happy birthday shelby!

Unconditionally. {Special Rowaelin Oneshot}

Here is a oneshot that can be added to my Little Fireheart series, because there is nothing sexier than daddy Rowan, am i right ladies?

However, this one is special because it was written in honor of fellow daddy-Ro lover, @throne-of-ashes-and-beauty, who has been my best friend since the fifth grade, and who’s birthday is tomorrow (5/18)! I love you, Shelb, and I could not imagine this life without you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

So, drop by @throne-of-ashes-and-beauty and wish her a happy birthday! Then, if you love daddy Rowan as much as we do, here is Unconditionally. I hope you enjoy.

“She’s so damn stubborn!”

Rowan raised his eyebrows as he glanced at his wife, who was nearly ripping her hair out. She had flung open the door as he was just finishing up his bath after his morning training. Her face was flushed and there were dark circles under her eyes. The face of pure exhaustion.

The face of someone who went to war with a toddler, and lost.

He was drying himself off with his towel in the middle of their bedroom as she paced back and forth.

“Wonder who she got that from,” he mumbled, earning a glare in return.

“I swear that she thrives off my misery,” she shook her head and buried her face in her hands. “What am I doing wrong? I work my ass off to be the best mother I can be, and she’s a hellion! Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with that child, but I….gods, I have gone to hell and back, and this is what will break me. A child. My child.”

Rowan fought the urge to laugh. “That’s because you’re the same person. You’re her mother. She likes to test you.”

“You’re her father,” Aelin snapped. “Why doesn’t she test you?”

“She does…” Rowan hesitated, “sometimes.”

Aelin rolled her eyes, frustration rippling off her as she took a deep breath in through her nose, and out through her mouth.

“Take a nap. Relax.” Rowan pulled on a pair of pants before kissing his wife on her brow. “I’ll handle Ana.”

Aelin didn’t argue. She simply fell on their bed in defeat as Rowan closed their door gently behind him.

He walked down the hall and peeked inside her bedroom door. She wasn’t sleeping, she wasn’t even in her bed. With a doll in each hand, Aliana was sprawled out on her fur rug, talking to each of them in a soothing tone. She was wearing one of his old, black tunics that she used to play dress-up in.

That was his favorite sight of her. Every morning, the little girl woke up and got pampered: pretty dress, hair done to perfection, boots that had just been polished. There was nothing wrong with that, but this….this was how he saw her when he closed his eyes. This is how he imagined her before she was born. This is how he would remember her when she was grown- golden hair a mess, bare feet splattered with dirt from her morning play, his ratty old tunic being worn as a dress.

She was the image of beauty. Pure, innocent beauty.

He erased the smile from his face as he went in.

“Ana,” Rowan pushed open the door and crossed his arms, leaning against the doorframe. “What are you doing? Didn’t momma tell you to take a nap?”

“No wanna nap,” she grumbled, dismissing her father.

He scooped the two-year-old in his arms and laid her in her bed. She pouted, but didn’t argue as he cocooned her in her favorite baby blanket. “It’s time to rest, Ana.”

“No!” She cried, just before she yawned and began tracing the tattoos on his chest, his arm. “No-no wanna, daddy.”

“Don’t you want to go to Uncle Aedion and Aunt Lys’ later? He’ll have company. Momma’s friend, Dorian, is in town, and he has a little girl your age. You can play together, but you need to take a nap first.”

He paused and thought about Dorian’s daughter. He had only met her just after she was born, and even then she was undoubtedly another species. He wondered how much of her mother’s personality she received. The last thing he needed was Ana getting attacked by a tiny witch. He shook the image out of his head. 

How terrifying could a toddler be?

Rowan brushed the golden hair out of her pine-green eyes, and began to gently pat her back. He hummed, softly, as she clung to her dolls, the dolls Lysandra gave her for her second birthday. She watched Rowan, while she blinked once, twice, three times before another yawn escaped.

His thumb wiped away a sleepy tear, and she smiled at her father, soundly.

Less than five minutes later, she was sleeping. Rowan kissed her forehead, cringing when it made her stir, then silently tip-toed out of the room. Once the door closed with a quiet click, he let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. Trying to put a two-year-old down for a nap was like trying to drop a bomb without it going off.

When he re-entered their bedroom, Aelin’s head jerked up. “Seriously? You got her down already? I was fighting with her for nearly an hour! And she was winning!”

He tried not to laugh, but failed. “You tired her out for me.”

“I do the dirty work and you get the reward,” she shook her head. “Not fair, Buzzard.”

He lied down behind her and pulled her backside against his front, wrapping his arms around her.

Lifting her top, slightly, he lightly rubbed her stomach with his fingers, just above her waistband.

“Are you going to put me to sleep, too?” She mumbled, already half way there.

He breathed a laugh. “Apparently, I have the magic touch.”

Aelin rolled over and faced her husband. She ran her fingers through his silver hair, and kissed his cheeks just under his eyes.

“I love that she has your eyes,” Aelin smiled, running her hands down his bare chest.

“I love that she has your hair,” Rowan replied, brushing his thumb across her bottom lip. “I love that she has your smile, and I love that she has your personality. I love that she argues, and she fights, and she’s stubborn. She’s a warrior, like her mother.” Her eyes became misty as he continued, “Every time I look at her, I see you. And every time I see you, I fall in love with you both all over again.”

“You love to make me cry,” she whispered, shaking her head, softly.

“Yes,” he kissed her. “I do.”

She nestled her head into the nook of his neck and intertwined her legs with his. An overwhelming love welled up in Rowan’s chest as he kissed her hair, then rubbed her back until her breathing evened out, and a soft snore filled the room.

Aelin Ashryver Whitethorn Galathynius was a fighter. She was a warrior, and a queen, and one hell of a mother. She continued to amaze Rowan every day, how she raised Aliana and loved them both fiercely, unconditionally. She loved her people, and did everything in her power to make sure an entire country was taken care of. She never complained, never gave up….until it came to their two-year-old at nap time. But, then again, no one could blame her for that.

He loved her. He loved them both. This was his life. This is what he had fought for.

Rowan didn’t realize he had fallen asleep until he felt a small, golden-haired ball of fire crawl up in their bed, and fall into the space between him and his wife. His partner. His mate. His Queen.

The imperfectly perfect mother of his child.

-Happy 12th Birthday, Shelby!!

-Today is Shelby’s 12th birthday. For those who don’t know, in her prime, she’s attained the titles of Canine Good Citizen, Rally Novice and Rally Advanced. She’s officially known as “Whalom Sekc’s Steel Magnolia, CGC, RN, RA”.

-She’s retired from the obedience ring so she spends her days cramming herself between the cushions of the couch and doing absolutely nothing. But that’s ok because when you’re a 12 year old dog, WTF else are you supposed to do besides laying around doing jack shit?

-Shelby’s likes including looking out the window to see what kind of shit the neighbors are doing because she’s nosy like that and likes to be all up in everyone’s Kool-Aid(even though she don’t know the flavor). Gladys Kravitz would be proud.

-Shelby’s dislikes mainly revolve around Wrigley being all up in her shit. She really doesn’t have patience for the young'uns because, back in her days, dogs knew how to behave unlike the spoiled son'bitches these days who totally have it made. She ain’t got time for that bullshit.

Whoah, it’s that time of the year again! Happy birthday Shelby! I started this card back in February hoping to post it for your half-birthday, but because of reasons I didn’t finish it until now. I hope this card makes you smile, that you have a wonderful day (well night now), and an even better year! :>

Edit: FRIG, I forgot the glasses.