happy birthday perfect human being


                                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Here’s to a fabulous human being and the perfect person to play Jemma Simmons! We at Team Biochem wish (both of) you the happiest of birthdays and thank you for all that you do! 

Below is a culminated list of all of the different aspects Team B members love about EH/JS, as seen in the team project, “Biochem Birthday Bash” <3

Jemma’s love for tea // The way Jemma learned to lie // How Liz is the ultimate Fitzsimmons shipper // Jemma’s wardrobe // Liz’s leopard print obsession // Women in STEM representation // Jemma’s strength // Elizabeth + Maggie = BFFs 4 lyf // Jemma’s culinary skills/the sandwich origin // Jemma’s drive to protect people // Jemma’s love of space // Liz’s “fashion blog” // Jemma’s smile // Liz’s charitable efforts (Smile Train) // Jemma’s love of science // Jemma’s skepticism/refusal to believe in magic // The many expressions of Liz // Mental health rep - PTSD // Jemma’s Bravery // How well power suits Jemma (B is for Boss) // Team B <3 Elizabeth Henstridge & Jemma Simmons

Happy 30th Birthday, Elizabeth Henstridge & Jemma Simmons!!

Have some Makoto’s perfect smiles!!

(most of these are towards Haru i am so jealous rn)


Follow your dreams and keep your angelic smile, I love you so much 💚💚💚

@dasbijou needed a pick-me-up and considering Lonnie was so kind to me this weekend when I had a pretty horrible day, it is only fair that I return the favor. I hope you like it. I tried to make it pretty fluffy but I also loved the prompt and figured it would be a great meet cute. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU PERFECT SWEET HUMAN BEING!!

I’m here for you and I hope things get better for you soon love <3

Based off of this prompt:
You sit next to me everyday at lunch but you never say anything and I only tolerate it because you’re super hot AU

Derek likes his bench. It’s his bench. He’d claimed it three years ago when he started his residency at the hospital and has used it every day since to eat lunch. It’s secluded but not enough to cut him off from society completely and it also sits among the small garden out behind the hospital where they have the kids who are long term patients plant all different kinds of flowers in spring. It’s kind of his happy place.

But then he started coming out here. It’s been three weeks now to the day and Derek is fed up. The guy hasn’t said anything to him but his presence still annoys Derek to his wits end. He can’t even say what it is about the nurse that irks him. He doesn’t bother Derek in any way, only smiles his bright, friendly smile and sits at the other end of the bench to eat his sandwich while he gazes around the garden.

Sometimes his hair is flat as if he didn’t have time to style it before his shift (or maybe he pulled a double as people are wont to do here) but then sometimes…sometimes its coiffed in these soft waves that just brush the tan skin of his forehead. When it’s like this, the guy’s hair bounces as he moves as if he’s some sort of Disney prince. And every time he smiles at Derek, there’s this sort of sparkle in his eyes, which is absolutely ridiculous because that isn’t a thing that happens in real life so quit thinking about his eyes Derek and move already. You’ve been staring at him for too long.

Derek clears his throat awkwardly, finally unsticking his feet from the ground in order to amble over to the stone bench. The guy turns and gives him that smile and Derek immediately averts his gaze. As he’s settling into his spot, opening the container of leftover empanadas that he just reheated, he can see the guy shift in his peripheral.

“Are those my mom’s empanadas?”

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