happy birthday ryan i hope you like this


happy birthday to my favourite boy ever! i love you so much and you mean the world to me! your music inspired me and many else. i love you with all my heart and thank you so much for creating such an amazing music. i hope you are happy and will be for the rest of your life because you deserve it. you deserve the world. don’t let anybody take you down and i just want you to know that you can do anything cause we are here for you, now and always. i love you with all my heart and all my soul and i hope you have an amazing birthday. ❤

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i've been on a freewood kick lately so...how about golden boy gav trying to spoil ryan with all these expensive fancy things and ryan just being like...what?? all he needs is a nice mask and some good facepaint so he has no idea what to do with all this glimmering beautiful nonsense gav insists on getting him. (also happy birthday so glad you were born and all these years later like to write all of these great stories for us!! <3 )

Aww, thank you :) And I adore this prompt, thanks so much for sending it to me.

Feel free to send me more.



“You need a watch.”

Ryan looks up from the map he’s been studying for the past twenty minutes, giving Gavin a curious look, and asks, “Why do you think I need a watch?”

“Everyone needs a watch.”

“There are these new-fangled things called cell phones making watches pretty much obsolete.”

“I still think you need a watch. A nice, gold watch.”

Ryan hums noncommittally, returning his attention to his map, shaking his head. “Okay, Mister Fashion Police, you get right on that.”

“Maybe I will.”

“I hope you do.”

The watch appears on his nightstand the next day. He knows who bought it, it’s obvious, and he also knows he brought this on himself. He should know better than to encourage Gavin.

The watch is expensive, something no one in their right mind would wear as an everyday accessory, nestled in a black velvet box. A quick Google search reveals it’s well over 4 grand, and he sighs softly. He’s never going to wear this, can’t figure out why Gavin would even bother wasting his money on something so ostentatious, and opts to give the stupid thing back before he can no longer return it.

He picks his cell phone up, scrolling through his contacts, and when he gets to Gavin’s name he hits send. The phone rings twice before Gavin cheerfully answers, “Ryan!

“Return it.”


“Return it,” Ryan repeats and hangs up before Gavin can respond.

“What’s the big deal? It’s just a watch,” Michael asks curiously, sifting through his flash grenades, picking and choosing the few he’d be using for their next heist.

“It’s not about the watch. If I wanted an expensive watch, I’d buy an expensive watch.”

“Okay? So, what’s it about then?”

Ryan opens his mouth to respond but immediately closes it, shrugging his shoulders. He doesn’t know what it’s about exactly, but it’s definitely about something important.

“Look, this is what Gavin does. He buys stupid shit none of us need because he can…”

“Yeah, but…”

“But what? Sometimes ya just gotta accept the watch, Ryan.” Michael pushes his flash grenades to the side, dragging a box of smoke bombs towards him.

“And if I don’t want the watch?”

“I don’t fucking know; regift it to Geoff or something.”

Ryan shakes his head, getting up from Michael’s couch and grabbing his jacket. “I’ll come by tomorrow morning, get you for the stakeout.”


Ryan shrugs his jacket on, fixing the collar, and turns towards the door, but stops when Michael calls his name, glancing over his shoulder at him.

“You think maybe the watch means something else?”

“Like what?”

Michael shrugs, and Ryan grunts in frustration and leaves the penthouse with more questions than answers.

The jacket is nice, red leather with an interior pocket big enough to fit at least two knives, and it’s hanging in Ryan’s closet like it’s been there forever and not just a few hours.

He takes it off the hanger, holding it in both hands, rubbing the material with his thumbs. He doesn’t need it, has had his black and blue one for years, but he has to admit it’s probably going to look good on him.

Attached to the collar is a post-it that says:

Sorry about the watch. 


My Place?



Ryan pulls his cell out of his pocket and texts Gavin:  Are you cooking?

Gavin responds fairly quickly: Why would I do such a thing? Takeout exists for a reason!

Just checking.

Wear that jacket.

I don’t wanna!


Ryan sighs but texts back, OK.

The jacket fits perfectly, and Ryan looks really good in it. He’s a little pissed at himself for being right, and at Gavin for buying it, but he still wears the goddamn thing because Gavin asked him to, and it’s alarming what he’d do for that little shit just because he asked.

He knocks on Gavin’s door, running a hand through his hair, wishing he would have worn it up. It’s too late to fix that now, his last hair tie lying broken at the bottom of his trash can, and he buries his hands in his pockets to stop himself from trying to fix his hair.

The door swings open, and Gavin beckons him inside, phone pressed to his ear, a goofy grin on his face. He walks away from Ryan, laughing softly at whatever the person on the other line said, shaking his head slowly.

“Call me later, yeah?” He nods, smiling softly, and Ryan has to force himself to look away. “Cheers.” He hangs up, tossing his cell onto his couch, and says, “Well, you’re early.”

“Traffic wasn’t too bad.”


They stand there awkwardly for a few seconds before Gavin clears his throat and asks, “You fancy pizza or Chinese?”

“Doesn’t matter to me.”


As Gavin grabs his phone from the couch, Ryan slowly sinks down into one of his recliners, shrugging his jacket off. He watches as Gavin paces across the living room, talking to the pizza place down the block, ordering a large pizza and a two-liter of Diet Coke.

When he ends the call, he stashes his phone in his back pocket and sits down on his couch, turning to face Ryan.



“Why did my watch offend you?”


“It’s a simple question,” Gavin says with an easy shrug, leaning back into his couch. “I didn’t return it.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s a gift, Ryan. You know what a gift is, right?”

Ryan scoffs, crossing his arms, and grumbles, “I know what a gift is. I just don’t get why.”

“Why what?”

“Why’d you buy me the watch? Or this jacket? I don’t need either one.”

Gavin makes an affronted noise and exclaims, “Well, you bleeding nob, I wanted to! Why do I need another reason?”

“I don’t know! Why’d you want to?”

Gavin buries his face in his hands, letting out a muffled, frustrated scream, for a second reminding Ryan of Michael. He lowers his hands slowly, dragging them down his face and letting them fall limply in his lap. He looks down at them, chewing on his lip for a few seconds, before meeting Ryan’s eyes.

“Sometimes a watch isn’t just a watch, Ryan,” Gavin says softly.

“What does that mean?”

Gavin throws his hands in the air. “Oh my god!”


“You are, without a doubt, the densest git I have ever met!”

“What’d I do?”

“Sometimes the watch isn’t just a watch,” Gavin repeats, his voice rising several octaves.

“Yeah, you said…” Ryan’s eyes widen, understanding hitting him like a ton of bricks, and he softly says, “Oh.”

“Yeah, oh.”

“Well, why didn’t you say anything?!” Gavin throws his hands out, gesturing to the jacket, and Ryan says, “Verbally.”

“I didn’t think I had to!”

“Why the hell would you think that?”

“This conversation is going nowhere.”

“Would you rather buy another gift?”

“No, I’d rather furiously snog you.”

Ryan falters, his face heating up, and he stammers, “W-what?”

“Is that verbal enough for you, Ryan?”

Mouth suddenly dry, Ryan mutely nods.

They completely forget about the pizza guy.

Imagine it is Elizabeth Olsen's birthday and you finally meet Sebastian.

Tonight is Elizabeth Olsen’s birthday. She is your best friend since both of you knew in high-school. You are inseparable since then and you have shared many moments together. This is why you are excited about her birthday (it seems it is your own birthday.)

You ring the bell of his house and Elizabeth opens the door.

‘Here is the birthday girl! Happy birthday Liz!!’

'Hi Y/N, thank you! Come in.’

'I think it is the third time I tell you 'happy birthday.’ Here is your present. I hope you like it.’

'Oh, this is a beatiful dress! I will wear it in the premiere of my next movie, I promess. I love it. Thank you!’

'You are a sweetheart. Hey, are the guys already here?’

'No, Ryan and Benjamin do not arrive yet. But come on, I want to introduce you some people I know you love.’


You are already nervous because it is possible that Elizabeth introduces you a celebrity, but who this time? This is one of the perks of being her friend: you get to know famous people.

God, you can’t believe who are in front of you.

'Hey Chris, Seb. This is Y/N, my best friend. Y/N, this are Chris and Seb.’

'Hi guys,’ is the only thing you can say. You love, you really love Captain America’s movies so, you can’t believe you are talking to the actors of the movie. Besides, Elizabeth knows you have a crush on Sebastian. You saw him  from afar in the premiere of Civil War and you could not believe how handsome he was (is.)

 Elizabeth knows you so well that she knows you are dying inside. 

'Hey, Y/N. Nice to meet you.’ Says Chris.

'Hi, nice to meet you.’ Sebastian says.

The bell rings and Elizabeth leaves you alone with Chris and Sebastian. What the fuck are you going to talk about if you do not even know! Lucky you, Ryan and Benjamin just arrive. 

'Guys, these are other friends of mine from high school: Ryan and Benjamin.’ Elizabeth tells Chris and Sebastian.

Elizabeth leaves you and goes to talk to the other guests.  

The boys start talking about sports, of course. They are talking  about basketball and luckily, you can participate in the chat because you like basketball, among other sports.

After 20 minutes of talking and discussing whether Manuel Ginobili or Luis Scolla is the best argentine player, Elizabeth interrupts you.

'Sorry guys, I am going to take Y/N. You keep talking.’

'Really?!? Why did not you tell me that Sebastian was coming? God, before Ryan and Benjamin came, I was practically dying.’

'Ahaha, yeah, I saw your expression. Well, but nothing bad happens. Now you know him personally. He is so funny. Come on, let’s go to the backyard. I want to be with my best friend. We have not talked for a weak I think.’

You two talk for about 30 minutes. You are having so much fun. 

'Liz, can you come, please?’ Someone says.

'Yes, Sarah. Y/N, I will be here in a minute. I love to remember what we lived in high school with you.’

You just wait in the backyard. You check your phone and suddenly someone talks to you.

'Hey, you know a lot about basketball.’ Sebastian tells you.

Just. Control. Yourself. It Is what you think.

'Well, I like sports. I think we should keep talking until I convince you that Manu Ginobili is the best.’

'Oh, we are going to talk until tomorrow then. So, you know Liz since high school.’

'Yeah, we are inseparable since then. She even invites me to the premieres of her movies.’

'So, you where in the premiere of Civil War?’

'Of course! I would not have missed it! I must confess I am crazy about Marvel movies and Captain America is one of them. I had to be there. You are really good in the movie, by the way.’

'Thank you. Bucky Barnes is one of the best characters I have played so far.’

'Yeah, and long hair looks good on you.’ You do not know why you say it and how you dare to say it.

Sebastian starts laughing and he blushes all of a sudden.

'Well, thank you again. I will let it grow then.’

'Oh come on, you will never see me again. And let’s be honest: short hair looks good on you too. So, do not worry.’

'Seb, here you are.’ Chris interrupts you.

'Yeah. Y/N is telling me that long hair looks good on me.’

'You see? Anthony is right: you will go to jail because you are killing women with your beauty. Hey, sorry for interrupting but I think we should go. Tomorrow we train early in the morning.’

'Oh, ok Steve. It was nice to meet you Y/N. I hope we can see again before the premiere of Infinity War.’

'So, you are confirming you will be in the next movie of the Avengers. Great! It was nice to meet you too guys. Yeah, maybe we see before the premiere.’

'Bye Y/N. Have a good time.’ Chris tells you. And then, they both leave the party.

You still cannot believe you just talked to Sebastian Stan and you mentioned his hair.


Your cellphone wakes you up. You are now in that moment in which you do not know who you are, you do not know where you are, but you answer your phone anyway.

'Hello?’ You answer with a tired voice.

'Y/N, are you still sleeping?’ Elizabeth tells you.

'Well, I had a long and funny night. I was the last one to leave your party. I am justified.’

'Yes, you are right. I just call you because there is something I want to tell you. What I am going to say will definitely get you up. I am so happy.’

'What? What is going on? Do not tell me you get the paper you wanted?!?’

'No, it is not about that.  It is about Sebastian.’

'Don’t tell me he accepts Ginobili is the best argentine basketball player?’

'Oh no, believe me. It is better than that. He called me fifteen minutes ago. First, he told why I did not introduce you to them before. And then, he asked me for your number phone. He said that although you think Ginobili is the best, you are a good girl and he wants to know you.’

'What?!? Are you kidding me? I am awake now, definitely.’

'Really? You talked about basketball tonight?’

'Well, there was nothing I could do. They were all men, obviously they were going to talk about sports.’

'Okay, you are forgiven. So, should I give him your phone?’

'I do not know, Liz. Let me think… No, just kidding. Of course!’

'Great! I will give it to him then. I have to go now, my family will arrive soon and this house is still a mess. But let me tell you that I am really happy. Seb is a good guy, and so are you.’

' Send kisses to the Olsen’s.  Thanks Liz! I can’t believe what you just told me.’

Ten minutes later, you are making your coffee. Your cellphone rings again. You just receive a message. 'It must be Liz telling me that it was a joke. How stupid of me, pranked by my best friend. Well, after all I deserve it. I have pranked on her so many times.’

You open the message: 'Hi Y/N, how are you? It is Sebastian Stan. I just wanted to know if you want to go out with me. I think we owe a talk about basketball players. I must teach you about sports, obviously. So, tell me if you want to.’

You are dying of happiness. 

'Hi Sebastian. How you wish you could teach me about sports. Yeah, why not? Just tell me when and I will be there.’

'Prepare for the gold, Lance Tucker. You do not want to fuck with me in sports.’ Is what you think. If only Sebastian knew you have seen all his movies.

I genuinely hope Ryan knows how much he’s loved in this world, how many lives he’s saved by existing and writing music, how much he’s appreciated, and how people haven’t forgot about him just because he left Panic! I’m so glad to see so many people celebrating his birthday on here and I hope he sees it. He means so much to me and I know he means so much to so many other people. I hope he knows that he has so many people that would love and comfort him and stand up for him just because we’ve known him through a screen. I never knew that by listening to some band, one member could change my life in such a way. Of course I don’t know Ryan personally but everyday I wish I will be able to some day. My parents and my friends always brush it off when I talk about him because “oh yeah of course she’s talking about that Ross guy again” but everything I say about him, every ounce of love I have for him, I mean it. There isn’t a time I mention him if I don’t want to show the world what an amazing human he is. Sometimes people take for granted the fact that it’s someone’s birthday. Like oh Ryan is 30 today congrats. But it’s so impressive for him to have lived 30 years and made it this far. After everything he’s been through, he could’ve given up so many times but he didn’t. He’s lived through so much and he has so much strength and that’s why I look up to him so much. Ryan Ross is my mentor and my hero. I don’t think there is anyone else in this world that I look up to like I look up to him. He’s done that for me by just existing for 30 years at the same time I have. I wasn’t planning to write a long post but I here I am. Anyone that knows me will tell you once I get talking about Ryan, I don’t stop. I love him and I hope I get the chance to meet him some day. He’s truly one of the best humans this world has and I hope he knows the love this world has for him. Happy birthday Ryan. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without you. You’re my hero.


On your special day, I planned to do an edit and write a letter, but one day, an idea appeared in my mind and I thought how about combine the both of them?

Ryan Kelley, Happy 29th Birthday! I hope you will get to see this and like it. I have been such a big fan of yours and I wish that you will have a great time on your special day. There are so much more I want to say, but I cannot fit them all here. You’re an amazing, funny person you deserve all the best. Thank you so much for all you do and trying your best to interact with me through social medias. I hope you eat lots of cake and maybe pizza? ( I swear do not throw it on the sink this time). Haha!

Happy Birthday again to our favorite deputy in Beacon Hills. Have fun and keep doing you.

- KC


I just wanna take the chance to wish this amazing boy happy birthday. He is so much more than an idol or a rapper. He is so much more than a composer or a writer. He is Kim Namjoon, the boy who like Ryan lion. He hurts too sometimes when reading all the hate on the Internet. He’s just like everyone of us, he doesn’t deserve all the hate thrown at him.

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Look at him. Why do you hurt him so?

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He has his awkward moments.

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He gets excited too.

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He is just as human as any of us. 

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So Happy Birthday Namjoon and I hope you’ll have an amazing year ahead!

What is it with Ackermans and orphans?
What is it with Ackermans and orphans?

Levi is feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders, what with everything that has happened in such a short span of time. He figures that maybe a bit of fresh air would help clear his mind. Maybe picking a spot near the orphanage (overseen by her majesty Queen Historia) wasn’t the best idea – or perhaps some company was exactly what he needed. 

I would like to wish my good friend Gianna ( ari-rivaille-ackerman​ ) a very happy birthday! I’ve been working on this for a little over a month, and it’s finally complete. I’d wanted to do something like this for a long time, cuz Ari is such a cute OC and I love voicing her – plus Gi is awesome, and I really wanted to do something special!

 I hope you’re birthday is amazing, Gi! I love you lots, and thank you so much for being my friend:)

Thank you everyone who took part in this little project! It means so much to me!

Written by courtneytheva and joeyharker

Ari and Young Levi: courtneytheva

Levi: ryan-lawhon

Historia: nicholesparlinva

Children: szenandoa and mamalee-the-dragon-queen

Kenny: actorsallusionpresents