happy birthday superstar

for @itsbeaconhillsbaby, because lisa is the absolute best and it’s this gorgeous ladys birthday!! happy birthday you superstar, i hope you’ve had the most wonderful day because you more than deserve it 

instead of dividing up the CD’s, let’s play a drinking game to determine who gets what (it may or may not end in sex) (prompt from this list)

In hindsight, cracking open that expensive bottle of tequila Robert had brought coming back through duty free after their honeymoon while they tried to divide up their things wasn’t their best idea. That probably should have been obvious from the start, but when Robert had suggested a drink to make the rather depressing task of splitting their marriage down the middle more bearable, Aaron jumped - it wasn’t as if he was looking forward to the arduous process of Robert finally taking his fair share of what was in the Mill, and leaving for good.

Aaron had ended it, sure, but Robert coming back for his books, CDs, the two of them dividing the things they’d bought together up - well, it was hardly the most appealing way to spend a Friday night, and even less so when you weren’t over the gorgeous blond bastard sitting on your (their) living room floor, shoes off, sleeves rolled up, attempting to balance a shot glass on his nose. 

“If you break that, you’ve got to drink,” Aaron said, holding tightly to the bottle of tequila. It had cost a fortune, he remembered - Aaron had simply rolled his eyes as his excitable husband dragged him around duty free, eagerly picking out deals on cologne and alcohol. Apparently, they just had to splash out on this fancy tequila, because it would make it mean all the more when they opened it on their first anniversary, and cheersed to themselves.

They hadn’t even made it six months. How sad was that?

Robert caught the shot glass before it hit the floor, giving Aaron an incredulous look. “Why?”

“Payback for all the broken glass I’ll have to clean up,” Aaron snorted, pouring them another round of shots. 

“I’d clean it up,” Robert shrugged, swiping the shot before Aaron could say anything.

“Oi, this is supposed to be your fun way of us splitting our stuff!” Aaron protested, rolling his eyes as Robert knocked back the tequila without so much as a second thought. “This isn’t going to work if you’re just going to get bladdered, Rob.”

Robert gave another shrug. “I’d rather not be doing this at all,” he admitted, nudging his shot glass against Aaron’s, giving him an expectant look, a sort of ‘go on then, drink’ look.

“We’ve got to,” Aaron sighed, wincing as the tequila burned against his tongue. “We’ve got to move on, haven’t we? I can’t keep living in a house that’s full of your stuff and - and you can’t keep living like you’re going to move back in here.”

Robert sighed, sprawling his legs out in front of himself, leaning against the couch. “It’s just stuff,” he said, a tired, sad twinge to his voice now, the fun-loving, halfway to drunk Robert long gone, replaced by a far more depressing version of Aaron’s ex-husband. “What’s the point of stuff if I haven’t got you?” 

“Robert, don’t.”

Robert didn’t seem  to be listening, reaching for the bottle. “This was supposed to be the rest of our lives,” he said sadly, tracing over the lettering on the bottle with the pad of his thumb. “I imagined getting to drink this with you, you know - on our first anniversary. I was so excited for it, couldn’t want to spend every single year with you.”

“You cheated on me.”

Robert nodded. “I did,” he said quietly, setting the bottle back down. “And I’m going to hate myself forever for being the reason we didn’t even make it to the first anniversary. All of this - all the hurt, it’s down to me, and I am so sorry, Aaron.”

“You don’t need to apologise.”

“But I do,” Robert shifted, shuffling closer to Aaron, eyes wide and sincere. “I would do anything to take it all back. I - I’ll spend the rest of my life being sorry, you know.”

“I thought the alcohol was supposed to make this more fun,” Aaron waved the bottle at him, not wanting to talk about their breakup, about all the reasons they weren’t together anymore. No, sitting on their living room floor, drinking like this - it had been enough to make Aaron feel as though he could pretend this was just a Friday night in with his husband, the two of them getting drunk and playing dumb drinking games, the kind of domesticity he still craved, months after they’d called it quits. 

Robert laughed, genuinely laughed, the expression lighting up every inch of his face, right down to those crinkly smile lines around his eyes. Robert always did look gorgeous when he smiled, when he really, genuinely smiled - it was the kind of expression that had lit up Aaron’s world for so long, and he missed it. 

Aaron missed everything about Robert, from his terrible jokes and obsession with fluffing pillows, to the way his fringe would always fall over his forehead when he was relaxed (or drunk like he was now), making him look deliciously unkempt and downright gorgeous, Aaron’s heart racing as Robert got closer, close enough that Aaron could caught the familiar whiff of the expensive cologne his ex-husband was such a fan of.

Maybe it was the tequila, Aaron thought to himself as he poured them another round of shots, flashing Robert a cheeky grin as he slipped a slice of lemon between his teeth, giving Robert an expectant look.

It was probably the tequila, Aaron decided as Robert leaned in and took the lemon from between Aaron’s teeth, barely letting it sit in his mouth for a second before he spat it out, his lips on Aaron’s, kisses hungry and desperate.

It was definitely the tequila, Aaron laughed to himself as he and Robert laid on the floor of their living room, stark naked and chests heaving, trying to catch their breath as they lay in silence, the sex they really shouldn’t have had not feeling like enough of a regret to weigh on either of their minds.

(”Sure, blame the tequila,” Robert had laughed as they recounted the story of them getting back together at their stag-do, Adam laughing like a hyena as they admitted all. “I’m just that irresistible, Mr Sugden.”)