happy birthday to my future husband


Happy birthday to my vocaloid husband 😭💦
🌸VY2/Yuma was released six years ago today, maybe someday we will see that V4…Hopefully…. 66/Roro was the name of the design that won the VY2 mascot contest and was also released on this day 🙃 now I can go on and on all day about VY2 trivia but Ill end it there LOL

• 🙃If you see future self insert art (even though ive already posted some LOL) dont say I never warned you, its my art and its all fun and games ☺️

It's Liam's birthday and you better fucking believe I'm making a huge post about him

•Well first of of all Liam as a kid aka baby Liam was the cutest kid you will ever imagine. he wasn’t like those little devils you see running around OH NO he was an absolute angel (who embarrassingly didn’t learn to walk for the longest time because he kept falling)

•I’ve already made a headcannon about this, but Liam and Cole had lightsabers and would “fight” it was mostly Cole getting angry and Liam just swinging the thing around clumsily going “pew pew!”

•A little bit before he was taken to camp he was bored and wondered if you could actually slip on a banana peel and did it… Ended up fracturing his wrist. Harry didn’t question why he found his stepson on the floor clutching his wrist with a banana peel next to him

•One of my favorite things about Liam is that he never forced or pressured Ruby into telling him that she loved him and I look at that and just beg that Liam was real person

•Favorite moments include: socks scene, him falling on his face when he tried to fit in and play with the guys at east river, him creating their own AU, him being such a gententlman when meeting Ruby’s parents, and when he came up with the idea for a mini road trip, Tree house, etc.


•His friendship with Chubs is the type of friendship that when they watch a movie they shout out “that’s you!”

•Since Liam has the energy of a puppy, him having half a cup of coffee means for the next two days he’s jumping off the walls

•When Liam was really little he had the curliest blonde hair and it was adorable I tell you

•Liam Michael Stewart is real husband material 👌🏼

•When they are looking for houses they have to specifically buy one that has no stairs. Ruby has seen him fall enough she would rather just not have to visit the hospital every week.

•Liam’s style consists of at least something with flannel

•OH MY GOSH IMAGINE LIAM IN A SUIT I mean he would be miserable but JUST IMAGINE

•also add glasses to the last look and you basically die of the mental image

•He totally passes out in the hospital when Ruby is delivering

•I’m sure Liam holds the title of dialogue that caused the most pain to our hearts


•97% of Liam’s jokes are dad jokes

•Also 1000% agree with @liamdarlinstewart ’s post. Liam’s abs are fiiinnneee

•out of Ruby and Liam, Liam cried more at their wedding

•he also cries more in sad movies and Ruby always tells him to women up because there is no way she gonna say man up when women up is the same thing *snaps fingers*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FUTURE HUSBAND (he’s real and don’t you dare tell me otherwise)


Happy Birthday Jumin Han October 5th

“The more I spend time with you, the more I will change. And I will feel amazingly happy… I can’t wait for the future with you.”

husband!jimin au
  • would constantly be bugging you about having kids 
  • like in every single conversation you have with him the topic of having babies/kids will come up *both of you talking about vegetables* jimin:’jagi I think our kids would probably hate spinach too’
  • he would constantly bring you to the playground just so he could play and interact with the little kids there
  • wanting to cuddle 25/8
  • ‘my loverrrr’
  • constantly grabbing your butt
  • you’d be making breakfast and jimin would constantly be begging you to let him help
  • your house/apartment would be filled with jimin’s laughter and giggles
  • him showing you off to EVERYBODY YOU MEET
  • ‘Have you met my wife????’ ‘Yes you’ve introduced me to your wife like five times’
  • always remembering your anniversary 
  • like at night ya’ll would be cuddling and you’d be on the verge of falling asleep but jimin would be glancing at the time every five seconds waiting for it to be 12am
  • lots of you nagging at him to do his part of the housework
  • constantly taking selfies with you
  • ‘ahh seriously can the both of you save it for later????’ ‘ya’ll are so romantic i’m going to throw up’ hearing that 99.999999% of the time from the other boys
  • him trying to fix up the new shelf you bought for the house bc ‘manly’ and ‘masculine’ but he’d be struggling
  • ‘jiminah why don’t we get someone else to do it??’ ‘Jagiya i got this!! trust me’
  • *few hours later* ‘jagiya, what was the person’s number again?? the one that was supposed to assemble the shelf??’
  • blasting dance music and having dance parties
  • receiving noise complaints from the neighbours
  • kissing you all over your face ‘MY WIFE IS SO CUTE’
  • ‘what did I ever do so right to deserve you’
  • *talking about kids again* ‘our kids would be so good looking with our genes!!’
  • you feeling bad about not wanting to give him a kid yet so for his birthday you’d buy him a little puppy
  • like he’d come home from work and the puppy would run up to him and he’d be like ‘how cute???!!??? jagiya!! whose puppy is this???!!!? I want to keep it :(((’
  • you’d be like ‘HappY biRTHDAY!!!! IT’S OURS!!’
  • and he’d almost pass out from happiness
  • he would spend the entire day playing with it and he wouldn’t want to go to work the next day bc he’d still want to play with the puppy
  • cartoon marathons with you and the puppy
  • mini jimin in the near future oh my godddDDDDJFNJGHJK A MINI JIMIN
  • him watching you fall asleep and thinking ‘I’m so grateful I get to spend the rest of my life with you’

a/n; this was looongg. ahhhh husband jimin and the little puppy :-((((((((  hope this was ok!!! I think i’ll do jin or maybe yoongi tonight/tomorrow heheheeh

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It's Ryouma's birthday!!! 🎉🎊🎈🎁🎂

Whoa, I’ve seen people wishing him happy B-day on Twitter but I haven’t really made the connection with a certain date. (The truth is I’ve never been really hype about FE characters’ known brithday because no one I cared for had their anywhere near mine XD). HOWEVER, this day appears to be very special in my life as it’s an anniversary of mine and my husband’s engagement,  construction a new church in my neighborhood has officially started today and there was also something that might hint something big in my future. And now Ryoma, heheheh :D Happy B-day to our beloved lobster king!


Preview: At first, Weiss had been a little upset at the prospect of an arranged marriage; she had always wanted to fall in love on her own. But her father had said this was the only choice for the family business for various reasons, so she had accepted it a little begrudgingly, trusting that he would choose the perfect future husband for her.

[Based off dashingicecream’s Arranged Marriage AU. Written-out scenes of various artwork and doodles by her, as well as chiicharron’s two pieces as well as gengarshkan’s piece!]


[Happy RWBY Tuesday!]


A/N: This was meant to be a drabble but clearly I am bad at writing short things. The fic was inspired by a card luminescentglow and myself found in a bookshop and these new diaper prints we got in at work the other day. Both made me think Sherlolly and voila a fic was born. Enjoy darlings!


Molly stood in front of the bathroom mirror at St Bart’s. She had to reapply her blush for the third time today. This was getting tiring… At least after today she didn’t have to pretend to be ok in front of the World’s Only Consulting Detective. It’s not like she kept it a secret for a long time, but she had a plan and damn if she wasn’t going to stick by it.

She left Bart’s early, intent on having everything ready before he came home. He could pretend all he wanted that today wasn’t his birthday, but Molly Holmes was not a woman easily deterred. She ordered a full course meal from Angelo’s, to be delivered to Baker Street. Bless the man for always being so generous because she couldn’t have stomached the smells of a restaurant. She got home, said a quick hello to Mrs. Hudson and then got to work. She put on a yellow knitted dress and let her hair loose. So what if it was early January and she was wearing yellow? They needed the sunshine around gloomy London. Once Angelo’s delivery arrived she plated it all, placed it on the island, and congratulated herself on not retching upon smelling the food.

The door downstairs opened and she knew Sherlock was home. She took another quick look in the mirror above the fireplace and turned around to greet him.


Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, Drama Queen and Cocky Know-It-All lost all coherent train of thought once he saw his wife standing by his chair looking like a literal ray of sunshine in her yellow knitted dress, black stockings and hair flowing beautifully down her back.

“Hello darling.” She greeted him with her lovely smile and a giggle, as she sauntered over and kissed him on the cheek. Before he could place his hands around her waist and snog the life out of her, she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards his chair. He obediently sat down. She perched herself on his right.

“So I know you like to pretend like today isn’t a special day, but I don’t, so I got you something.” She reached down to the ground and put a square black box tied with a yellow ribbon in his lap. “Open it!” She tried to contain her excitement and he smirked at his adorable wife. Adorable? When did that word make its way into his vocabulary? He internally shrugged. Molly Holmes nee Hooper changed him, it was only fitting that the word “adorable” be added to his vocabulary because of her. He gingerly pulled at the ribbon and lifted the lifted the lid off the box.
A card with a honeycomb design and a cheesy “Happy “Bee” Day” sat at the top. While ridiculously corny, he had to admit he liked it. Of course Molly would know how much he loved bees, and of course she would pick such a card.
Inside the message read:

To my dear husband Sherlock,

A gift for the future.

Happy Birthday.


Molly xx

A gift for the future? Hmm, how intriguing… He looked up at her and she smiled impishly, prompting him to look further into the box.

Molly was nervous. Was this the right way to tell him? Well, now or never, she thought to herself as she saw Sherlock lift the tissue paper. He stopped dead in his tracks.

“Molly, what is this?” He whispered, not tearing his eyes away from the object in front of him.

“Well, Mr. Genius, can you deduce it?” She answered in an equally lowered tone.

“It’s a baby’s diaper. Why are you giving me a diaper with bees on it?” He continued to whisper, not being able to yet look at his wife.

She leant over, put her arms around his neck and whispered “Well that’s because you, Mr. Holmes, are going to be a father in about 8 months’ time.”

He grabbed her forearm and turned around to look into her big brown eyes, tears brimming his own.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, took my own blood test to confirm it.” She smiled at him, their faces millimetres away from each other. He lent over and kissed her so tenderly she thought she might burst.

“I love you so much, Molly.” He pulled her in his lap while keeping her arms interlocked around his neck. His hands stroked her sides all the way down to her hips. He then lowered his head down to her belly and softly said, “And I love you too my little bee.” He pecked Molly’s stomach and brought his face back up to meet hers.

“You like your gift?” She asked, happy tears pooling around her eyes.

“Molly, I don’t just like it, I love it. This is the best gift you could have given me. Thank you.” He proceeded to kiss her once again for good measure, and they stayed like that, laughing and kissing by the fire till the food was long-forgotten.