happy birthday superstar

Dearest @spaceorphan18

Happy Birthday, you superstar!

You do so much for our little community here, and each and every one of us adore you for it. Thank you for bringing the TDB crew together and thank you for working your butt off to keep us strong- you are brilliant. I hope that today’s shenanigans has the desired effect, and that you have a wonderful birthday.

And now, this song is for you…

Blogmas 9; Birthday Boy.

Your baby’s first Christmas with Louis

I’ve tweaked the request a small bit but it’s still following the gist of your baby’s first Christmas. It’s just tweaked to make it a bit celebratory towards Louis’ birthday and whatnot. 

It’s a short little something for Blogmas and it’s also in honour of Louis’ birthday; a little late, I know, haha. 

Dear Anon, thank you for sending this request in, my lovely. I had so much fun with this one, getting some sweet sibling time in with his sisters and Ernie and eating cake with everyone. 

Enjoy. xx

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Dear Aoi,


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誕生日おめでとう! Happy Birthday, Superstar Aoi! Thank you for sharing your talent and your skills with the world, and have a wonderful birthday!