happy birthday tentoo

“Sexy Times” - Digital Oil Painting

Happy birthday to the-untempered-prism! She expressed an interest in Ten/Rose sexy times (though this could also be Tentoo, yay for ambiguity!), so I maniped then painted this for her. Happy birthday to one of my all time favorite artists, I hope your day is special and full of happiness and delicious cake!

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


a bit of Tentoo/Rose fluff based on this post 

a belated birthday present for the wonderful @tinyconfusion ♥♥♥

rated a light teen (?)

Rose collapsed on top of him, sated and sweaty and already a little sleepy.

“You going to fall asleep on me?” The Doctor teased as she tried to hide a yawn.

“Mmm, think I might,” she mumbled, making no effort to move off of him.

“I might start getting offended that you fall asleep after sex 70% of the time.” He ran his fingertips over the bumps of her spine, feather light.

Rose squirmed and rolled off of him, immediately snuggling into his side instead. “We were being rather vigorous, s’only natural that I might get…” she interrupted herself with another yawn.

The Doctor snickered.

“Tired,” she finished, halfheartedly slapping his chest.

They were quiet for a minute or two, winding down to sleep before Rose’s curiosity got the better of her. “70% of the time?”

“Weeell, if you want the exact numbers it’s more like 71.34% of the time and closer to 82% of the time when we have sex in our bed. You’re much more likely to stay awake when we’re not, ahem, in bed.”

“You’re an idiot,” Rose said fondly, obviously starting to drift off, proving his statistics true.

“My calculations are very scientific,” he teased quietly. “Hardly idiotic.”

“Mhm, whatever. I’m going to marry your idiot ass regardless.”

The Doctor froze, his next retort disappearing from the tip of his tongue. Did she… Had she just…


He received a soft snore in response, Rose having given into slumber after dropping her bombshell.

He smiled sappily down at the sleeping love of his life and pulled her the tiniest bit closer before closing his eyes to get some rest himself. He’d see if she still had the same opinion on marrying him in the morning when he showed her the ring he’d picked up a week ago.


The Doctor and Rose Tiny Adventures - going to the TARDIS

for @goingtothetardis

Part 1

Previously on The Doctor and Rose Tiny Adventures: an inspired (and enthusiastic) Doctor kisses Rose. And it’s fantastic!

“Oops, I think we clicked the mouse… Oh! Look, Rose! The TARDIS! That’s strange. How do they know about the TARDIS?

"And it isn’t the only thing they know about, innit? Sporting a nice stubble, huh, Doctor? How come I never saw that look on you? When was that?”

“Whoever he is, he isn’t me, Rose. I don’t know how, but they seem to know a lot about us. There’s a picture of us up there and another of me. ‘Farewell Ten’. Why? I don’t want to go anywhere…”

“Look! That’s what I said when we first met, remember? Let’s see, they’re young, married, have cats… and a great taste! I don’t know what a 'Moffat’ is, but… Oh, OH! They write fanfic! About us!”

“Fanfic about us? How’s that even possib– WTF! Doctor??? What am I doing there??? And why are you reading it? Gosh, this is so embarassing!”

“Now, Rose, don’t be so prudish! This is an excellent example of an 'adult fic’. Do you reckon they have another one? I hope so…”

“Goingtothetardis… Going to the TARDIS! Oh, do you reckon it’s a sign about the TARDIS? And… OHMYGOD! Doctor, look!! What’s that?”

“It’s the TARDIS! The Might Robotikunikt must have sent her here. But why… Wait. That’s not our TARDIS, it’s different, see? That white circular thing?”

“But if she isn’t our TARDIS, whose TARDIS is she? And why is she so small? And why aren’t you saying anything? Doct–”

But Rose never finished her sentence, as the Doctor showed her how good an inspiration fanfic can be…

Happy Birthday, Heidi!! I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world and success on your projects! <333

I hope you like this funko fic. It’s a continuation of the The Doctor and Rose Tiny Adventures I made for @tennyo-elf on her birthday.

As before, each picture has a caption and they, all together, form the story written above. You can read it that way or you can click on the pics for a better reading experience.

April 27, 2011

By Skyler10

Summary: Rose thinks Tentoo has forgotten her birthday. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Notes: Pure romance/fluff for the @timepetalsprompts “birthdays/celebrations.” Credit/inspiration for the end by the great @tinyconfusion. Thanks to the lovely @starsovergallifrey and @imdefinitelyamadgirlwithoutalife answering my question about Rose’s somewhat-canon birth date. 

If her boyfriend were a normal human male, Rose would have teased him about his forgetfulness. She would have rolled her eyes and poked him in the side, like she did about so many other things.

But she forgave his absentmindedness without remark, at least when it came to losing track of the hour and not remembering important dates.

When the Lord of Time becomes part-human but makes peace with it for your sake because there’s nothing he loves as much as you, including all those things that make him alien… you learn to forgive and hold him that much closer at night.

So Rose wasn’t sad (or at least, was trying not to be sad) that he hadn’t even mentioned her birthday tomorrow.

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fic: Entanglement

Sequel to Part Human

A Doctor Who fanfic


Catch up here

Also being posted on Teaspoon and AO3

Chapter Nineteen

That evening, the heat wave finally broke. Rain came down in sheets, dropping the ambient temperature by five degrees in the first few minutes of the storm. Half an hour in, it was fifteen degrees cooler than it had been that afternoon, and the rain showed no sign of abating.

The drive from the Hub back to the farmhouse was silent, the only sounds being the thwap thwap thwap of the windshield wipers, the steady tapping of rain on the roof of Rose’s car and the impatient drumming of the Doctor’s fingers on the arm rest of the passenger side door. Despite his jovial attitude in front of the others earlier, she could tell he was livid, in that quiet, deadly way he got. Oh, she knew he wasn’t angry with her but at the situation. Injustice of any sort made him furious. And to top it off, her stepdad was insisting, albeit covertly, that they not go back and help sort whatever was going on.

And what was worse, for him at any rate, was that he knew she was right. They couldn’t just run off to London and solve whatever problems were there. They needed more information. They needed a direction. They needed a plan. And until they had one, they were stuck.

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I was going to post this next week, but I was reminded last night that today is TenToo’s birthday, and the only response I could have is to post an additional chapter. Sorry it’s not fluffy, but it’s all I’ve got.

Standing Still on Promises (1/2)

The Doctor might have left Rose on Bad Wolf Bay, but he’s still there, too.  Now the question is only whether he can convince the woman he loves that his single heart beats for her as much as when he had two.

Birthday fic for tinyconfusion!

Genre: romance
Rating: teen this part, going WAY up in the next.
Un-beta’d, all mistakes are mine.

“I love you.”

All it took were the three hardest words, the ones that came to his lips with astonishing ease when he realized that he had only one thing left to lose.


All his anger, his pain, his loneliness and self loathing began to melt away the second her lips touched his, and there wasn’t a single power in any universe that could stop him from wrapping his arms around her, holding her as close as possible and savoring the sensation of having her there, with him, just as it should be.

Until the familiar groan of the TARDIS dematerializing shattered the moment, and Rose tore herself away from him, chasing after a dream that was fading in front of her.  Then he felt self-loathing in an incredibly more literal sense, the feeling warring with his own furtive joy that he was still here, still with Rose, with a whole new lifetime of possibilities unfurling before him.

When the TARDIS had gone completely, he stepped closer to her, taking her hand firmly in his own.  She continued to stare at the vacant square imprint in the sand, but her thumb stroked his lightly, absently, the way it had so many times before.  After a moment, she looked up at him, and she could see her eyes searching his, looking for something, some assurance that he was still him…or maybe some remnant of someone she thought was gone.  He wasn’t sure what she found, only that she was suddenly sobbing, and he was wrapping his arms around her again as she leaned into his chest.  He kissed her hair lightly and lay his cheek on top of her head, his eyes sliding closed as he rocked her gently.

“Oh for god’s sake!”  Jackie’s voice sliced through the air, and Rose stiffened and pulled away immediately, turning her back on her mother to dry her eyes.  “I was gone five minutes!  What’ve you done to her?”

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On the occasion of his very first Vitex party, after coming to Pete’s World, the Doctor adamantly announced he wouldn’t wear the “Tuxedo of Doom”, for Rose’s amusement and Jackie’s chagrin.

It was just after seven hours, one hundred escaping guests in panic, one alien threat dealt with and one very irate Jackie that Rose, upon seeing the only - and barely saved - shoot from the party, said in an affectionate tone.

“You know, I meant to say it before, but the problem isn’t the tuxedo, it’s you, you walking trouble magnet!”

“Well… maybe. But you love it, anyway,” the Doctor smugly replied.

For that, her response was a little smirk and a toe-curling snog. And if the Doctor stopped worrying about tuxedos and started enjoying the after parties too much, Rose never complained.


A Tentoo x Rose ficlet and manip for the amazing tennyo-elf.

Happy Birthday, Lee!! I wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

Tentoo/Rose AU for @kt248

Rose, who has been a bit disheartened about the dimension cannon was talking a walk with her friend Clara when they both saw the impossible, the TARDIS materializing out of thin air in front of them. The Doctor eagerly pops out, excitedly bouncing around the newborn TARDIS before he realizes he landed three years earlier than his intended date…

Standing Still on Promises (2/2)

The Doctor might have left Rose on Bad Wolf Bay, but he’s still there, too.  Now the question is only whether he can convince the woman he loves that his single heart beats for her as much as when he had two.

Birthday fic for tinyconfusion!

Genre: romance
Rating: adult.  Here there be smut.
Un-beta’d, all mistakes are mine.

“A problem,” Rose repeated flatly, pulling away.

“Yes,” he said, still holding her waist to keep her from leaving and trying to ignore the tightness of his trousers.  “It’s just…I can’t…we shouldn’t…um.”

“Right,” she said, pushing his hands away and turning.  “Fine.  Yeah.  Well.”

“No, Rose, don’t…don’t do that,” he said, frowning as he reached for her arm to pull her back around.  “It’s just…I don’t…have the sort of control I used to.  It’s this human body,” he went on, running his hand through his hair in frustration.  “It’s so…hot, and flooded with all sorts of hormones, and when I was a Time Lord, I could do something about that, but this body isn’t made for that.  I can’t stop it.  How do you function like this?”

“Like what?” she demanded, clearly hurt and confused.

“It’s just…it’s so distracting,” he said, gesturing wildly.  “It was bad enough before, touching or holding you, to try to maintain any sort of rationality.  But now?  Touching you…kissing you…it just becomes a completely single-minded need for more of you, and I can’t shut it off in this bloody walking chemical factory.”

“Hold on,” Rose said, holding up a hand.  “When you were a Time Lord…you…could control your hormones like that?”

“Well yes,” he said, staring at her blankly.  “How do you think I managed to live with you for two years and get anything done?”

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Happy birthday TenToo!!

To celebrate TenToo’s 5th birthday and festivities over the next week, if I may propose, would you, superbly talented writers of tumblr, be interested in doing some collaborative work with me? I’m thinking nothing too fancy- just simple drawings or two, here and there, of our baby TenToo and possibly of his beautiful wonderful Rose being extremely happy together.
The previous samples of collab works can be found scattered around my blog, and if that is up to your standards and are willing to be adventurous in my interpretation of your writings please let me know within next couple days. :)
Thank you you wonderful gorgeous people! Happy birthday, Doctor in Pete’s world!!

(I don’t know how many or little of you will be interested, if any, so I’ll just have to play it by the ear + how my work schedule will be like! Thanks again :D)