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Truly, Madly, Deeply

Title: Truly, Madly, Deeply

Pairing: Dominick ‘Sonny’ Carisi Jr. x Reader

Word Count: 3804 (Yeaaaaah it’s long)

Warnings: Language, female reader

Synopsis: You’re invited to a wedding, but everyone thinks you’re dating your best friend, Sonny Carisi…well everyone but Sonny Carisi. Oh, and you’re in love with him.

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @carisiismyhomeboy!!! This one’s for you! And a special thank you to @do-me-carisi for editing and being my personal cheerleader with this fic! <3 

“‘Lauren and William would like to invite you to celebrate their wedding!’”


Not that you weren’t happy for Lauren, but she would want you to bring a date. You couldn’t go stag, you had to bring a date date. Except you’d been lying to her for the past few months. You and your boyfriend – well, ex boyfriend – had broken up and you hadn’t told her you were single. You had lied even more and named your best friend Sonny Carisi as your boyfriend. Even though he wasn’t.

You hadn’t told Sonny this either. Fuck.

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Imagine your’s and Sonny’s sons first birthday party

(A/N: For @tanovic54321 who requested this. I hope you and everyone else enjoys this) 

Continuation of these imagines here: 

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Imagine your’s and Sonny’s sons first birthday party    

“Happy birthday, Wardo!” You and Sonny whispered, looking down at your son who was lying back in his crib wide wake and reaching for you.

“Can you believe it’s been a year already?” You commented, letting Wardo grab your finger with his little hands.

“It’s like he was born yesterday,” Sonny responded, reaching in and picking him up and holding him on his hip after bouncing him a few times to make him giggle.

“I’d rather not think about his birth.” You shuddered playfully.

“Oh, it wasn’t that…” Sonny began to say before stopping after you shot him a look, “It was awful.”

“It wasn’t that bad.” You shrugged off teasingly.

He shook his head at you chuckling before saying, “So the party isn’t for a couple hours. We all need to get ready and set up before everyone arrives.”

“Don’t you think it’s strange that this is Wardo’s party but none of his friends are coming?” You asked, leaning against with your back and turning your head to look at them.

"Well, his party with his friends is next Saturday, isn’t it?” Sonny reminded, jostling Wardo is making him giggle which he did and then he became transfixed by Sonny’s cross.

“But today’s is…?”You prompted, smiling at Wardo.

“Family and friends,” he answered.

“But they’re all our friends.” You countered.

“I don’t think he’ll mind.” Sonny smirked, “And I’m pretty sure you won’t after you realise that means you get two cakes.”

“I do?” You exclaimed.

“Duh,” Sonny chuckled.

“You take care of Wardo and I’ll start on all the food and decorations,” Sonny suggested.

“Whatever you say, Sir,” You joked, “Now, give me my son.”

“Did you want Mommy, Wardo?” Sonny asked, lifting Wardo up slightly so he could look him straight in the eyes.

You watched Wardo’s eyes widen before nodding enthusiastically at Sonny.

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Happy Birthday Peter Scanavino!

It’s not surprising that our sweet cinnamon roll is a ‘leapling’, is it?? This amazing actor who waltzed into our life a year ago and stole our hearts with his unique look and charisma. He was a standout the minute he walked on screen. What many of us fans have discovered over time is that the man behind our SonnShine is pretty unique himself. Why wouldn’t he have a unique birthday too? lol

Since I fail at being an artist or writer, I struggled to come up with something to celebrate his birthday, then I found this Buzzfeed link about leap year birthdays and stole adapted it.  Happy Birthday, Peter!

              12 Problems only Leap Day babies understand

1. Having people respond with “that sucks” when you tell them your birthday…

2. Plus, you inevitably have to explain how it actually works…

3. And even after explaining that it is “once every four years,” they still want to guess how old you are…

4. Which is unbelievably always wrong…

5. So you correct them and put up with their joke about being SUPER young.

6. And for some reason, people think you’re lying when you tell them you were born on leap day…

7. So you have to show them your ID…

8. And then they make another remark about how you don’t look your leap year age.

9. During non-leap years, people always want to remind you that it’s not your real birthday…So you end up with less presents…

10. And most of the milestone birthdays, like 18 and 21, don’t fall on leap years…

11. So you have to go to the bar on March 1, even though you’ve been celebrating Feb. 28 as your birthday most of your life…

12. Which is only one day, but it’s a frustration that nobody else understands.

But when it finally IS a leap year, you feel extra special because everyone remembers to wish you a Happy Birthday…