happy birthday sous!!!

What the Nekoma team got Yaku for his birthday...
  • Kuroo: A "Best Mother" mug.
  • Kai: Food, and lots of it!
  • Yamamoto: A shirt with a cat on it.
  • Kenma: A Neko Atsume plushie.
  • Fukunaga: A stress ball "to help you deal with Lev".
  • Inuoka: An assortment of cat-shaped sweets.
  • Shibayama: A beanie with cat ears.
  • Lev: Stilts.
  • ...
  • Needless to say, Lev got his own present from Yaku that day - A kick where no man should be kicked.

Happy birthday Vanessa Chantal Paradis! (December 22, 1972)

“I wish to grow old naturally, and I hope to be a woman who still has her child’s eyes. It doesn’t matter how many wrinkles you have. You still have an interest in life and in people and they can see that light in your face.”


At just past midnight when it was officially November 1st, Nakamura Tarou tweeted:

Inuoka Sou-kun!
Happy birthday!  
Since I met you, I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful people!!  
I think everyone loves Sou-kun since he’s the most straightforward and fights so hard for Nekoma.  
I’m so grateful that I’m able to play him!!  
Please continue to support us!  

Takeru (Yaku)
Oh, Inuoka.  
Happy birthday.

Bishin (Tora) 
Oh, Inuoka happy birthday!
The celebrations just keep going~

Naoki (Kai)
Inuoka.  Happy birthday <puppy>

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By @lostintinyworld

Happy birthday Sou! I hope you enjoy chocolate chip with vanilla frosting cake!!

Sou: Souchke happy! ( ◜◒◝ ) ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Happy birthday Izumi!~

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Beneath your glasses
Look, you are frowning again
Oh, let us see you smile, just for right now

- Starmate about Izumi Sou

Happy birthday to the cool as ice Izumi Sou! Stay as cool, handsome and beautiful (and sexy) as you already are!~ We all love you tons! ♡ (feel free to smile more though, we love your smile as well)  

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Happy 17th Birthday, Matsushima Sou \(^O^)/

Today in Japan, it is October 5th, and it is Nakamura Tarou’s 20th birthday!

You can wish him a happy birthday on his Twitter (x)!  
The cast is off rehearsal on the 5th, so he won’t be able to celebrate the actual day with the entire cast, but I’m sure a few of the Nekoma members will manage a small get-together.
He’ll appreciate knowing he has western fans so feel free to leave a message in English, but if you’d like to say it in Japanese, just copy paste