happy birthday robbie~

Happy birthday, Robbie Ross.

I wish it were possible to let you know how much we all adore you, even this long after your ashes were left in Oscar’s grave.

You know, the saddest thing is that I wanted to list some facts about Robbie for today, the 25th of May. But the only ones I could find were heartbreaking, nothing fit for a birthday celebration. He lived a terribly short, hard life, and deserved so, so much better. In another world he might have led a different life, a happier one; but he made the most of the one he had, if nothing else. He had the immense bravery to be openly gay in a harshly homophobic world. He had the strength of character to stand by the man he loved, even when it wasn’t wholly appreciated. And maybe this is the reward. Us, here, remembering him, and admiring the legacy he left.

So happy birthday, Robbie Ross. We love you.


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