happy birthday tablo

Happy Birthday to iKON’s Daddy TABLO! Your will, love and strength in life is what inspires us to achieve more in our own lives! You are truly a great musician, dad and husband! We love you Oppah! ❤️


LEE HARU/KANG HYE JUNG: “Haru’s Dad, Happy Birthday 😘 #ITooWill #GoToEpikHigh’sSummerCon

“07.22 A Special Party will be held at Sogang University’s Mary Hall
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ink, copic marker, and posca marker on paper

This is a drawing I did on the end of last year to commemorate Tablo and Haru’s last episode on The Return of Superman, but never really got uploaded… until today! 

Happy birthday Tablo, thank you so much for sharing your experience as a father to all of us and being such a great role model.


Bday boy

-BIGBANG chat room-

Seungri: good morning hyongs!

Seungri: today your bundle of joy was born! ^^

-1hr later-

Seungri: are you guys ignoring me on purpose T.T

-YG Family chat room-

Jinu: happy birthday Seungri!

Tablo: have fun but not too much fun!

Hayi: enjoy your day oppa

Mino: hyung take us out with you!

Bobby: we have a free schedule today ^_~

Seungyoon: Mino you can’t leave YG we’re still working on our album. HBD hyung!

Mino: oh yeah… Have fun for us hyung ..

Seungri: thank you, thank you my family I’m glad you guys remembered unlike other ppl T.T

Dara: who forgot your bday Seungri?

Seungri: the hyongs.. T.T

TOP: we didn’t forget

Seungri: well you haven’t wished me a good day

Jiyong: are you pouting right now?

Seungri: NO!

Youngbae: I can see him pouting hahaha

Seungri: you hyongs seriously break my heart

Daesung: Seungri where did you wake up this morning

Seungri: Jiyongs.. OH

Jiyong: “OH” we had a party for you last night at my place

Seungri: I remember now ^^

Tukutz: so he was making a big deal over nothing?

Bom: he almost went to the president to whine

TOP: 26 years old but still a baby

Seungri: ok bye guys I’m going to my third bday party!!!

Dara: after he cried and whined all day he leaves just like that

Jiyong: SERIOUSLY!!!

Happy Birthday Tablo,

I could try to begin to describe what it is that Tablo means to me as an artist but I know I wouldn’t be able to do it properly. So I’ll just describe it with a memory.

I remember not too long after Fever’s End came out, I bought both part one and two and put it on my ipod without thinking. 

The most vivid memories I have with Tablo is the simple winter mornings when I got into my car and played his music. I woke up every morning over worked, two or three hours of sleep in my body, no will to keep moving. Every morning I would drive in the still, dark, quiet, cold found only in the winter mornings. Every morning I would wake up wanting to kill myself.   

Those mornings I would park in my school parking lot - tired, hungry, weak, and resigned to the fact that this was the way I would feel, forever. - I would sit in the car listening to which ever of his tracks where playing and I would cry. Every morning, sitting in my car alone. I would cry - every morning. but I would find enough comfort in Tablo’s music to have the courage to not only get out of my car and walk into school each day, but to do it the day after that, and the day after that.

The second memory I have of Tablo really being meaningful in my life is when I decided to read his book for the second time. I read it all in one night and afterwards I sat back and decided that maybe it was time to live my life with substance again. He inspired me to really begin living once more, as me, and not the lifeless shell I had become.

No other artist in this world has effected me like Tablo. He is a true hero, he certainly saved my life.  

Thank you for breathing Tablo, Have a Happy Birthday Ahjussi~ 
May only happiness come to your family~



God damn how do I even start this.

Happy birthday to TABLO, my newest obsession and, much, much more importantly, my #1 inspiration. I can love plenty of artists for their music and humor and good looks, but blo has affected me in a very unique and profound way.

He has taught me to live with love and passion, to be grateful for having responsibilities, that family is more important than anything else, and to remember, “amor fati.” And also a lot more.

I make ridiculously cheesy birthday posts for celebrities & sometimes I don’t really see the point, but I just wanted to get it all out there. That blo is so, so amazing. and I am unbelievably grateful for the impact that he has had on my life.

Thank you for your SERIOUSLY GENIUS music, your cute face (lol), your love for others, your radio program that makes me smile every single day (I need my phone because I miss dreaming radio way too much), and everything else. And I hope you can enjoy your birthday knowing that getting older is something to be excited about, not afraid of (just like I learned from you).

Also, I ordered his book online yesterday (and downloaded like all his music a few days ago) without even realizing that today is his birthday, so that’s a cool coincidence. I am so excited.