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Hi, could you draw Cole (from Ninjago) with part time pallete please? 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Ayyyyyyyyy…… I haven’t watched this series in a long time. I dunno what’s going on lmao XD Sorry if it looks cringey tho

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Oh! And happy late birthday Sugar Plum!

Title: Good Catholic Boys

Pairing: DeanxCastielxJimmy

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 2,106

Notes: Happy birthday @stanfordbaby, my sweetest sugar plum, darling I cannot tell you how much I value our friendship and all the weirdness you encourage. <3 (warnings for underage, blow jobs in a church choir balcony)


A hand claps over his mouth just as Dean hears a clattering come from below them. Breathing through his nose, fingers digging in to his cheek, he whimpers and tries to hold it all in. Between his legs, Jimmy’s wide blue eyes flutter and stare up at him. On his right, Cas is pressed close with a glare, and a hand almost suffocating him.

Below them, in the apse of the church, someone is rustling around. Probably the priest. (The twins’ father). The brief burst of noise dies with an echo and there’s shuffling. Dean presses his back to the balcony ledge and tries very, very hard not fuck his hips up into Jimmy’s mouth.

Cas peels away from his side and kneels up to peer over the edge of the balcony, fingers still splayed over his cheek octopus like. Jimmy goes back to sucking his cock. Dean can see the goddam smirk on Jimmy’s face around it, pink lips stretched wide. Nipping at Cas’ palm as he squirms, Dean pants through his nose.

Smacking him lightly against the cheek, Cas settles again.

“He’s gone.”

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Happy Birthday Gabriela!♥
Baby it's finally your birthday and I just wanna wish you the best, you know that you mean and always will mean a lot to me :3 Thanks for being my friend, I really love you and I'll be with you no matter what, and God bless the day I met you. Thanks for appearing in my life, i hope all your wishes come true cause you truly deserve it. TE AMO PRINCESA!♥ ¡Happy Birthday!