happy birthday smith


The Bird and the Worm ch. 3

Is it 12pm where you live yet…?

Happy Birthday, @survey-corps-rookie! Have some Commander Handsome in Lederhosen, dear :)

I wish you all the best and a very very nice day, you deserve it!


Me too Levi, me too.

Happy birthday Kiki Smith!

“I like that feeling when you’re making art, that you’re taking the energy out of your body and putting it into a physical object. I like things that are labor-intensive: you make a little thing and another little thing and another little thing, and eventually you see a possibility.”

Watch a clip about Smith from @art21, and view her works in MoMA’s collection.

[Kiki Smith. Yolk. 1999. 3 multiples of glass. John B. Turner Fund. © 2017 Kiki Smith]