’. It’s just a letter/signed card I know but to him it was hope from his hero that everything would be okay.

If you ever think having an actor as an idol is stupid or loving a t.v. series is worthless, look at my brother. He means the world to me and this meant so much to him. Tell me David Tennant isn’t the sweetest man on the planet.

Hey Taylor.I am Feray .I am working about to how you can realize me for a year. Actually I remember that when i started to be swiftie, I commented your photos like “Please follow me on twitter”. Then i am blocked for commenting so i stoped.Then i made our manips and I posted these like 100 times in just one night. I just wanna say, when you like someone’s photo i start to cry because i really want to realize from you. then i created a tumblr account but i inactive the account because of i didnt know anything like you and now i came back , im obsessed with tumblr right now. the reason why i make this video, its because of i want to tell you that how much you mean to me.You make me happy when Im upsetand when Im mad at something, your photos heats my heart. I havent got a brother or sister but you are kinda big sister to me. Sometimes I dance like you do,when you are in award ceremony while SIO or any song of yours is playing. And thank you for making songs that i can dance till Im tired. I’m so proud of you, you’re going further and further in life everyday. Whenever i feel something different, I can always find a song that matches my mood. I earned lots of good things all thanks to you. I had some really good friends because of you. I’m improving my english with your songs. I needed to write what I was going to say in this video because my english is not enough to just say these things without stuttering. My english is not good yet, but i am trying to improve it with my very own will. My biggest dream is going to your concert after learning english completely. And I wish I could get a chance meet and talk to you and tell you how much i love you, tell you that you’re one of the best thing i ever had, that i love you more than i love myself. I wish i could get a chance like that right now just like 1989 World Tourdako Loft 89. But i will do it one day. I wish I could tell you that all the dreams i dreamed about you. To make them all come true, i need a concert in my country. I wish everyone who ever loved you could go to your concert. I live in Turkey and there are lots of swifties who love you. We really really love you so much. we’re doing tags since 2014.we’re waiting you for a long time.it would be cool and fun to make ready costumes for your concerts.we want it so much.the other thing is i want to get a realize from you.maybe i tried so much way for this and my birthday is coming soon , my birthday is coming for 3 days and i think to celebrate my birthday from you is the best thing i can ever live taylor swift is celebrating your birthday,so cool! you are the sweetest angel i’ve ever seen.im so happy to chose a pure idol like you.im so happy to met with you,and i will always say this.and one day im going to give a big hug to you and im going to say i love you more than everything cause you had an amazing career with any fear.i will always support you,i will always be with you, i will always proud of you. you are my sunshine. your smile light up my world. you only photo can happy me. and thank you for showing me there are some classy people in the world . thank you for everything for everything, my beautiful sister . I hope you see this video I love you so much from my heart

She is Taylor Swift . She was born in 1989 . She is fearless .and  loving. her was red

I love you more than you love  cats