happy birthday shark boy


And with this we kick off the impromptu Rin/SouRin Event! The event will go on until February 9th, but let’s be real, I’m always celebrating SouRin so it’s not like anything is going to change if you all keep creating sourin content *wink wonk*

REMEMBER: Just tag me in anything you create related to Rin and/or SouRin and I’ll reblog here! If I don’t reblog in the day, I likely missed it so just drop me a message and I’ll go find it!

ALSO NOTE: ALL WORK MUST BE YOUR OWN. It can be fic, art, AMV, gifset edits, whatever as long as it is of your own creation. Please do not repost things by other people. 



Happy 95th Birthday David K. Webster! Fav college boy and fellow shark lover ((like if I was his age that time I think we will get along) (someone put sailing or “shark hunting” or whatever that is to the “dating with Webster include” stuff list oKAy wouldn’t that be fun?? And lovely af)) I just love him sm. Dude what if they celebrate everyone’s birthday in heaven like wow party everyday

I gotta stop talking i know


【DARK SIDE】Shiny×Shiny

happy birthday rinrin!!!! .+:。 ヾ(。・ω・)ノ゚.+:。
this is a really cute doujin featuring shota!rin (aka the death of me)/// the two main pairings are makorin and harurin, but it’s pretty pg-13 lol also this post is totally on time and im the best yeah

imgur album for easier reading here!

please do not re-upload this scanlation without permission and make sure to support the artist by buying a copy of the original if you can!

circle: DARK SIDE (おぱんつお塩)
translation: oyasumimi | scanner: fuwa

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you make a headcanon of readerxDavid Webster ( like meeting him, dating him, marriage, kids, etc )? Thanks!

Happy Birthday to our lovely shark boy!

-majority of the chance is that you met David because he saw something you were reading on he got dazed as he was writing and he ended up staring at you

-if you express any interest in books, his eyes light up and you have his attention so quick

-will often recommend books to you or get some for you because he liked it and really wants your input

-he will ask you out in a very very cheesy way I guarantee you it’ll make you laugh and shake your head at the same time

-The boys all tease him because Webster is so ‘whipped’ but really just loves you wholeheartedly and is willing to do anything for you

-matching couple stuff? Sign him up, he is so down for stuff like that

-those curls omg run your fingers through him and he hums happily into you and somehow his curls just fix back perfectly?? He’s magic I’m telling y'all

-he makes it a point to point out small things he appreciates about you everyday because he wants to make sure you know your worth

-takes you swimming!! Dude a lot of days are spent by some body of water or water activity better be ready yALL

-takes you to the aquarium!!! And you can watch him press himself up against the glass and look in wonder like a little kid