happy birthday shia

“Why do you love Ali?” More than once I’ve been asked,
“Now tell me who he is”; more than once I’ve been tasked.
To answer this query is not simple, you see,
“If the trees were all pens,” tells us God’s appointee,
“And the jinn were accountants and the oceans ink,
And they all worked together, perfectly in sync,
They still would fail to calculate Haydar’s great traits,”
For this is Ali, simply, the greatest of greats!
Let’s begin by asking what the Ka'ba will say,
When asked about his birthmark on its wall today.
Ask Muhammad’s bed: “Who occupied you that night?”
It will call out for Ali, the bravest in sight!
Then let’s ask Jibraeel when he brought down the sword,
While “la fata illa Ali” the heavens roared.
Or let’s ask Khaybar’s gate: “Who ripped you out of place?”
It will point out to none other than Haydar’s face!
Let’s ask Mt. Uhud: “Who ran away, and who stayed?”
It will yell: “al-Karrar came to the Prophet’s aid!”
Then ask the City of Knowledge, who holds its key?
Tirmidhi will point to Ali, I guarantee.
Or ask the needy beggar with the ring endowed,
He’ll say: “I took it in prayer as Ali bowed!”
Then ask the poor orphan to be a declarant,
He’ll cry: “Ali was my source of love and parent!”
Ask the ant that Ali swore he’d never oppress,
Even if he was given the world to possess!
Let’s ask Dua al-Sabah and Dua Kumayl,
About their beauty, and Ali’s name they will unveil!
Ask the Second Shaykh: “What does ‘lawla Ali’ mean?”
He’d admit his need for Ali to intervene.
But sufficient for us is the Prophet dictates:
Where Ali and the truth, the Messenger equates.
Thus, please don’t ask me why I love him so greatly,
Such a noble man captures my heart innately!
My master Ali, your name makes my heart flutter,
An overwhelming peace, when your name I utter.
In all your greatness, you were still the most humble,
With orphans so soft, but in battle you’d rumble.
Eloquence is ashamed when it competes with you,
In all of your dealings, Justice you would pursue.
We call you Lion of God, a sage, kind, and brave,
But when asked who you were, you said: “Muhammad’s slave.”
O dust upon which Ali walked, I envy you,
O air which Haydar inhaled, I envy you too.
Salman, Miqdad, Abu Thar, how lucky you were,
Every day to serve Ali and with him confer.
On this night in Rajab, I have one wish only,
Please, Ali, in my grave do not leave me lonely.
With Allah’s Will, I plead for your intercession.
To you, I dedicate my life and profession.
—  Why do you love Ali?
Written by Sayed Hadi Al Qazwini