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To our Daesung who has worked so hard over these eleven years, thank you for always smiling because your smile has the power to brighten up bad days. Thank you for always trying your best and making everyone laugh. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul. Thank you for continuing to sing. Your vocals are a great source of comfort for many. Thank you for not giving up being a singer despite the 2011 incident. I am so proud of you for overcoming those rough times. Look how far you have come and how brightly you are shining now. Lets only walk on flower road from now on. Happy birthday to Big Bang’s angel, Kang Daesung. Thank you for being born. 

17.02.06 - Happy Birthday to BAP dance machine,
owner of beautiful smile that makes everyone smile with him,
an incredible dancer, with a even more incredible abs,
can sometimes be a little 4D, what makes him so funny. I could talk about all quality of him all day because he's such a
precious person, anyway happy birthday to 4D angel Moon Jongup. Keep always smiling Uppie~♥ Saranghae~ I hope he's having a great day ♡
honeybun's birthday!!

@aenipai happy birthday 🎉 i luv you!! i hope today is the best day ever and you’re happy the whole day. you’re so important and loved and all of your friends luv you too. you’re kind, smart, angelic, and you make everyone smile! ✨i saw this and i dont know who wrote it but it made me think of you! “the carbon in your body was once in a star. a celestial being died so that you could be here today. the universe believes in you and so do i” it’s so inspirational and meaningful, like you 💕you’re like light; brightening up everyone around you and it’s so great to be around you and agh sorry i’m rambling but i hope you find peace and happiness, not just today, but everyday (oh my god i sound like a hippie but it’s true i really hope you do) anyways happy birthday i love and care about you ❤️

to the one who smiles so brightly no matter what happens

happy birthday taehyung 


Happy 37th Birthday, Australian Unicorn! ♥ | 07.06.1979 |
  “I love acting - it’s all I have done and I hope I work until I die, but it doesn’t define me.“

He’s Got The World In His Arms

some love for the angel for my anti-birthday thing I have going on.

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Summary: Cas visits a beautiful baby girl for the first time.

Warnings: None

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Cas bounced the beautiful baby girl in his arms feeling a warmth growing in his chest. She was so beautiful and innocent. The angel knew this baby would grow up to have the world in her hands. Cas could see the great things she would do.

He had heard about her through her mother’s prayers, yet didn’t choose to see her until now. This was the first time he had ever seen the baby and already he knew he was feeling an emotion he had never felt before. He couldn’t understand how something so small could have a hold on him already. Cas felt guily for waiting over a year to finally see his child but he knew it had to be this way. He knew he couldn’t risk being apart of an innocent child’s life despite the future pain it would cause.

The angel continued to rock the child in his arms not wanting to ever leave this moment. Cas knew that this, right here, was why he made many sacrifices for humans. As the child’s heavy eyes started to droop the gummy smile on her face made Cas feel any doubts about what he’s done.

As the infant began to close her eyes Cas smiled feeling a sort of accomplishment. Cas had not only calmed down a baby, but his baby. He held the baby closer to his chest but froze hearing the steps of the child’s mother approaching. 

Quickly, but gently Cas put the child back in her crib before taking her in one last time. The way she curled up on her side as sleep washed over her made the angel smile. “Happy birthday, little one,” he whispered. Just as the door opened Cas was gone along with any trace of him being there.

The infant’s mother walked to the crib feeling the love spread through her heart. The beautiful baby girl was her world and she was grateful for her to have made it to her first birthday. Yet, something longed and tears began to gather in the young mother’s eyes.

Leaning down she ran a finger along the side of her child’s face feeling more love grow through her as if that were even possible. A few tears managed to escape but the woman didn’t mind. She had already been through heartbreak that this baby had fixed the second she came into her life.

“Cas, if you’re still listening, you should know she’s beautiful. Our (Y/N) is beautiful. You should be here but I know you can’t. Just please continue to watch over her.”