happy birthday soohyun!


Shin Soohyun, happy 28th birthday! 

It has been an honour to be a fan of yours for the past 3 years, I’m thankful for your existence and all the amazing things you’ve achieved. I hope we get to be together for another hundred of years, no, ten thousand of years! (笑)


03.11.2012: Happy Birthday, Soohyun! ♥

Thank you for being such an amazing leader for U-Kiss and someone who always gives 110% into everything. I hope this year will be a happy, prosperous one for you. Please make sure to stay healthy and keep being the powerful Shin Soohyun we love. ^^ I’m so glad you were born into this world ♥ Have an incredible birthday!


[TRANS] 150311 K-POP! Now “UKISS’ LOVE on This” - If you win the lottery

All: Hello, we are UKISS! Happy White Day!
Eli: Happy birthday, Soohyun!
All: Happy birthday!
SH: Thank you
KS: Please give me presents
SH: Kiseop you..
KV: How old are you?
HN: Aren’t you 27 this year?
SH: This year..after my birthday I’d be 26
KV: *gasp*
HN: That’s in Japan, right?
Eli: In Korea you’d be 27~
SH: Shut up!
HN: You’ll be turning 30 soon!
KS: You’re almost there!
SH: Shut up!! I’m must proceed with the show!
KV: Almost there~
SH: Let me continue!
HN: You’re 30!
SH: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! 
SH: Okay, this week’s topic. If you win the lottery..you know lottery right?
HN: Yes, we know
SH: If you win the lottery, who would you tell about it?
HN: To whom? x 3
SH: Isn’t there a lot? Like your family..
KV: I would tell my members!
SH: Ohhhh
KV: We’ve been working very hard together, so we can..
SH: Travel around the world~
KV: Let’s travel around the world!
SH: Yeahhh
KV: I love traveling
SH: Hoon’s answer would probably be different
HN: I wouldn’t tell anyone
All: What??
SH: You’re awful
HN: That’s not it..
Eli: Because it’s dangerous
HN: It has other meanings
SH: What is it?
HN: Though I wouldn’t tell anyone, I wouldn’t use it all by myself..I’d give the members tons of presents..
KV: Ah presents!?
KS: But when we get the presents we might think, “Wait, where did you get the money from?”
HN: Umm…I would tell you that…I opened a ramen shop..
KV: Such a liar~
SH: You run a ramen shop..
KV: Liar~
HN: Yeah, I’d be telling the members about it that way, and give you guys presents properly as well as all the KISSmes
SH: How about you, Eli?
Eli: I’m the same as Hoon
SH: You wouldn’t say anything
Eli: Yeah. It’s a bit dangerous [to let people know]
SH: People can be very greedy
HN: Yes, true
Eli: So I’d go to the bank alone, get the money, and fly to America *laughs*
KV: Without telling anyone!?
SH: You run away!
Eli: And after I go to America, I will buy plane tickets..
HN: You’ll give them to the members?
Eli: And tell you guys come to America..
SH: Ahh we follow you!
KV: Okay!
SH: Lets go to America!
SH: Everyone, please try to win lotteries
All: This was UKISS! See you next week!