happy birthday to my girl


Happy second birthday, baby girl!

From the time you were born, you’ve been a feisty little fighter with the strongest will to live (and enjoy your life) that I’ve ever seen.

You’ve taught me so much- patience, persistence, unconditional love. You’ve taught me to enjoy being wild and you’ve taken me on so many adventures that I would have never experienced without you.

Here’s to hoping for many more lessons from you, and adventures with you, and to making your life the best it can be. You deserve it ❤️

Mine’s Better

A/N: So I want to start this post by wishing the HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to my incredibly amazing, talented, and gorgeous bae @dontshootmespence. If you haven’t already, go and wish this beautiful girl a happy birthday! But before that, please enjoy my gift to her in the form of this fluff fic. Love you, my Garcia :)

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Well…can’t really say I’m surprised, Nicole thought to herself as she looked down at the stick in her hands. Honestly, how else could she attest for the sudden nausea? Or the fact that she suddenly felt tired all the time? Or how she needed to get up to pee every five goddamn seconds? Seriously. All the clues had practically been staring her straight in the face. In fact, it was a surprise Spencer hadn’t figured it out already. After all, he was the expert on…well…everything.

As her boyfriend’s name ran through her mind, Nicole felt a whole new wave of anxiety course through her already churning stomach, nearly making her turn around and go back to the toilet. How was this going to go for him? True, they had been together for over two years now. True, they had spent many a night lying awake, talking for hours about the future. And true, almost every conversation about that future included children.

Nicole had never told him this, but at the start of their relationship, she’d been unsure how she felt about kids. Not that she had anything against them. After all, her nephew was the absolute light of her life. And through Spencer, she’d gotten to know JJ’s little boy Henry (he was her boyfriend’s godson after all). It was this interaction more than anything that had started to sway her mind. Even though Henry wasn’t his, her heart would melt a little more each time she saw Spencer interact with his best friend’s son. Whether it was telling him jokes to make him laugh or blowing his tiny mind with magic tricks, his eyes would always light up any time he got to spend with little Henry. And Nicole loved seeing him that happy more than anything in the world.

And now as she sat here, staring at that tiny little plus sign, she felt her heart warm all over again. This was good. This was going to be a good thing. Because this child wouldn’t just be a nephew or a godson. This child would be theirs. A little bit of her, and a little bit of him. True perfection.

He’d texted her over two hours ago stating that they were flying back home from their case. It had only been in New York, a relatively short flight, which meant he was expected to be back at the apartment any minute. Nicole instantly began flustering. If only she’d thought to take the test sooner! He’d been gone for three days for crying out loud! She could have come up with some clever way to tell him! Maybe gone out and bought one of those cute little onesies or some tiny Converse to match his. But now…now she had nothing. And even though she knew Spencer wasn’t always one for big, dramatic reveals, this was their first baby. It needed to be special.

Nicole froze slightly as she heard the key in the front door. Panicking, she raced into the bathroom and grabbed the pregnancy test from where it was sitting on the edge of the sink. What do I do? What do I do? she thought, her brain pulling her in about fifteen different directions. Do I show it to him now? Do I wait? Do I put it somewhere for him to find it?

“Nikki? You home, hun?” Spencer’s voice called from the front of the apartment. “Come here! I have a surprise for you!”

Well…two can play at that game, Doctor, she thought with a sly smile as she grabbed the pregnancy test, holding it to her chest. “I have a surprise for you too!” she called out. “And I bet you mine’s better.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Spencer said. “Get in here!”

As Nicole bounded out of the bathroom, ready to prove her “all-knowing genius” boyfriend that he actually could be wrong every once in a while, she realized almost immediately that she had severely underestimated the level of his surprise. Because as she entered the front room, there stood her boyfriend, his dark eyes shining up at her beneath the tangled mass of curls atop his head, but that wasn’t all that was there. Sitting at his feet, panting happily, was one of the fluffiest corgis she had ever laid her eyes on.

“Spence…who’s your little friend?” she asked, attempting to subtly slip the pregnancy test in her back pocket while Spencer wasn’t looking.

“Well…he’s our little friend now,” Spencer replied happily. “I hate the thought of you being here all alone whenever I’m away at work so…I figured you could use some company. And don’t worry! I did my research!” Of course you did, you dork, Nicole thought, rolling her eyes but unable to resist a smile. “Corgis are rated as some of the most easily companionable dogs. They’re easy to take care of. They are quick to develop lasting bonds. And the shelter owner said this one in particular loves to cuddle.”

The shocked feeling radiating inside her brain must have been reflecting on her face because next thing she knew, Spencer was waving his hand in front of her as if afraid he’d lost her attention. “Nikki?” he asked. “What do you think?”

Nicole hesitated slightly, trying to figure out how best to segue her surprise into something like this. Not only that, but on top of being the fluffiest corgi she’d ever seen, it was also the cutest corgi she’d ever seen. She couldn’t help but smile as she pictured herself and Spencer, curled up on the couch watching a movie while this little fluff ball draped himself across their laps, no doubt covering them all in dog hair—something that didn’t seem to upset either of them.

“Well, first things first,” she began, kneeling down to pet the corgi’s head. “We’re totally naming him Stubbs.”

Spencer narrowed his eyes in confusion. “Stubbs?”

“Yeah,” Nicole replied, holding up one of the corgi’s paws. “Have you seen the lack of legs on this guy?”

Spencer nearly choked on his laughter, nodding in approval. “Stubbs it is.”

Nicole paused for a moment, looking into the sweet dog’s big, black eyes before taking a deep breath and reaching into her back pocket. “And I’m glad that you want me to have some extra company while you’re gone. Because…we’re about to get a little more.”

Back to confusion. “What are you talking about?” Spencer asked.

Nicole bit her lip before bringing her hands to her front, holding the positive pregnancy test up so that it was eye level with Spencer. For a moment, his eyes remained narrowed in confusion, but seconds later, they instantly widened as the flickered from the pregnancy test to her own eyes.

“Wait,” he began, the shock clearly preventing him from thinking straight. “Is this…Are you…Are we…”

Nicole nodded, feeling tears crop up in the corners of her eyes. “We are.”

Spencer released the corgi’s leash as he reached forward and took her in his arms, holding her tighter than he’d ever held her before, nuzzling his face into her neck, unable to speak from the amount of sheer happiness.

“I can’t say for sure until I visit the doctor,” Nicole said, resting her chin on his shoulder. “But I think I’m about six weeks along.”

“This is…I just…Oh my god,” Spencer choked out, clearly doing the best to regain control of his emotions. “I’m going to be a Dad.”

“You’re going to be a Dad,” Nicole replied, leaning up and planting a kiss on his lips. “And by the way, I was right. Mine was better.”

Spencer laughed and held up his hands. “Unfortunately, I think I still may have you beat.”

“Spencer, this is our future child we’re talking about!” Nicole exclaimed. “What could you have that could possibly top that?”

“How about something to symbolize the permanence of that future?” Before Nicole could make out what he meant by this, she saw him reach down into Stubbs’ fur and extract something that had been hanging from the end of his collar. At first glance, Nicole thought it had just been the dog tag. But as Spencer held it up to her just before he sank down on one knee, she realized just how wrong she had been.

“Nikki,” he began, his dark eyes shining up at her. “My love, my light, my everything. Let’s get a start on that future we always talked about. Will you marry me?”

The words had barely left his mouth before Nicole was already furiously nodding, the tears spilling down her cheeks as Spencer slipped the glittering band over her finger before straightening up and pulling her close to him again, the two of them wrapped in a beautiful embrace.

“You were right,” Nicole said, taking her head off of his shoulder so that she could stare at the gorgeous rock sitting on her left hand. “Yours was better.”

However, Spencer’s smile widened as his gaze moved, not to the ring, but to Nicole’s stomach where he placed his hand over where he knew his tiny baby lay, as if he already couldn’t wait to hold her in his arms.

“Not a chance,” he said before leaning down and planting another long kiss on her lips.


It’s Blackout Day and it’s also MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! So happy BLACKOUT DAY and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and to everyone who’s birthday is this month!!!!!!!!!!

Last year as a twenty something….❤️ ♓


Happy Birthday to my baby kim yerim - #iloveyou ♡ 05.03.1999

i hope you a good day my baby, when you come to red velvet i already like you, you are so nice and a beautiful girl, and a talent girl, i wish you more years and pass a great day with your family and your unnies. You’re the baby of red velvet, the gorgeous girl ever, your fans support you and love you a lot, keep like you are and don’t change my baby (forever with you kim yerim)