happy birthday though darling!!!

A Three-Act Tour

This is a fun little fic for @caped-ace who just had a birthday! Some super fluffy Jack/Gabe times for you! Woo!

Cut is for length, not for content (other than some suggestive dialogue in the last drabble)

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The Rec Room

“Gabe. What…is that?”

Jack stood in the doorway of the Overwatch rec room and stared at the misshapen sack on the floor. It was nearly the size of a bed and took up a large corner of the space.

“You told me to get something comfortable.”

“Right, I was thinking…a couch. Or a couch and a recliner. Not a beanbag chair.”

Gabe elbowed him in the side before wandering over and sitting in the center of the puffy lump. It didn’t sound like a beanbag, and Gabe nestled down into it, putting his hands behind his head. “It’s not a beanbag chair. It’s way more amazing. Also, it was much more expensive.”

Jack narrowed his eyes, uncertain how he felt about the situation. Gabe did look very relaxed in it…

“Alright, let me try it.”

“Sure.” Gabe scooted over and patted the spot next to him.

“I don’t think there’s room.”

“I disagree. I think there’s just enough room.”

“No way.”

“The pamphlet said two to three people.”

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Just realized you said "from me and al he daddies" ...... would you mind if I got a bday message from them? Or from Stephen since you shipped us? Lol you don't have to I'm just giddy at the thought and it's really late I need to get to bed jeez but really you don't have to just thought it was a cool idea

“Happy birthday, darling. Though I can’t be with you, know that I love you and wish you all the happiness. And I will return to you soon.”

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Happy Birthday my handsome, darling Wonwoo ♥

Even though we don’t know
When our last will be
Even if something happens
And we can’t see each other

Lean on me

My darling WONwooI know I say this about pretty much all of my biases.. but you really did take me by surprise.. honestly, I was so set on having Dokyeom as my bias.. but deep down something did not feel right and as soon as I changed biases - everything kind of just fell into place, I have never had this happen before, it was amazing. 

Going from basically the last member I noticed (him and Dokyeom, for that matter XD) to my bias of SVT and also one of my ultimate biases (SERIOUSLY  - HE’S THIRD ON MY BIAS LIST. THIRD. IT TOOK DAE 4 YEARS TO GET TO 2ND AND YOONGI TOOK ABOUT 3 YEARS TO FINALLY KICK SEUNGRI OFF HIS THRONE. I JUST ><) - if that’s not an impressive feat than I don’t know what is haha.  

… you’re my answer
When things get hard, let’s hold hands
I’ll pat your shoulders
Sometimes, when you get tired from life
When things are hard, come to me

I love and adore everything about you. Your smile, your laugh, your grin, the way you rap, your singing, your sweater paws XDD, that little duck pout you do, the way you yawn (oh my lord, that was literally the only thing I remember about him from the first time I watched OFD - was the way he woke up and yawned- my little lion XD), when you become playful with your members, your figure (i mean seriously.. the last photo.. look at him - cue Shape of You by Ed Sheeran :P .. wonwoo stans, watch this at your own risk ISTG), how you basically look good in everything but OH MY GOD, YOU LOOK SO GORGEOUS IN RED ♥, how you have this wonderful dorky side regardless of how “cold” you may look and how that look melts away every time you smile anyway, how hard you work and how willing you are to better yourself - you are improving by the day and I couldn’t be more proud of you. 

It’s insane how simple it is for you to melt my heart and make me weak ><

You just entered my life with that gorgeous voice of yours (and he’s been singing non-stop this year, I love it ♥) and have turned my life upside down so much these past six months, you’ve brought such a beautiful light into my life and I’m able to find so much comfort and ease in you but also at the same time, you just drive me crazy XD and I couldn’t be more thankful for that and for you. 

Happy birthday, my beautiful love ♥ May it be as wonderful as you. ^^

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I am feeling so down today.Its my 22nd bday and I have no1 to celebrate it with.I shifted to a new place jus a month ago, my family and buddies are in different state and I jus feel so alone and lonely in this new plc, esp today.Since morning I have cried thrice and its nly noon.I cnt even share this with.Its gng to be a hard n long day.

I’m sorry darling :( happy birthday though! I know how it feels to be alone on your birthday, it’s the worst. Watch your favourite movie, go buy yourself a cake, put some music on, drink some wine, run yourself a hot bath🍷it’ll pass

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something disgustingly cute: steve makes a habit of kissing tony as much as his age on his current bday. so if it's tony's 57th bday, then he get's 57 kisses!

what the fuck this is disgustingly cute but i lOvE iT 

imagine the very first birthday they spend together though, steve would be like “happy birthday darling” and he’d just start peppering kisses all over tony’s face while counting each kiss and tony would be too shocked to do anything other than blush and sit still 

imagine all of the birthday’s after that, how tony would expect those kisses and now, he would whine and say, “steve, stop” even though he’s smiling wide and steve would just laugh and continue to kiss his lips, cheeks, nose, everywhere. 

imagine how bummed tony would be the very first time they don’t spend tony’s birthday together because steve is away on a mission (but when he comes back, steve gives him 50 extra kisses though) 

imagine clint rolling his eyes when steve says, “happy birthday sweetheart” and when steve starts counting the kisses, clint just goes, “here they go again.” even as clint helps count the kisses all the way up to 80. 

you're my rugged heart

Pairing: Niall/Harry

WC: 6,009

Summary: Niall isn’t sure exactly when sneaking out of the Ravenclaw common room past curfew to kiss Harry in secluded hallways or on the deserted grounds became A Thing, but what he does know is that he wouldn’t give it up for the world. A Hogwarts!AU

ANhuge thanks to my wonderful beta andrea who read over this for me at a moment’s notice! written for the darling iva [HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY even though this is months late!!!!] and inspired by this text post.

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