happy birthday queen i love you and adore you

Acceptance Speech

Summary: (Modern!AU) In which Bucky uses his time on stage at the Oscars to let the world in on a secret he’s been keeping for more than two years.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,217

A/N: Happiest of happy birthdays to my twin, @imaginingbucky . You are a queen and I adore you with every single ounce of my being. I know how much you love award shows, so I hope you enjoy this too.

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Bucky feels like a nervous teenager as he sits in the backseat of a stretch limousine, waiting to arrive at his destination. His hands are clammy, his heart is beating too quickly and he can’t stop tapping his foot on the floor. After six years in the acting business, he shouldn’t feel this way. He’s attended more than his fair share of award shows to know all kinds of techniques to keep any concerns at bay. Yet here he is trying his hardest not to hyperventilate and hold his water bottle without spilling it all over his expensive suit. He’d never hear the end of it from his stylist if he did.

“Looking forward to the show tonight?” Vision asks, momentarily catching Bucky’s gaze in the rear view mirror.

Bucky pulls at the collar of his shirt before shifting slightly. Usually this backseat offers him the comfort he needs, no matter how he’s feeling. Today he might as well be sitting on rocks. “Yeah.”

“You don’t sound it,” Viz observes, as he makes a right turn down a side street. He’s an expert at getting you where you need to go while also avoiding all of the LA traffic. “Is it because you’re up for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’?”

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Happy birthday to the queen of JDM and Negan fandoms - Maiara( @mypapawinchester)!
Sweetie, I wish you everything best from the bottom of my heart and I hope that you’re having a great day! I just wanted to tell you how thankful and happy I am that I have someone so extraordinary as you as friend. You’re so caring, talented, sweet, kind, helpful and honest. I adore everything about you. Thank you for everything. For your support, for all conversations, for your patience, for all beautiful gifs and edits, for your amazing ideas, for everything.
I love you so much! Happy birthday! ♥

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CUTEST OF CUTES, MAMA BEAR WRITE ROSE DIANAKKO QUEEN WRITER HANA <3 I hope you have the BEST FUCKING DAY EVER as much as you can cause YOU D E S E R V E SO MUCH, ALL THE GIFTS AND HUGS AND GAY FAV GIRLS BEING SICKENINGLY GAY FOR YOU, I love you so much and you're one of the best friends anyone could ever have. Thank you for 2+ years of being you and let's 10x that number, okay? I love you Hana, you're wonderful and adorable and incredible and my favourite writer qt ever <3



Arrow + The Arrow Ladies + their titles and the meanings behind them based on this quote [insp]
especially made for my baby smoochkin as a very very late birthday present: grantkatie

You are a queen. You are a dragon. You are a warrior. You are a wolf. You are an enchantress. You are a bump in the night. You are a mermaid. You are the last thing they see in the darkness.”

Dear Queen Elsa,

How dare you

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be so f*cking

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and dorky

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you are the 

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Tis extremely rude, ma’am. 

But also, I love you dearly. 



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ahh mari happy birthday you beautiful queen!! i lpove you and if this day is evenly slightly like you, itd already be amidst the best days to ever occur heheh so am hoping it is much like you!! Please continue being you, a kind + beautiufl softie who'll still stand her ground if necessary. Eat loads of cake, laugh till your lungs ache and know theres a bunch of us here who love and adore you. have a great day mari, you deserve it. sending lots of love your way xx

THIS IS SO SWEET IM SO EMO thank you for the kind wishes and the positive vibes, I’ll keep them with me today! ❤️❤️


happy birthday the most beautiful, hardworking, adorable young woman. this was such an amazing year for you and i know it’ll keep getting better. you deserve all the love you get and more! i don’t know anyone else who manages to be a sexy queen one moment, a cute princess the next, and then a giant dork but you do it every day. please just keep doing you and know that we’re always rooting for you. #HappySeolhyunDay


Happy 26th birthday to you, Park Kyungri. I just want to let you know how proud I am of you and all of your accomplishments. You’ve come so far and I hope you don’t ever give up on your dreams. You’re my beautiful shining star, my queen. Behind all the makeup, you’re just a weird normal human being that I adore so much. Keep on doing you, baby girl. I’ll be by your side until the end of time, rooting for you. May all your wishes continue to come true. #HappyGangDay2015

On March 3rd, 1997
A beautiful baby was born
One that brings so much joy
Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao
What a blessing
You are to this world
In Cojimar, Cuba
So young and pure
With all the hardships
You and your family endured
Little did you know
How beautifully your life would unfold
Who would have thought
Little Karla would move
To a forgein land
Along the way
Follow her dreams
And end up in an inspiring band?
All the more reason
A beautiful reminder
To trust in God and His plans
The One who turns
Cannots into cans
Without taking a second glance
You took that one percent chance
In spite of all the no’s
Never did your spirits stay low
You pursued and pursued
Until came the breakthrough
If you ever forget your worth
Take a deep look
Inside your soul
You have always mattered
Since the day of your birth
A crucial part of this Earth
You are made up of
Stardust, galaxies and elements
You are the perfect evidence
In a world so vicious at times
One can still be kind
Truly more souls like yours
Are needed in this age and time
I never truly understood
What some meant by
All the darkness in the world
Cannot extinguish a light
Of a single candle
Until I saw someone with a soul
Owned by you
It takes courage
To live and love like you
A heart so sensitive
One that feels so deeply
Forever empathetic
Fragile and yet
You are unbreakable
Love and love
Even if it hurts
Give and give
Even if few return
Know your worth
Even if some don’t
You are not a reflection
Of those who cannot love
Or see the beauty of your heart
To the one who kept singing
High School musical
Now you are selling out venues
To the one who was afraid
To perform in front of loved ones
Now you are amazing the world
To the one who rarely felt secure
Take a look at yourself now
A butterfly that’s left its cocoon
When you stare at your reflection
In the mirror
May you always feel content
Never forget
No one can make you feel inferior
Without your consent
May the spark in your eyes
Forever stay
May your passion
To make a change
Never go away
May your inner-child
Never feel
The need to grow up
May your soft heart
Never get hardened
By this sometimes cruel world
May whatever words you read
Inspire you and not
Make you weep
May the people you meet
Be touched by your sincerity
May the One in
The Heavens above
Continue to bless you forever more
May your heart, mind, body and soul
Be free and at peace
May the passion when you sing
Move even the tiniest heart strings
May you never forget
How much you inspire
Even on days where you feel down
You still give your all
To that one girl who thinks
Never will come a day she’ll blossom
You are proof
That day will come in time
To that one girl who is afraid
Of rejection and taking chance
You are proof
How sometimes its best
To join life’s dance and try
You are the best daughter
Any parent could ask for
Thoughtful and kind
You are the best sister
A sibling could ask for
Supportive and caring
You are the best friend
Any person could ask for
Comforting and loyal
Blessed are those that have you
If you ever feel alone
Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
No pain is permanent
You will be triumphant
It’s impossible for me to express
How much you mean to me
I’ve never met you
Still I am touched by
All the little things you do
The way you think
The way you smile
You are a light
That radiaties joy and love
It’s been an honor
To watch you grow
Never ever forget
Who you are is enough and whole
I’m grateful you exist
Baby cheeks no more
Eighteen is at the door
Butterfly Queen
You are a
An irreplaceable
A priceless
Human being
I will forever and ever
Adore and love you
You are brave
You are honest
You are beautiful
Happy birthday
Karla Camila Cabello
May God bless you and your loved ones

PS. Thank you to @bows-and-beanies for helping me with the graphics! I love you Sam.

okay but i don’t think you understand i can still remember when i first saw meg & thought to myself “you’re so fun & lively & confident & you’re probably gonna get slut-shamed by your friends at one point but it’s okay because i will love you” & like. i was kinda wrong about the slut-shaming part but. i’m just. so happy???? to see her doing so well after the disaster that happened last year??? like. her role in nmtd was basically to be used & taken for granted & have other people roll their eyes at her bc she’s the “provocative one” & apparently had a shitty job in retail to top everything off and now???? now she looks so happy???? and she’s got a cool job writing for a magazine like?? CAREER GIRL HELLS YEAH. & she’s not dating but she’s still v secure with herself even after robbie’s sorry ass & she’s having fun with her “casual affairs” as she calls them & she’s dancing like lydia bennet??????? which is adorable af????? 

i’m just so proud of her & happy for her like. “i know i’m intelligent, i’m hot, & i know what i’m doing.” I MEAN???? I THINK I’M GOING TO CRY?????? i am so happy for margaret winter you don’t understand.

this has been a meg winter appreciation post carry on with your day now.

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Hello! I love you guys so much. I just finished red queen and absolutely adored it. My birthday is coming up and I get to go to barnes and Noble. What books do you recommend?

Happy soon to be birthday!!!! 🎂🎂 Since you like Red Queen here’s what we recommend you read next:

- Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

- The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

- The Girl of Fire and Thorns series by Rae Carson

- Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi

- Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

- The Young Elites by Marie Lu


HAPPY 48th BIRTHDAY HELENA! I know you can’t read this, but it’s your birthday so I’m writing it to you because it will make more sense. I can’t describe my love for you, you have inspired me for so many reasons, your talent is beyond incredible and you are beautiful both inside and out! Every day my love for you grows stronger, and my crush for you grows stronger too (WE WILL GET MARRIED I’ll be your toy-girl). You make me happy, and it takes a lot to make me happy! You are the cutest ever with the dirtiest laugh. You always make me smile, in the work you do and the things you say. And even though you say perfection is overrated, you are perfection. You are perfection to me, you are just insanely beautiful. You’re insane, and remember, the most insane people are funny. I love how unique you are and how much you don’t care what people say. I hope to adopt this one day. I am so proud of you and so proud to be a fan… And a crazy lesbian maniac running after you hahahah. You are absolutely ADORABLE and i just love you! 




I love you so much, and just simply adore and admire you. I hope you have a very, very happy birthday, and get everything you wished for. You’ve done so much for me in such a short amount of time, I don’t even know where to start. Thank you for everything you do. Happy birthday babe! <33

not my gifs, don’t know who’s they are but credit to you all!