happy birthday seo


happy birthday johnny seo  // #HappyJohnnyDay

Remember when the younger SM Rookies and their dance teacher were in on a surprise cam for Jisung’s birthday, and when they all went in with the cake he was so shocked and hit with emotions at once that the child started crying? Then they were all like “Nah don’t cry have some cake” and hugged him and tried feeding him cake in a cup.
Another was Johnny’s birthday where they hid messages on sticky notes around the building, and I mean they had stuff on the ceiling and curtains and in recording booths + musicwith ten’s risqué message, with the last thing being video messages from his friends and family in Chicago. The videos made him cry and the members just came running with cake and messages an telling him to not cry like “look at all we wrote for you!” I love it.

tl;dr I love members hugging and comforting other members and also celebrating birthdays k thanks


Happy birthday to our beautiful prince Johnny Seo! Happy Johnny day!

9 years of hard work, 9 years of chasing after his dream, he finally joined NCT as a real artist! The proof that no one should ever give up on his dream as long as you work hard and you are passionate about it, you will achieve it sooner or later! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ A true legend! A handsome man! A charismatic artist! Happy Birthday Johnny!


Happy Birthday Seo Joo Hyun 160628 ♡                                                                                           “Seo Hyun, who I sincerely feel sorry to~ I always make fun of you and pester you, but you always come back to me with a K.O~ I always make fun of your inflexibility and you come back to me with a sting saying you’ll start to look up to me. You know I make fun of you because I adore you and I’m comfortable around you. I hope to stay close this way with you, and it’s good to teach us older sisters a lesson sometimes! I’m glad I have a sister like you… We are all learning from you, and thank you. Hehe~” message from sunny

Many Times Seo Kang Joon Makes Your Heart Goes Thump Thump

When he runs his fingers through his hair

When he presses those piano keys

When he takes selfie with a lady like a gentleman

When he works out like he means it

but failed.

When he slaps that towel like a man.

When he looks nice and cozy in white tee on bed.

When he cuddles up with his 5urprise member in cold weather.

When he feels his groove and just shakes it up.

When he gives a bear hug in drama.

When he’s in good husband mode on. 

When he shows his aegyo. 

When he looks classic while writing a letter. 

When he’s as smooth as a latte. 

and as fresh as a soda. 

When he pouts like a kid. 

When he holds those bottles.

When he mixes that spicy chicken rice. 

When he’s blown by winter snow in that fur coat. 

When he silently sits by the window

or on the kitchen counter. 

Cheers to Seo Kang Joon. 


”Seo Juhyun, our baby Seohyun. (…) There’s been much less talking lately. (…) You changed! it worries me- but i can’t say anything because if i speak off the moment in concern, you might take it the wrong way. But, I’m happy. You’re pretty. Seems like you’re becoming a lady. Just continue to grow up just the way you are now~” Taeyeon to Seohyun, 2010.