happy birthday parachutes

12 years of Parachutes, my God, how is this even possible. I feel nostalgic but I also feel proud of myself for being there with them since the very begining. Is not that I’m one of those who think the new fans are stupid and the oldies are the best, NOT AT ALL. I think is amazing that the band have new fans and I feel really happy everytime somebody discover their music and how awesome they are. I really wish that most of you stay there 10 years later. My case is an example that when the music of a band  means a lot to you, and was with you on really important moments of your life, you’ll love it forever and will ever be grateful for that. You’ll not be always the same as a fan you know, I’m not the same fan now that when I was on the X&Y or the Viva era, but I love them as much or even more than the first day.

12 years of Coldplay and I’m still here. I really wish all the fans they have now stay with them 12, 20 or 30 years more :’)