happy birthday patience!


As an artist, you need something in your creative bank to understand different sensations, to be able to project them and play them convincingly on screen or stage. ‘The exile’ was added to this bank account of sensations and emotions I have. I can use this as an actor now.       

                 Happy Birthday Golshifteh Farahani! (10 July 1983)

this was kinda hard to make. This is for @camilaart! Happy Birthday! Note: I asked @kiacii if i can color their sketches, and they said yes! So i decided to color their Kindness, Patience, and Determination Wizard sketches! They are one of my faves!

this took 8 hours to make…i wish i had a tablet…btw, i used a mouse on this.

anyways, @camilaart hope you like it!

and @kiacii thank you for letting me color it!

Happy birthday @heavenfell-au ! I wish you the best and hope this little gift will please you. You’re an adorable and kind person, and I’m very glad to know you, event if it’s only a little bit !

See you, and again, happy birthday !