happy birthday spray


Ryan: Alright, men. We need to plan something big and beautiful for Jack.

Ryan: Her gifts always blow us out of the water, it’s time to return the favor

Gavin: We should get her a crown

Gavin: Because she is a queen

Jack: Awww you guys.

Jack: That’s so sweet.

Jack: (you do realize this is a group chat though right?)

Ryan: I, admittedly, did not think this through.

Ryan: Would you be able to not read the chat, Jack?

Jack: Awww, and pass up on all these compliments? :3c

Ryan: Jack god dammit let us plan!

Michael: Hang on, I got this.

Michael: I just snatched her phone and locked myself in the bathroom, quick what are we getting her before she knocks the door down

Ryan: Gavin’s idea was cute and cheesy, we could build off that in a way she won’t expect?

Gavin: We could steal the entire exhibit for the Egyptian queen jewelry display that’s coming in on the 22nd

Ryan: That’s perfect. Maybe on a wall we wish her a happy birthday with spray paint. Really bring attention to it.

Ryan: You still got Jack’s phone, Michael?

Ryan: Any ideas?

Michael: Drop flowers across the city from a chopper?

Michael: What is the most amount of roses we can get?

Ryan: Depends on the vendor’s stock and the shopper’s cash.

Ryan: If each of us carries two big handfuls onto the helicopter…?

Gavin: We could do a release drop from the helicopter, fill a tarp and do a manual release?

Ryan: Wonderful.

Ryan: Does ten thousand sound good? Or should I get more?

Michael: That’s probably enough, right?

Michael: Jack is quiet now and I don’t trust her, I think we should wrap this up soon

Michael: Ryan on flowers, Gavin on chopper, me on museum?

Ryan: Alright team, go!

(Happy Birthday, Jack Pattillo!)