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Happy Birthday Xavi!  March 20, 1989 Québec, Canada
[women] are the people i want to talk about, they’re the people i want to protect, they’re the people i want to put in my movies and see fail or win. as a writer, as a human being, and as a young man, it’s easier for me to express my anger, to ask questions, to seek answers, to talk, to cry as a woman in a movie. i connect with those figures more than i connect with men. men are born privileged in the scale of things - i’m generalizing, but it’s true. women have to define themselves in the eyes of men. they have to fight for their rights, especially in a society that will pretend that there is no fight or no battle, that it’s a cliche, that feminists are reactionary, all these things. as a young man who struggled to find his identity and to find his place, i relate to that quest for belonging in society. with mothers, especially, with their flaws, the way they have made huge sacrifices in order to be good moms or just moms. they probably sacrificed a part of their career, they sacrificed some desires, some dreams. i cannot relate, but i love to talk about it.
—xavier dolan for interview magazine 

The grin he gave her was sharp and sly, and she felt he had never looked quite so deliciously dangerous as he did then, his state of undress matching her own, garbed in only his trousers and undershirt, his suspenders just a few moments away from being shrugged off. {x} - excerpt from @suzie-guru‘s sexy Strange Magic 30′s Nightclub AU fanfic

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZANNE!!! Here’s Mob Boss Bog smirking back at you… I hope you like this birthday gift =D

And here’s a close up, just because:

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! Oh Bog, my poor awkward boy, you look like you’re about to molt out of sheer discomfort. It’s okay, baby, I appreciate the suffering you went through in having to wish me a Happy Birthday XD

Oh man, @krasnyzmeya, you are so damn kind and so damn talented, and I have basically dropped my head to my desk because I am so awash in bashful awe and appreciation. Je l’aime, et merci beaucoup!  

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Everyone getting together and showering Arin with fluffy or smutty affection for his birthday.

Arin wakes up to Suzy sitting on top of his chest. He’s bleary eyed and she’s a warm weight on top of him, smoothing hair out of his face as he blinks up at her.

“Happy birthday, old man,” Suzy says, fondly.

Arin grunts, “What the fuck?”

Suzy’s got a smear of chocolate on her cheek and Arin wriggles until his arm is free and he can reach up, cup her face and wipe it away for her.

“I made you breakfast brownies!” She says proudly and Arin’s heart is all fuzzy, exactly the same as the day he met her.

“That almost makes up for the age jokes,” Arin says, anticipating them for the rest of the day.

Suzy leans in close, brushing her nose against his and she smells sweet, fresh and clean, and she presses a kiss to his forehead, his nose, his cheeks, then finally his mouth, not caring that he just woke up.

“Come have breakfast,” She says sweetly.

Arin takes two steps into the office before a thin body is flinging itself at him.

“Birthday!” Dan shouts and Arin has seconds to catch Dan’s form so he doesn’t collapse to the floor.

Arin is giggling and Dan nuzzles his face into Arin’s neck as he laughs against Arin’s shoulder.

“I like when we’re closer in age. I don’t feel so old,” Dan says, pressing a soft wet kiss to Arin’s jaw when he pulls back.

“Enjoy it for your two precious months,” Arin says, but he’s all smiles. Dan is warm in his arms and Arin loves it. He relishes each moment Dan is with him because his whole body comes to life around Dan, sparks for him, for his touch.

Dan wraps his arms around Arin’s neck, letting his fingers tangle in the ends of Arin’s hair, smoothing the fine strands through his fingers. Dan rests their foreheads together and he pecks Arin on the mouth. Dan had already given Arin his present, too excited to keep it a secret past midnight the night before.

Arin’s hands find Dan’s waist and he holds on to the leather of Dan’s jacket.

“Happy birthday, Big Cat,” Dan says and he pecks Arin on the mouth.

“Thanks, Dan,” Arin says, his grin huge and real, and ridiculous enough to make Dan laugh.

“Sucks you have to work on your birthday,” Barry says as he finds Arin checking emails.

Arin shrugs, clicks a few more emails to the trash icon. That’s when he feels Barry’s hands landing on his shoulders. Barry presses his fingers into the thick padding of Arin’s shoulders, rubbing lightly. Arin groans in gratitude. He’s been sitting here long enough that he’s starting to get stiff and sore. He’d just recorded a few episodes with Dan too so he’s feeling a little drained.

“You gotta do that when you’re the boss,” Arin says, as he glances up at Barry.

“The big boss,” Barry says, his fingers still kneading Arin’s shoulders, relieving the tension running there, “The big, handsome boss,” Barry adds and he leans in to rest his chin on top of Arin’s head in this ridiculous move that has Arin feeling warm and way too fond of Barry.

Arin snorts, “Are you sucking up?”

“No!” Barry says, sounding mock offended, “I’m complimenting my handsome, rugged, sexy boss.”

“Did Suzy tell you to?”

Barry’s mouth finds Arin’s ear and he breathes hot against it, making Arin shiver.

“Nope, these are bona fied Barry thoughts, one hundred percent Kramer guaranteed.”

“Alright, I believe you,” Arin says, feeling his skin prickle at Barry’s touch, his words. How Barry can be sweet as pie one minute, and sinful as fuck the next. It never fails to make Arin marvel, just one part of Barry that he really, really enjoys.

“I still have to give you your present,” Barry says, and he turns Arin’s head to press a sweet kiss to his mouth, “Later though, I have to go write something with Brian first.” Then Barry pats Arin’s shoulders and slinks away, calling back, “Don’t work too hard!”

Arin is taking a break on the couch, scrolling through Twitter on his phone when Ross literally collapses in his lap, sprawling wide. He blinks up at Arin sweetly, but a twist of mischief on his face. Arin doesn’t immediately push Ross out of his lap which he considers restraint and Ross snuggles in closer.

“Did you need something?” Arin asks.

Ross scoffs, “Just you, Daddy.”

Arin groans, “Ross- “

Ross shifts so he’s turned around in Arin’s lap, their chests pressed together and Ross’s legs squeezing at either side of Arin’s. Ross is smiling in that same goofy way that everyone seems to be giving him today and Arin is ridiculously fond of Ross’s sweet smile, even if it isn’t always sincere.

“You lived another year, good job,” Ross says plainly.

“Gee thanks, Ross.”

Ross smiles and he rests his head against Arin’s chest, settling near Arin’s heart.

“Can you believe we’re almost thirty?”

Arin flinches. He’s not thirty yet and he doesn’t want Ross rushing it. He gets it though, that feeling. He’s known Ross for so long, nearly as long as Suzy and he’s grown alongside him. The years flying by, and for Arin, Ross is almost like a mirror to see himself and time and everything else, and how maybe even back then Arin was a little bit in love with Ross. Just a little.

“Not really, but I bet you’re still going to give me shit when I get there.”

Ross looks up and grins, leaning in to kiss Arin, “You bet your sweet ass I will.”

Brian finds Arin after dinner, when Arin is cleaning up the table, the messes the others left behind. He doesn’t really mind. Brian cocks his hip out and smiles at Arin.

“Don’t expect me to be all goo-goo eyed like everyone else,” Brian says.

Arin snorts, “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Brian isn’t like that, he shows his real affections rarely, but his fondness comes out in jokes, in brashness. Arin knows it’s there, that’s the important part. Arin goes to throw away the food containers and Brian catches his arm on the way back, pulling him close.

“Hey, man, I owe a lot to you though…Dan too…so thanks,” Brian says and it’s oddly sincere and Arin feels a pang of something that makes him want to hold Brian close and tell him all the ways that Arin appreciates him too.

“I thought you weren’t going soft on me,” Arin jokes instead, because that’s easier.

Brian shrugs, smiles, touches Arin’s lower back, spreading his hand open there.

“It’s your birthday when else am I supposed to be nice to you?”

“Yeah, contain that shit to one day a year, because it’s weird,” Arin says with a laugh.

Brian laughs too, that real bark of a laugh of his and he tugs Arin in, half-wrestling him in a way that feels like something brothers do, but then, Brian kisses his cheek, and then his mouth, catching the corner first before he finds Arin full on, and that’s something brothers don’t do.

Brian releases Arin, giving him a light punch in the arm, “See ya.”

Arin finally settles to work a little more before leaving for the night, his chest warm and full and his face broken in a huge grin over these dumb idiots that he loves so fiercely, so deeply, would do anything for any one of them. They are his and he could not be happier about it.

Strange Magic FanFic 1930′s Nightclub AU - “I’m Your Man”

“If you want a lover, I’ll do anything you ask me to…”

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Bog gives as good as he gets. This apparently includes stripteases. 

A (belated) birthday gift for the incomparable @artbymaureen, whose love of Mob Boss!Bog keeps me going. All the happiness (and smutty shenanigans) to you, my dear! You’ve been an incredible Fandom Aunt to the Strange Magic Fandom, and I feel so blessed to have the privilege of knowing you =) 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Mob Boss!Bog and Chanteuse!Marianne are filthy and loving trash babies for each other. Funny enough, but this drabble ended up being quite tame compared to what they usually get up to in my fanfics. I may come back to this and rework it accordingly…

The song Bog sings here is the fabulous Leonard Cohen song “I’m Your Man”, as performed by the incredible Nick Cave. The way he growls out these lyrics is just too perfect for our snarly and smoky King… 

As always, I hope you enjoy! 

“If you want a lover

 I’ll do anything you ask me to…”

His smile was slow and sharp, the slide of a knife dragging a hair’s breadth over skin, and it only deepened to new sinfulness as his other suspender was tugged away, the tight pull of it slacking as it fell with one nonchalant roll of his broad shoulder.

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