happy birthday sweetest girl

Hᴀᴘᴘʏ Bɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ Eᴍ10.14.16

Honestly like the most unrealistic part of Supergirl is that Kara doesn’t have an entire gaggle of female friends because she is TOTALLY that friend who always has a hair tie and texts you on Friday night to see if you want to come over and bake cookies and will bring you chocolate and give you a back rub when you’re on your period and writes heartfelt happy birthdays on facebook like basically Kara is the sweetest girl ever and literally any girl who ever met her would cling to that friendship like her life depended on it

Happy birthday to @illyriantremors, Sierra the sweetest gal! One of my favorite writers out there💃 I decided to give you a little something.

It isn’t much, but I drew you with your girl Morrigan. You’re the one on the left and Mor on the right (I can’t seem to draw her 😂)

Hope you like it! Wishing you the most magical day filled with starry night 💕


I got to see my hero at the Indianapolis tour and I’m literally in so much tears. VIP badge and just seeing him in person warms my heart so much. Singing happy birthday to that girl was the sweetest thing! Bless him and the squad for doing so. Even his speech at the end made me so happy. As soon as I heard his voice crack about how much we as a fanbase/community means to him and how he helps us with his videos I was literally crying. I personally wanted to give him a hug. I missed him at Indy PopCon years ago and goodness I’d love to meet him personally. I did in fact speak to his lovely family and smiled at them! Thank you so much Mark! You’ve helped me move forward with your laughter and joy. You’ve saved my life in ways you can’t imagine. I love you! ❤️