happy birthday stevie!

100 reasons why Stevie Nicks is my favourite person ever

1. Buckingham Nicks record

2. Her 1978 Cal Jam style

3. She dressed as Scarlett O'Hara for Halloween

4. Threatened to quit FM after learning the meaning of the album title ‘Tusk’

5. Silver Springs, sung directly to Linds

6. Say You Will tour side bangs

7. Dunkin’ Doughnuts with Christine McVie

8. The Dance Rhiannon intro

9. Gypsy music video

10. “Her Rhiannon in those days was like an exorcism”

11. “Carol you look like you’re a stewardess”

12. “Well I don’t think that you could say that to Bob Dylan”

13. Animal crackers are the best

14. Crescent moon necklaces

15. Crystal visions

16. Her thoughts on the fashion of the band

17. NO CLICK?!?

18. Stevie and Lindsey’s Sara antics during OWTS

19. Shawl twirling

20. Tambourine dancing

21. “Who are we to deserve the USC band to play for us?”

22. Forgetting to put the car in park…

23. Let’s join Fleetwood Mac and use the money to fix reverse in our car!

24. “The next song is not what I thought it was… It’s not my song at all… It’s actually Chris’ song…”

25. Destiny Rules spirit catcher

26. "And people wonder why we are still not together”

27. Amazing harmonies with Linds

28. “When you’re not looking is when people show up. So if it happens, great, and if it doesn’t, that’s OK; I’m a creative person, and I fill my world with creativity.”

29. Hand placement on Lindsey in the photo in the 2015 remastered Tusk edition

30. "We used to pin $100 bills up on the walls of our apartment just for fun.”

31. Inspirational Gypsy intros

32. “Lindsey, bar none, was the man who loved me the most”

33. The Wild Heart dedication to Robin

34. “When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty.”

35. Night time self portraits (NOT SELFIES!)

36. *holds plastic cup* “This is not vodka, like it used to be”

37. Black flowy witchy outfits

38. Baton twirling during the Tusk day at Dodger Stadium

39. AHS guest appearance

40. Dr Fuckhead

41. The fact that a 16 minute demo of Sara exists #Iwant #pleasestevie

42. “I’ve got more important things to worry about than people thinking that I’m a witch”

43. Sulamith and her fuck load of cashmere!

44. The Nicks Fix (she’s so cool)

45. Her travel tips: put 'X’s in tape on your luggage so it can be easily found

46. Protesting the “packing up, shacking up” line in Go Your Own Way

47. Pretending to ice-skate around the stage with Lindsey

48. OPI Big Apple Red nail polish is the best

49. Black top hats

50. Her gorgeous hair

51. Tapping Chris’s bum with her tambourine

52. Her collection of awesome rings

53. “Pretend you’re Greta Garbo and I’m Marlene Dietritch”

54. We agree, social media can be “evil”

55. She officiated Vanessa Carlton’s wedding

56. Black platform boots will forever be in style

57. Rolling Stones version of Gypsy

58. “Mick is wearing the worst shoes I’ve ever seen in my whole life!”

59. “Lindsey loves graveyards!”

60. “So if you’re not a swan, you can pretty much figure out that you’re never going to have a long term relationship”

61. Dallas 1978 interview #babystevie

62. Masterclass interview with Oprah

63. I said to the director “you can’t shoot that guy in my video!”

64. We agree, you should have been on the Tusk album cover instead of Ken’s dog!

65. Not just one, BUT TWO, Stand Back music videos

66. She inspired 'Night of a Thousand Stevie’s’

67. Death stares at Lindsey during the 1982 Mirage tour performance of The Chain

68. Strange sneaky smiling/trying not to smile at Lindsey during the 1982 Mirage tour performance of GYOW

69. Basically just the entire 1982 Mirage tour video…

70. The whole 'rain washing Lindsey clean’ imagery from Dreams

71. “What do you people want from us?”

72. Chiffon, chiffon and even more chiffon

73. Fully saving Lindsey from falling off the stairs at the AMAs #drugsarebadkids

74. Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams doco

75. The fact that she sewed moons and stars onto Lindsey’s jeans

76. Tusk tour bun

77. All the Herbie Worthington photoshoots

78. The fact she can do the splits

79. Fangirling over Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

80. White winged doves

81. “You will listen to me on the radio for the rest of your life and it will bug you, I hope it bugs you”

82. “As far away as Lindsey goes from me, he’ll never get away from my voice”

83. Her work with wounded soldiers

84. Matching star necklaces with Lindsey

85. Her special Buckingham Nicks cover shoot blouse

86. Her love of the Twilight series

87. Music video commentary

88. Her many many notebooks of poetry and drawings

89. That fact that she has a vault of unreleased songs

90. Fist pumps with Lindsey during Landslide (Nov 21st,2015)

91. So many Rhiannon versions that we can’t even choose a favourite one

92. Love hearts with wings/wiggly lines AKA wild hearts

93. “Hmmm, hope you have a backup idea” - Stevie’s response to Annie’s idea to have the whole band in bed together

94. Her love of Edgar Allen Poe

95. For inspiring us all to follow our wild hearts, wherever they may lead us

96. For teaching us that destiny rules and that everything happens for a reason

97. Because of you “we have no fear, we have only love”

98. We will forever be your sisters of the moon…

99. … and the gypsies that remain

100. Stevie, you’re the poet of our hearts, never change, and don’t you ever stop!!

Happy 68th Birthday Stephanie Lynn Nicks

And He Thinks…

.*・゚☆Happy ☆ Birthday☆゚・*. 

Birthday gift for @amalasdraws​ !! I really hope you have the most wonderful day !!! And for your birthday I give to you more fodder for the Prison AU.

If it’s hard to read on tumblr, I also put it on AO3 for easier reading!

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  The apartment Tooru grew in stands thirteen stories tall, windows broken, balconies netted, barricaded safety against any one stupid enough to regret it. His mother’s home sits on the ground floor with flowers on her window sill. Gnarled and twisted and brown, grey, black, they’re frozen dead in the dry earth, swinging in autumn’s chill. A glance up and Tooru finds the spider web of cracked glass reaching out across the kitchen window, still broken even now after all these years.

  He’s herded through the security door, his mother’s hand against his back. She wears a smile that leaves laughter lines around her face, deep set wrinkles a permanent testament to her joys and her stresses. Was there ever a time he’d known her without them? She fills the silence where his pauses turn awkward, and she sticks on the water boil as Tooru finds a place for himself in the home of his childhood.

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Summary: It’s the 4th of July, Steve’s birthday, and you have the perfect present for him. 

Warnings: Unprotected sex 

Word count: 1700

A/N: It’s finally done! I wanted this out as a thank you for 1500 followers, but as of today we’re at 1700, so THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I hope this lives up to your expectations lolol

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Steve was the kind of guy to make up for any shortcomings on his part. He was also the kind of guy who thought he had shortcomings, because he wasn’t six feet tall or 300 pounds of pure muscle or halfway around the world scampering away from a spray of bullets.

He was the kind of guy who knew exactly where to take his girl on the Fourth of July to make it perfect, even if he wasn’t celebrating it in a trench with his best friend. Because this was what the selfish half of his heart wanted to do, not protect his country from Nazi’s, but protect his world from being lonely on a holiday.

And he certainly wasn’t planning on the night ending the way it did when he found the perfectly empty field and tossed a fluffy cotton blanket down on the grass, but Steve wasn’t exactly complaining. Mostly because in a string of fantastic, beautiful things, you were the best finale he could’ve imagined. The only finale that followed the pattern of increasing awe settling between his ribs.

Even though the end was his favourite part of the night, he liked to think about it from the beginning; with the fireworks booming overhead, stars clinging to his tastebuds, and your head weighing down his chest. Already he felt like that was the perfect way to end the night, assuming that after the late celebration he would walk you home, kiss you goodnight, and go home to his lips unsatisfied and yearning for more.

But if he wanted that, he shouldn’t have taken you out on his birthday, because you had something else in mind. Something else that started with your hand running over his chest during an explosion of blue on the black sheet of sky. His breath was already caught somewhere between his desire for you to continue and his worry that you’d do exactly that.

Steve didn’t pull his hand off your waist when you twisted enough for your lips to reach his neck and kiss up his jagged pulse. He didn’t blink when you got up and moved to straddle him instead, dragging your fingers through his neatly combed hair. What he did do was gulp, let out a small strangled huff, and admire how you looked with your hair falling around your face when you looked down at him.

“Happy birthday Stevie.” He was surprised to find that his hammering heart didn’t drown out the sultry timbre in your voice, or how it clung to the shell of his ear the way your lipstick held onto his pale skin.

“Is this - Are you sure?” When he got nervous he liked to second guess things, and since this was a first for Steve, his nerves were as manageable as the orbit of Jupiter. Adding your hand, which had started drifting down his suspender strap, and the crack of a grin on your painted lips, Jupiter seemed more like the Milky Way.

“I am. Are you?” There was a bounce in your voice, a taunt. Like you were trying to see what tone you had to use to make Steve faint. With his heart going the way it was, you weren’t too far away from finding out.

“I, yes. I just, I mean I’ve never - I don’t know how.” Stammering was also a side effect of Steve facing against an entire galaxy, as embarrassing as it was.

“That’s okay, I can help.” There was nothing teasing in your smile this time, but Steve still had a hard time catching his breath. This was the girl he loved, the one who could cure diseases with a smile and made him feel like the world when everyone else was so focussed on proving he was a mouse.

He wasn’t sure when the fireworks had stopped, mostly because his heartbeat sounded just as loud as the sparkling detonations when they were still erupting behind you, but when you ducked down and kissed every inch of exposed skin that came from unbuttoning his shirt, it felt like they had only moved off the screen of sky and went onto his skin instead.

As much as Steve loved the feeling of your lips crawling down his heaving chest, and as much as he wanted the image replaying in his head to be more than his imagination, he also just really wanted to kiss you. You were about to slide past his belly button when his finger hooked under your chin and tugged you softy back upwards.

If Steve’s kisses had been passionate before, they were vehement now. Like the heat of a sun was pouring out of him and you were the only one to catch it. Carefully, his hands ran down from your sides to your thighs. He made to pull away and ask if this was okay, if he was doing it right, if there was something else he should be doing in that moment instead of rubbing your thighs and tangling your tongues. Before his mouth had even left yours you were mumbling for him to stop thinking about it and keep going.

So that’s exactly what Steve did, leaving one hand to run under your dress and taking the other to find your zipper. His finger had only just wrapped around the cool metal when he had to pause, eyes fluttering shut, as you ground into him. He didn’t know he could make a sound like that until it left his lips and bounced off the dewy grass on either side of you two.

He started thinking again when you giggled, but a quick check at the endearing look in your eyes calmed him down. He unzipped your dress, letting it pool around your hips while you slipped his open shirt over his shoulders. You shivered at his fingers tracing a path up your ribs, making Steve hesitate.

“Are you cold?”

“No, why’d you stop?”

“You shivered, I thought you were cold.” You bit back a laugh at Steve’s confusion, sweetly pushing some of his hair out of his face.

“Not cold. It just felt good.” Steve rarely got the chance to make you embarrassed, but somehow making you admit this did the trick, and it made him feel like a king. Good, he was doing good. He wanted a better taste of this power - if it only took his fingers on your sides to make you shiver, what else could he do to you?

“Well tell me if you get cold, okay?” He grinned boyishly and continued running his fingers over your skin until they met fabric. You smiled back before kissing a line on his jaw. The second time your hips ground into him it was easier to bite back his groan, because it wasn’t so much of a surprise at how good you felt against him.

Steve pulled off your bra but his hands didn’t move to replace it. After giving him a moment to see what he would do, you took his hands and directed them to the soft flesh yourself.

“I told you to stop thinking.” You teased, sitting up so he had a full view of your top half. His eye skated over your figure and he had to stop himself from groaning again.

“I know, but you’re beautiful.” His thumbs rubbed over your nipples and you gasped, grip tightening over his hands. He did it again to see if it was a good or bad reaction, smirking when you let out a choked sigh. “Especially like this.”

Steve tugged and squeezed until your chest was heaving, and then your hands went down to his belt and yanked it undone. He swallowed thickly when you pushed his pants down, rubbing him through his boxers. He pressed his head into the ground and whimpered, his hips involuntarily pressing into your hand.

“You look pretty good like this as well.” You murmured, readjusting to slide the last of your clothes off. You made another circle with your hips and Steve helped this time, pressing you down by your hips and getting lost in the gratifying twist in his stomach. His boxers were warm and damp from your arousal, and Steve couldn’t wait to get them off. “Ready?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” His voice was more gravelly than you’d ever heard before, it was like music to your ears. You shrugged, tugging lightly on his waistband until he lifted himself up and you could pull them down.

Steve’s jaw clenched when you sank down on him, his hands gripping your hips like his life depended on it. The best part, Steve thought, was the whine you made when he filled you up. He felt that surge of importance again, and it drove him to spread your legs a little further and push into you even more.

Then you started moving, and Steve wanted to explode. His hands found purchase on your waist, helping you slam down on him until you were a moaning mess on top of him. For all it was worth, Steve wasn’t any better in choking down his groans and gasps.

Your hands found his, one tangling your fingers and pressing into the ground by his head while you guided the other between your legs and told him to rub. He tested out harsh stripes and circles with his thumb until he passed over your clit and you clenched around him. He kept it up until your stomach untwisted and you were pulsing all around him, head nuzzled into his neck and kissing his collarbone until he found release too.

When he opened his eyes again all he saw was stars, and although they were stunning, they were nothing compared to you, so he turned onto his side to face where you had rolled off him. The soft moonlight made you shine and your eyes glimmered lazily at Steve.

“I love you.” He kissed you again, tired and caring and intimate. You scooted closer and his arms wrapped around you, cuddling you closer.

“I love you more.”


Happy 68th Birthday Stevie Nicks! Thank you for giving us the gift of your beautiful music. Thank you for giving us magical little worlds to escape in while we try to survive in this chaotic world. Thank you for being a constant in my life and for giving me little words of wisdom. I can never thank you enough for everything you’ve done. 

Be on the lookout for my video edit later on in the day!

Happy Birthday Stevie

A/N: So I came up with little thing because its July 4th- Steve’s birthday and I hope you like it.

Pairing: Pre-Serum Steve x Reader

Warning: Fluff

Word Count: 901

Originally posted by idontwikeit

“Steve?” Bucky called out after unlocking the front door. He stepped to the side once the door was pushed all the way open, allowing you to walk inside first.

“Buck?” Steve questioned back, sleepiness laced in his voice. He emerged from the end of the hall rubbing his eyes stumbling a bit. Your smile grew as you watched him. His vision seemed to focus as he came to a sudden halt giving you both a weird look when he saw you two were smiling at him like the big dorks you were.

You looked over at Bucky sharing a smirk before returning your attention to Steve. “Happy Birthday Stevie!” You both exclaimed loudly your hands shaking excitedly for further emphasis. Steve chuckled at the two of you, his smile growing as a blush made its way on his cheeks.

“Guys..” he started but never finished as Bucky wrapped his arm around Steve’s small shoulders pulling him in for a side hug as he ruffled his disheveled hair even more. You kissed his cheek as they passed you to go to the kitchen. Your actions causing Steve’s cheeks to darken even more.


“You’re cheating!” Bucky accused his voice was muffled from the cupcake he took a bite out of with a pout. Steve and you laughed which only resulted in Bucky pouting even more.

“No, you’re just a sore loser.” Steve informed still chuckling. You three were currently sitting on the ground in Steve’s living room playing cards. Bucky shook his head stubbornly huffing in fake annoyance as he tried to hide his smile.

“You know what Punk, maybe I wont give you the present we got you.” Bucky’s smile growing on his lips as Steve snapped his head up, his eyes darting between you two.

“W-what? Guys, I said-” Steve started as a sly grin formed on your lips.

“You said and we ignored,” you interrupted with a giggle as Bucky jumped up to retrieve Steve’s gift. Steve scolded you for a moment but soon enough excitement took over his features and he scooted closer to you.

“What is it?” He asked, his eyes wide with curiosity as you let out another laugh.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Y/N picked it out!” Bucky called out from another room before he reappeared walking back to the two of you.

“But you bought it,” you retorted and Bucky rolled his eyes.

“Fine, the gift is from the both of us.” Steve’s eyes darted between the both of you, he was practically bouncing in excitement. “Here,” Bucky said finally handing Steve a small rectangle shaped object wrapped in old newspaper. Steve shook it lightly to see if he could hear anything but was met with silence. His smile was growing by the second.

“Is it a puppy?” He asked teasingly, making you laugh and Bucky to roll his eyes smirking.

“Just open it, Punk.” Bucky ordered sitting down again. He was now the one bouncing in excitement for Steve to see what you guys had gotten him.

Steve didn’t need to be told twice and hastily ripped the paper surrounding his birthday present.

“Do you like it?” You immediately questioned once all the newspaper was ripped to shreds on the ground, nervousness bubbling within you as you stared at Steve.

Steve looked up at the two of you in shock, “how did you-” but Bucky was quick to wave his hand dismissing Steve’s question.

“I worked some extra shifts, so do you like it?” Bucky smiled, eyes averting down to the small sketchbook in Steve hands. Steve quickly nodded looking at the two of you in awe.

“It’s everything I wanted.” Your smile grew at his confession, beyond happy he liked the gift.


Bucky laid passed out in the blanket fort you guys made in the middle of Steve’s living room, a small snore omitting from his lips every few minutes. But you and Steve were still awake, laying on your sides facing one another quietly talking.

“So you really liked your gift?” You asked again and Steve was immediately smiling big nodding his head.

“Thank you guys,” he whispered his eyes glimmering with happiness as he spoke, “I really do love it.” He looked down for a moment his finger tracing shapes on the blanket gently before his eyes met yours again. “M-maybe I could- I mean if you wanted to- it’s fine if you don’t want to-”

“Steve,” you giggled and his face heated up but he nodded as if he was reassuring himself.

“Maybe I could sketch you in my book sometime?” He asked quietly his eyes darting downward as he tried not to look at your face but he couldn’t help but look back up again. Your smile widen as a blush tinted your cheeks pink. You nodded your head ‘yes.’

“I would love that,” you mumbled and his face instantly brightened. Without hesitating, you leaned forward pressing your lips to his in a soft kiss, a smile still on your lips. When you pulled back his face was red like a tomato causing you to giggle. “Happy Birthday Stevie,” you whispered snuggling closer to him your eyes fluttering closed.

Steve’s heart was pounding in his chest as happiness consumed him entirely. His cheeks burning red as his lips still tingled from your kiss. “Best birthday ever,” he whispered to himself, his smile permanently stuck on his face.

A/N: So you know how in CATFA there is a scene where he is doodling before he realizes hes at the 107th base? The little notebook he was doodling in? Yeah, that’s what the birthday present was.