happy birthday taeminnie

생일 축하해요 우리 태민이! 우린 너무 사랑해요 <3 (happy birthday to our taeminnie! we love you so much <3)
i cannot believe this child is twenty four now. it seemed like yesterday when he was sporting his baggy tan pants and black bowl cut hairstyle. he’s grown so much and i can’t wait for the many more years to come. 

Happy Birthday to Taeminnie~!!

You will always be to me:

The Pretty but Fattass 

The Banana Milk Lover

The one who will forever space out randomly

The sassy one

The dancer

The Angry/Teasing Maknae

and The Cute but Creepy

You’ve grown up to be a lovely woman manly adult. 

태민아 생일 축하해요~!