happy birthday perfect angel

Sam x Reader Masterlist

Satan’s Vessel Part 1 (angst)

Satan’s Vessel Part 2 (angst/fluff)

Satan’s Vessel part 3 (angst/fluff)

Distracting A Moose (fluff)

A Moose in the Snow (fluff) *Author’s Choice*

Sam’s Jacket (fluff)

Sam’s Demons (angst)

Teacher’s Pet (fluff)

Haunted Forest Part 1

Haunted Forest Part 2

Haunted Forest Part 3

Meeting Sam Winchester (fluff)

Rainy Days with Sam (fluff)

Our First Kiss (fluff)

You’re Hurt (fluff) *Author’s Choice*

You’re my Savior (angst/fluff/ *attempted suicide*)

The Perfect Hell (angst)

Happy Birthday (fluff/angst)

The Runaway (angst/fluff)

Angelic Soulmate (fluff)

Sammy’s Gotcha (angst/fluff)

Sam Winchester Snuggles (fluff)

peculiargirls  asked:

Thank you a lot for my Voltron matchup! Could I also ask for a Haikyuu one? If that's ok with you of course.

yes you can!! thank you so much for waiting! 

i ship you with…………Sugawara Koushi!

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(happy belated birthday you beautiful angel)

-he is the perfect calm and gentle soul to your moody slytherin! (although he’s definitely a slytherin as well let’s be real.) your sarcasm bounces off his easily, the two of you going back and forth in such an easy banter that it feels like you two have been best friends for years. he’d be able to talk you through your stubbornness while also letting you get what you want because he’s THAT good of a compromiser! 

-suga would be incredibly impressed by your ability to speak another language and would definitely ask you how to say things all the time! he’s not a huge PDA guy but ohhhhhh man, does he love to hold hands! all the time, whenever he can, he’s gonna be holding your hand. (that was a nice little rhyme.) get ready for some early morning coffee dates before classes!!!

-you’d never have to worry about being abandoned with suga around! he’s extremely dedicated and also isn’t afraid of letting you know how he feels. he’d reassure you all the time without prompting just because he loves the look on your face every time he says i love you. your kindness is so important to him, and even when you get moody, he’s still right by your side, always supportive.

-he’s really good at dealing with stress and anxiety (thank being friends with asahi for that!!) and would know how to handle any situation. he loves listening to music with you and almost always has something playing in the background when you two are having a lazy day or a study date. 

-your flirtiness absolutely surprised suga the first time he witnessed it. i bet he was probably thinking that he’d have to be the outgoing and forward one in order to win you over, so the first time you shot him a one liner and a wink, he was a goner. blushing, wide eyed, the whole ordeal. after that, it was all downhill for him: it was so easy to fall for you that you barely had to do anything more than be yourself!

hope you liked it!! -mod chimi


#910616CNUDAYhappy birthday to our angelic gom
i’d write loads here but wanna keep it short and sweet.
thank you for your encouraging smile, your humble attitude, your caring nature, your awkward aegyo and for your heartwarming words. thank you for being our vocalist, rapper, umma, arguably best dancer and for being our CNU. happy birthday shin dong woo - i hope your hopes and wishes come true for 2013.