happy birthday reginae

“Why did you get to choose the cake?” 

Regina frowns as she turns to her evil counterpart and asks, “What?” 

The Queen sighs before sitting up with a dramatic huff, “I said why did you get to choose the cake?” 

“Why not?” 

“It’s my birthday.” 

“It’s mine too,” Regina argues, “And I made the cake.” 

“I helped.” 

“You were laying on the table hurling insults about my taste in decorating.” 

“It’s called enjoying one’s birthday,” the Queen grins, “What cake did you make us?” 

“Chocolate chip.” 

At that the Queen offers a hint of a genuine smile before huffing, “It’ll do…why don’t we get two cakes?” 

“Do we need two cakes?” Regina replies. 

The Queen shrugs, “Why not? Today is both of our birthdays.”

“Can’t you just come to the party and play nice? For Henry?”

“Will Snow be there?” 



“We’re friends now and she helped Emma plan the party.” 

“Ah there’s the real reason you agreed to a party,” the Queen drawls, “For Em-ma.” 

“Shut up,” Regina snaps with a slight blush. 

“Fine, I’ll come,” the Queen declares, “It could be fun to watch you awkwardly and obliviously flirt all night.” 

“Why did I invite you again?” 

“Because I’m fun…do we get our own presents or do I have to share yours?”

Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it

I haven’t posted anything here in a while but it is Manon’s ( @onhowtobecrazy) birthday today so I had to. Also a belated gift for Em @lillie-grey who is havng a bad week, I hope this fluffy piece will make you smile darling! 

Here have some Dimple Dark!Outlaw Queen

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived in an Enchanted Forest, full of magic and extraordinary creatures. This boy lived in a camp full of honorable thieves. It may seem like an oxymoron to you, but somehow those outlaws turned their former amoral existences around for the greater good, stealing to give back, taking from those who had everything they wanted, to help those who had too little.

They became the boy’s family, for this child had lost much, too much; his mother, whom he could barely remember, not long after birth, his father just a few months prior, his sister and his Queen, left behind in another realm. The joyful, energetic, curious boy had changed ever since their return to Sherwood Forest, the light in his eyes had dimmed, he was quieter, his smiles rarer, his nightmares scarier. The Merry Men, his band of thieves, tried their hardest to distract and occupy him, to comfort him, but nothing and no one could replace the soothing voice and strong arms of his Papa, especially on that particular day.

That day was a special one for the boy, usually his favourite of the year, his birthday. For as long as he could remember, his father had gone out of his way to make it an unforgettable event. He had received his first small bow and arrow on his third birthday, squealing as he had been able to finally notch an arrow on his own, uncaring that he never hit the target, he had ridden on a pony for his fourth, a little black one that the Queen had personally chosen for him from her stables at the Dark Palace, where they had all been living then. She had helped him groom it and feed it apples from her tree, she had led them for a walk around the castle, even had sped it up to a trot to the boy’s utter delight. Afterwards they had baked his cake from scratch, and that night, with a full belly, clutching his new toy pony, an exact, fluffy replica of the living model, the boy had fallen asleep with a smile so wide his cheeks had hurt, it had rivaled his father’s.

 His fifth birthday would be different. The boy didn’t want to rise up for it, he wanted to stay snuggled under his blankets so no one would see his tears as he missed his Papa and his Queen and everyone else they had left behind. He just wanted his special day to be over. The Merry Men were persistent however, and after careful coaxing, they convinced the boy to join them. They didn’t try to turn it into a lavish party, none of them wanted to insult the boy’s father memory by attempting to live up to his unique way of celebrating his son.

 It was a quiet affair with simple handmade gifts and his favourite cake, a treat done with ingredients Granny had given them as they had left. Five candles lit the chocolate confection, and as he was about to blow on them, his father’s best friend, a hairy, burly, giant of a man, ironically nicknamed Little John, reminded him that he needed to make a wish. The boy’s little face screwed into thoughts, for there was only one thing he wanted and he knew he couldn’t get it. Still he shrugged, closed his eyes, made his wish and blew on his candles.

“What did you wish for, Roland?” A soft, feminine voice spoke in his ear.

“You can’t tell wishes or they won’t come true, silly,” the boy replied, and then froze, he knew this voice. Roland turned to the side and opened his eyes. They fell on the beautiful face of his Queen.

“Regina!” He exclaimed, throwing his arms around her neck, clinging to her tightly. “You’re here! You came back!” He sighed happily as he felt her gentle hands stroking his back.

“I did Roland. I couldn’t miss my favourite Knight’s birthday, now could I?” She told him and he giggled. He leaned back to look at her, his eyes twinkling for the first time in months, his smile wide and genuine. “And as it is your special day, I think it is tradition that I give you a present,” with a flourish, she made his gift appear in a plume of smoke.

“Monkey!” Roland cried out, squeezing against him the plush toy that had been lost in the confusion of their hasty departure, his companion ever since his Queen had saved him from the much more terrifying,breathing version. “Thank you Regina!” He seemed to realize for the first time that she looked a bit different than the last time he saw her. With her long, raven hair in a styled ponytail and her outfit, she resembled the Regina he had met all those months ago when she had been separated from her son.

She had been so sad then, that he had felt a chest swelling pride for every smile he had managed to get out of her. This Regina, though similar in looks to his sorrowful Queen, was both different from her and from the Regina he had to leave behind without saying goodbye. Roland couldn’t say how he knew but he felt it, in the way she looked at him.

He put his little hands on her cheeks and said, “You’re the Queen , aren’t you?” He sounded so much older than his five years when he spoke those words that the Queen was left stunned and speechless, could only nod in reply.

“But you’re not bad,” he stated more than asked, and theMen around them who had stayed silent since the woman appeared shifted uncomfortably.

The Queen’s eyes softened. “Not anymore,” she confirmed, a hint of shame in her tone, she did not want this precious boy to hear about the havoc she had wrecked in Storybrooke not so long ago.

“Regina sent you?” he asked, hopeful eyes and toothy grin, and the Queen’s newly mended heart squeezed painfully in her chest. Regina had no idea she was here, and she probably wouldn’t approve of what she was about to do, but what could the Queen possibly tell him?

“In a way, yes, she did,” she answered. “I have another surprise for you but I need to explain something first, and you have to listen really closely, alright?”

The boy nodded with all the seriousness he was capable of, it made the Queen chuckle, she caressed his cheek gently.

“You see I went to another Realm and I found someone there, someone very special, who looks like your Papa,” she paused, biting her lip, hesitating when the boy instantly perked up. “Roland, he looks very much like him, but he is not your Papa, he has led a very different life, he doesn’t know us,” the boy deflated, lowering his head, a pout on his lips. “He is a thief but he doesn’t do it for good like your father did. He wants to change though, do you think you could help me show him how?”

Seconds ticked by, and the Queen became more and more convinced that she had made a terrible mistake, that she had broken the child’s heart. What had she been thinking, coming back here to ruin his birthday? And then Roland threw himself in her arms again, and she took a shaky breath as he whispered a heartfelt ‘Thank you Regina’ in her ear.

She introduced him to Robin of Locksley, and his appearance and manners were distinctive enough not to upset the boy too much. This man could easily pass for a long lost brother or cousin to the Robin they knew. They were uneasy with each other at first, but with time and those room lighting smiles of Roland’s they started to form a real bond. The Queen’s anxiety slowly eased, as each day passed, and two of her favourite men got along better and better. This fresh start Regina had given her looked more promising with each dawn and sunset that she enjoyed in the arms of her thief, Roland’s soft snores filtering from the tent next to them.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived in an Enchanted Forest full of magic and extraordinary creatures. He had lost much, too much, but on his fifth birthday he wished for a family, for a mother and a father to complete his rugged band of thieves, and it was granted. Would it be a happily ever after? Well, that’s an entirely new adventure to tell.

and liv’d but three summer days...

Wow I feel like I haven’t been writing OUAT in forever. This is for the adorable @lillie-grey‘s birthday (I sent it to you by mail but I’m handwriting is screwed up and I’m not sure I trust the university posting system so better safe than sorry).

A year ago you sent me this Dragon Queen prompt: “ember, whisper, velvet”

Enjoy, lovely ♥

“I smell sadness on you, little one.”

The low murmur draws Regina’s eyes away from the bright-colored insect fluttering under her gaze and to the naked back of her lover, where she rests her head in heavy-lidded bliss.

“Butterflies. They’ve always made me sad. Such a waste of beauty on three days of living.”

“Do you think life is a waste?”

“A short life? Yes.”

The dragon hums softly and turns around from under the fragile human queen to look into her eyes.

“Humans are to me what butterflies are to you. You are more transient than shooting stars. And yet, not a day goes by that I don’t envy your race.”

Regina lets her fingers travel on Maleficent’s face, reveling in the velvet of the skin she hides under her dragon scales.


“Because you do not have time to lose your fire. You burn fast, but with colors that will never fade over centuries. Not like mine.”

Regina softly presses her lips to Maleficent’s, her kiss an ember of the passion that had driven them to lie naked in the grass, but expressing a shattering devotion.

“You are not fading. You’re the only color I see, the brightest light in my life.”

The dragon smiles, wise, and old, and revived, and breathes hot wind in the young queen’s mouth.

“My little queen. Your colors may invisible to the eyes of men, but I see them all.”

Maleficent kisses her way to Regina’s ear, smiling at the soft moans she draws from the young girl, and whispers her threat, her promise, her love song. “And they’ll be seared into everyone’s mind when you finally spread your wings.”

anonymous asked:

Emma's family and friends give her a birthday that's filled with everything she doesn't want in it. Later, as she slips away from the extravaganza, she runs into the one person who understands and cares about her wishes

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma peers furtively around her as she nears the exit of the town hall. Every time she’s got this far so far this evening, someone has spotted her and dragged her back into the party. 

She sighs. Its not that she’s not grateful for the party, she is, it’s just a little much and not really her thing. She’s never had a birthday party and upon hearing that revelation, Snow threw a massive ball. There have been dances, lavish gifts, fancy ball gowns and a cake she can’t get anywhere near. 

It’s extravagant and more than she could ever have imagined whilst she was growing up…but it’s also suffocating and a reminder of a world that she is not and will never truly feel a part of. 

Emma sighs once more, taking her moment and hurrying out the door. She just wants a moment to breathe. She’d have been happy with dinner at Granny’s with her family, blowing out candles and simple yet heartfelt gifts. 

That’s all she wanted. 

Emma wanders out into the gardens before smiling as she spots the apple tree and taking a seat on the bench out there. 

“Shouldn’t you be inside?” 

Emma jumps, “Shit!” She turns her head and sees Regina sitting on the other side of the bench, her long blue gown twinkling in the moonlight. 

“Eloquent as always Emma.” 

“You scared the crap out of me, I think you can let me off for that one.”

Regina chuckles, “I suppose it is your birthday…which again, why are you out here?” 

Emma sighs, “I just needed some air. The party’s great and all but…it’s not really me…it feels…”


“How did you know?” 

Regina sighs, “I’ve been to many balls and felt the same way at everyone of them…that I didn’t belong and that all I wanted was a piece of cake.” 

Emma chuckles, “That cake looks amazing…my Mom shoots daggers at me everytime I go near it.” 

Regina raises a brow before waving her hand, two slices of cakes appearing in her hands and handing one to Emma. 

“Did you just…”

They hear a shriek of “The CAKE!” from inside the hall and Emma chuckles before smiling shyly at the brunette, “I shouldn’t laugh…but thank you.” 

Regina smiles back moving to sit beside her, nudging Emma with her shoulder as she replies, “Happy Birthday Emma.” 

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it's regina's birthday and she thinks everyone forgot it, and she gets really mad at everyone but she didn't know that they were throwing her a surprise party so when she gets home from work she start to cry bc she had never had a surprise party before in her life.

(I hope you like it :) )

Regina’s mood was just as bad as this cold weather. She was almost done for the day with her work and with a dropping feeling; she realized that everyone had forgotten her birthday.

Her poor assistant and the janitor had been victims of her mood, lashing out at them for no reason.

She has gotten soft.

Usually she never really put much worth into birthdays, except for Henry’s.

Since Emma was in her life, she had started to actually value this - this family thing they were doing. Of course, it was Emma’s fault!

Regina opened the front door of her mansion and kicked the door shut. Henry would spend the night at Emma’s, so she was alone - on her birthday.

Last year, Granny and Snow had done a surprise birthday party for Ruby. Regina swallowed, grabbing a bottle of wine - pouring herself a generous glass of the red colored beverage.

No one would do that for; she was the evil queen after all. Why would anyone throw her a party?

She slumped down onto her couch, taking a big gulp of her wine. She was throwing herself a party - a pity party.

Tears were streaming down her face by now and she wiped them furiously away. She would not cry.

A knock on the front door startled the brunette, almost dropping her glass she got up. She was ready to give a piece of her mind, to whoever was on the other side of the door.

Regina jerked the door open and looked directly at Emma.

“Uhm, hey Regina…” Emma started, eyeing the brunette wryly.

“Miss Swan, what do you want?” Regina said annoyance evident in her voice.

“I - oh yeah, there is a problem - at the diner, I need you there!” Emma explained nervously.

Rolling her eyes, Regina looked at Emma. “You’re the sheriff, do your job.” She huffed, attempting to close the door.

“Yes, but it’s - really important.” Emma’s hand stopped the door midway.

Regina snarled, and then rolled her eyes. “Fine, but if this is a prank..I will grill your ass, that’s a threat and promise!” The mayor said threateningly.

Emma bit back a grin, nodding solemnly. Now she hoped, that Regina actually liked the important thing - or she would really worry about her ass.

Leaving the bug, both women made their way to the diner.

Regina’s mood was foul and Emma worried a little bit, if all of this was a good idea.

The blonde sheriff opened the door - holding it for Regina as the brunette brushed past her.


Regina stood stock still, looking at all the people that were gathering around.

Snow carried a huge cake on her hands, with several lit candles on it. Henry grinning widely at her, holding a wrapped up package in his hands.

The whole town was present and the mayor could not process it.

The whole day she thought they had forgotten her. And here she was, in the middle of her own surprise birthday party.

“Happy Birthday, Regina.” A soft voice appeared from behind, slowly turning her head Regina could see Emma, who smiled adoringly at her.

“This was your idea…” She whispered and Emma smiled lopsided. “Maaaybe, I don’t know…” The blonde winked, walking to the counter.

Later that night Emma leaned against the bar counter, sipping contently on her beer. Regina approached her, eyeing the blonde interested.

“So will you grill my ass?” Emma asked, eyes twinkling with mirth. Chuckling Regina leaned besides the blonde against the counter.

“Not today, Emma..” She said, as her eyes roamed the room.

“You thought we had forgotten your birthday, right?” The blonde questioned. Swallowing the brunette nodded in confirmation.

“I’m sorry it felt this way, it was hard tho. Not to seek you out.” Emma smiled, slowly shifting towards Regina.

“Well Miss Swan, you managed to make this day better for me.” Regina finally said. Emma grinned briefly, as her hand reached behind the counter.

“That’s my gift to you. Maybe you’ll like it.” Emma slowly handed her the little present.

Regina eyed it with curious eyes, slowly unwrapping it.

Gasping Regina looked down at the gift and swallowed.

Oh God…”

It was a picture of the two women together with Henry.

“I love it, thank you…” The mayor whispered, tears gleaming in her eyes.

“You’re loved Regina, never forget this.” Emma said, while she kissed the brunette’s cheek

“Happy birthday.”

The blonde was about to go, when a hand grabbed her. Emma stopped, looking confused at Regina.

Suddenly lips were on hers. Regina kissed her!

In the middle of the diner!

Emma slowly kissed Regina back, pulling her closer.

“What was that for?” Emma asked breathlessly, once they stopped kissing.

“That was a thank you - for never letting me down - never stopping to annoy me.” Regina whispered, her forehead leaning against Emma’s.

“DID YOU JUST KISS EMMA?” A screeching voice boomed through the diner. Both broke apart, when they looked at Snow.

“I did.” Regina simply stated. Snow’s eyes went wide.

“But…but you’re both straight…” She stuttered.

“Yeah right!” Ruby said snorting.

Emma raised a confused eyebrow at her mother. “Who said we’re straight?”

Regina laughed lightly, when she gazed back at Emma. “Best birthday ever.”