happy birthday ree


 babyhyun’s spii~ning habit  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

happy birthday to the lovely daihun!  ♡



She was real, though, real somewhere out in the world and the light. If he could have wished for anything in his life, it would have been for her to be real, and she was.

happy birthday sunshine puppy <3


a very special message for a very special person, from a very special fictional character man. @froschkuss​, meeting you this year was definitely one of the best things that could ever happen to me, and i’ll forever cherish you and your friendship. thank you for being you, the sweetest friend anyone could possibly ask for, for indulging me always and somehow never minding my nonsense and silly whims. you never cease to make me laugh and to warm my lil sappy heart, and your art has made a lot of us humble muffins extraordinarily happy. may all your wishes come true, my precious and stellar baumkuchen, and may we fummel the flausch together for a very long time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHACHA ♥ ♥

from lil elf ;)

Hello dear fellow Tumblr’s,

In a few days, imiging will lit its third candle and we have imiging to celebrate it together with a special event open to the creators of Tumblr … a third Birthday and a new Challenge

Once upon a time, a forester started to plant a forest of beauty and talents on Tumblr. He and a team of jolly elves have been collecting daily wonderful essences found in your creative universes .. and thanks to all your seeds and seedlings, imiging became this great forest….Tree years now, Three years.

Amy, Chas, Dan, JamesJasminKaiMara, Mazette, Radek, Silver-frog, the imiging team, are quite excited and impatient to discover what you’ll come up with a special key-word.  Guess what the Challenge will be?  

Give us your imigined  ThreeTree….T(H)REE…  

To participate, send us your creative submission via our submit form with the tag “imiging3”  until December 19th, 2016.  One submission per challenger. We will accept any style, any format and Gif …of course. Texts, poem, illustration, drawings, doodles, painting, collage, photosets, sound, music are also welcome in our woods…

Plant a T(H)REE and it will grow at imiging on December 22nd…imiging 3rd Birthday, will be your « T(h)ree » party…

And it is done!

Here’s a painting of Louie, the finished present for REE , which actually didn’t take up as much time as I first expected. 

Also, while painting this, I started to think that Louie and my OC, Bernadette, would be the best awkward buddies or something along those lines.

External image

Now as for the more popular Risto, I believe the vast majority of my characters would either fear him or not wish to associate with him. Maybe there’s an exception with Moriko, but only because of her god complex.

Anyway! Enough rambling. Happy Birthday Ree! May your day be extra special and filled with affection from all of your friends. ^u^