happy birthday park so jin

Jinmin Idea #8

I work at the mart as a cashier and you stop by after work every day to get fresh ingredients without fail. Every day your menu changes according to what you buy. Today… you’re getting instant noodles, mac and cheese and frozen pizza… are you ok?

“What do you mean?”


“You asked if I was ok…”

“OH NO. I wasn’t supposed to say it out loud.”

“But you did. So…”

“You aren’t going to cook your usual fancy meals today?”

“How do you-”

“You come here every day and I work here every day… So…”

“Oh… and yes I’m fine. I’m just punishing my roommates.”

“Can I ask why?”

“They took my pudding so I’m taking away their privilege of my blessed cooking.”

“Doesn’t that mean that you deprive yourself of your blessed cooking too?”

“It does. But my pettiness overrides that.”

“Oh… well, I hope your mini revenge works!”

“Oh it will. Afterall, I take the R out of pretty.”

“Was that a - omg that’s hilarious!”

“Thank you, if only my roommates were that receptive of my comedy, maybe then they won’t have to suffer through sour pizza and bitter mac and cheese.”

“How will you- you know what? I’d rather not know. But, just out of curiosity what are you going to do to the noodles?”

“Those are backup. Actual food I’m going to give them after they beg for my forgiveness.”

“I really want to say you’re kind but I don’t think I can after hearing the last part.”

“That’ll be the furthest thought they have after this week.”

“You’re going to do this for a week?”

“Of course! Nobody takes my pudding. NOBODY.”