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Truly, Madly, Deeply

Title: Truly, Madly, Deeply

Pairing: Dominick ‘Sonny’ Carisi Jr. x Reader

Word Count: 3804 (Yeaaaaah it’s long)

Warnings: Language, female reader

Synopsis: You’re invited to a wedding, but everyone thinks you’re dating your best friend, Sonny Carisi…well everyone but Sonny Carisi. Oh, and you’re in love with him.

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @carisiismyhomeboy!!! This one’s for you! And a special thank you to @do-me-carisi for editing and being my personal cheerleader with this fic! <3 

“‘Lauren and William would like to invite you to celebrate their wedding!’”


Not that you weren’t happy for Lauren, but she would want you to bring a date. You couldn’t go stag, you had to bring a date date. Except you’d been lying to her for the past few months. You and your boyfriend – well, ex boyfriend – had broken up and you hadn’t told her you were single. You had lied even more and named your best friend Sonny Carisi as your boyfriend. Even though he wasn’t.

You hadn’t told Sonny this either. Fuck.

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Happy Birthday, Rafi

A little Barisi one shot I wrote in celebration of Raul’s birthday. Enjoy!

“Ow! Dammit!”

“Sonny?” Rafael called out, concerned, as he walked into their apartment.

“Uh…wait a minute. Don’t come in here!” Sonny called back, sounding flustered.

Rafael shook his head, hanging his dark blue trench coat in the hall closet. His eyebrows furrowed in curiosity when the lights in the kitchen down the hall flicked off.

“Now you can come in.” Carisi said, sounding only slightly less frazzled than he had a few moments ago.

“I’m actually surprised you’re here. I spoke to Liv this afternoon and she said something about a stakeout. I figured-” He stopped when he reached the kitchen. A candle flickered atop a round, albeit lopsided, chocolate frosted cake that sat on the island. Sonny stood behind it, grinning proudly from ear to ear, dimples in their full glory. Rafael’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of him. He looked beautiful, the candlelight flickering over his face, henley sleeves pushed up nearly to his elbows.

“Happy Birthday, Rafi.”

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Juicy Secret - Barisi one-shot (981 words)

This one’s a gift for @carisi-sonnycarisi! Happy belated birthday :)

Amanda regarded Sonny’s phone where it lay on his desk with narrowed eyes, suggesting that she had read the name there before Sonny had had a chance to reject the call.

Sonny pocketed his phone and met Amanda’s gaze steadily.

“Rafael.” She paused. “… Barba?” Amanda looked dumbfounded. “Barba was your hot date?”

Sonny said nothing. Which apparently spoke volumes.

“Oh my God, you and Barba! That’s actually… Wow. That’s great!” She was fully grinning now, having adequately processed this shocking but not unwelcome information.

Sonny turned to her with surprise.

Amanda clapped him on the back excitedly, “Get it, Carisi!”

Sonny chose to ignore this childish comment. He also decided not to deny it, because lying to Amanda – that was never going to work. And she knew it now, there was no going back. “Uh, so you don’t think it’s weird?”

“Hell yeah I think it’s weird! But I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised. You two are… you two would be good together. I’m sure you are.”

Sonny fought a smile.

“And you’ve been so happy lately. I’ve noticed. You deserve to be happy, Sonny.”

Sonny thought he could almost cry. Instead, he pulled Amanda into a warm hug. “Thanks, Amanda.”

Amanda smiled into his shoulder. “It’s just kinda hard… to think of Barba dating, you know?”

Sonny smirked.

“How long have you been dating Barba?” Amanda asked with a glint in her eye.

“Almost two months.”

“Two months?! I thought it was more recent than that. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about dating Barba for two months.” Amanda stood with her hands on her hips.

She looked as if she was mentally replaying every time she had seen Barba and Sonny together in the past two months, re-evaluating every interaction.

“Well, we haven’t told anyone.”


“And we’re not going to. Yet.”

“Ah, I see where you’re going with this. Don’t worry, I can keep a secret.”

“Thanks, Amanda.”

“And I still feel honored to know this juicy secret, despite the fact that you didn’t actually tell me.”

“What juicy secret?”

Sonny jumped.

Rafael had suddenly appeared behind them.

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Happy Birthday

to my dear @avenuepotter

@skittle479 gave me the plot bunny for a little story for you. I know you love tragedy and that navy coat… and I love Carisi. So it’ a match made in heaven. ;) for story purposes the black and navy coat are used interchangeably. Artistic license, you know.. also i’m a really shit writer so this story is told mostly in gifs

Also my PC at the first draft so this was quickly reposted and not proofread so hope you like it and can follow all it’s silliness. :)

You’d think being the literal incarnation of SonnShine, you would be too hot to wear a coat all the time. I mean, it’s HOT IN HERE!! or is it just me? just me? ok, continuing on…

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Barisi Headcanon: Rafael’s 50th Birthday

Birthday gift for the oh so talented @ghostofachancewithyou

Rafael doesn’t like his birthday. 

From the time he was a child, Rafael didn’t like his birthday because he knew it would mean disappointment. Not getting a single gift (or an attempt at a gift that was just a reminder of how little he had), having his cake be dropped, having little to no people show up for his birthday party, listening to his parents fight about…well…his father could start a fight in an empty house. It didn’t matter that it was his only child’s- his only son’s- birthday. By the age of about twelve, Rafael stops asking or his birthday to be anything more than just another day to be crossed off on the calendar. 

Flash forward to meeting Sonny Carisi, the man who does nothing halfway. Despite his best efforts (and all thanks to Carmen), Sonny finds out what day Rafael’s birthday is and starts celebrating it again. Nothing huge.

Good dinners. Fancy evenings out. Champagne. Fine clothing that Rafael would probably buy for himself anyway, but in colors or patterns he wouldn’t. More purples. Sonny loves the way purple looks on Rafael. 

That’s all well and good, but Rafael knows in his heart that Sonny is going to do something excessive for his fiftieth, despite repeated insistences that he’s not going to. And then, about a week before, he finds the notepad in their kitchen drawer has a phone number and a the number $2527.44 written on it. And dear god, Rafael may not be a detective, but he’s not dumb. Sure enough, he calls the number, and the voice that answers is cheerfully touting a Manhattan charter boat service. 

For the whole week leading up to it, Rafael has knots in his stomach. And he notices the way Sonny changes. He gets secretive about who he’s talking to on the phone and keeps saying to Rafael “you know it’s been so long since we’ve seen” just about anyone that Rafael considers not horrible. He feels a bit sick about the whole thing, but when it comes to the conversation he just nods in agreement and pretends to do paperwork. 

Finally, the day comes. It’s a Saturday, and Rafael goes into work like always. Around six, he gets a call from Liv who tells Barba that he’s needed. She then tells him that Fin is going to come pick him up. 

He doesn’t know for sure that his fate is sealed until Fin shows up wearing a tie. 

Rafael gets in the car, looking sick to his stomach. Fin says nothing. 

The whole time, Rafael can’t stop feeling anxious. And then it dawns on him that he cannot do this. He cannot have this huge party thrown by someone he loves that nobody will show up to. Or that something will inevitably go wrong with. Rafael can’t bring himself to shatter how perfect the last few birthdays have been with this extravagant, over the top party. 

“Fin, turn around.” Rafael finally speaks, his voice soft and sad. 

“What?” Fin asks, like he’s shocked and hurt.

“Take me home.” Rafael says in the same voice. 

“Aw, come on man, you can’t just do that to Carisi.” 

“I said take me home, detective.” 

“Aright, fine, but don’t let my ass get blamed for this.” 

But Rafael doesn’t. No…he blames himself. As he rides the elevator up to his apartment, the self loathing really kicks in. Lord almighty does Rafael hate himself for fucking up one of the only nice things that anyone has ever tried to do for him before. He doubts himself. He second guesses himself. He’s so angry that he walks into his darkened apartment and actually slams the door with how mad he is at himself. He stands there, breathing hard, trying not to cry angry tears as he breathes. Only when he’s breathing normal again does he turn on the lights.

And he outright screams when he sees Sonny, sat in their living room. He has to take a moment for his heart to settle before asking. “What…?”

Sonny smiles and stands up, wearing the fashionably tight slacks that Rafael likes on him, combined with the light blue shirt that goes with his eyes, unbuttoned down to his chest with the sleeves rolled up. He brings a glass of scotch with him and kisses Rafael’s forehead. 

“Happy birthday Rafi.”

“You…you’re serious? This isn’t a trick?” 

“No, it’s not.” Sonny promises, and pats his cheek. “I know you. I didn’t want to disappoint you with a huge party. Besides, you’ll see people when you want to.” 

“You…you…” Rafael stammers, gazing up at him. Sonny chuckles and glances down at the glass of amber liquid in his hands, then back into those gorgeous green eyes. 

“Speechless Rafael Barba? Is it my birthday? But I’m sorry…I didn’t realize just how manipulative all this was until yesterday evening, but by then I was so committed…”

“So there’s no huge party?” Rafael asks, carefully taking the glass for a sip. Sonny’s responding smile is probably the only gift he needs. 

“Nope. Just you and me. And some of your favorite foods. Made by your mother, not me, I promise.” 

It takes Rafael a long moment before he finally smiles and leans up for a kiss. 

“Happy birthday.” Sonny repeats. 

“I love you.” Rafael answers. 

Tacos and Stars

Because Sonny’s speech about Will’s birthday begged for a fic.

Will woke to Sonny peppering his neck with kisses. His lips turned up into a soft smile as he twisted his body to press his back more closely to Sonny’s chest.

‘’Snice,” Will mumbled, still half asleep.

“Happy birthday,” Sonny muttered, his lips still dragging across Will’s skin.

Will turned around in Sonny’s arms so they were face to face. “Mmmm,” Will hummed, snuggling deeper into the warmth of Sonny and their comforter. 

Sonny pulled Will closer, kissing his hair. “Do you have school today?” 

Will shook his head against the pillow. 

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Imagine your’s and Sonny’s sons first birthday party

(A/N: For @tanovic54321 who requested this. I hope you and everyone else enjoys this) 

Continuation of these imagines here: 

Part One Here

Part Two Here

Imagine your’s and Sonny’s sons first birthday party    

“Happy birthday, Wardo!” You and Sonny whispered, looking down at your son who was lying back in his crib wide wake and reaching for you.

“Can you believe it’s been a year already?” You commented, letting Wardo grab your finger with his little hands.

“It’s like he was born yesterday,” Sonny responded, reaching in and picking him up and holding him on his hip after bouncing him a few times to make him giggle.

“I’d rather not think about his birth.” You shuddered playfully.

“Oh, it wasn’t that…” Sonny began to say before stopping after you shot him a look, “It was awful.”

“It wasn’t that bad.” You shrugged off teasingly.

He shook his head at you chuckling before saying, “So the party isn’t for a couple hours. We all need to get ready and set up before everyone arrives.”

“Don’t you think it’s strange that this is Wardo’s party but none of his friends are coming?” You asked, leaning against with your back and turning your head to look at them.

"Well, his party with his friends is next Saturday, isn’t it?” Sonny reminded, jostling Wardo is making him giggle which he did and then he became transfixed by Sonny’s cross.

“But today’s is…?”You prompted, smiling at Wardo.

“Family and friends,” he answered.

“But they’re all our friends.” You countered.

“I don’t think he’ll mind.” Sonny smirked, “And I’m pretty sure you won’t after you realise that means you get two cakes.”

“I do?” You exclaimed.

“Duh,” Sonny chuckled.

“You take care of Wardo and I’ll start on all the food and decorations,” Sonny suggested.

“Whatever you say, Sir,” You joked, “Now, give me my son.”

“Did you want Mommy, Wardo?” Sonny asked, lifting Wardo up slightly so he could look him straight in the eyes.

You watched Wardo’s eyes widen before nodding enthusiastically at Sonny.

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