happy birthday omar

oscarenestad: I just wanna go again and congrats my great great LATINO BOOOY! We have been running around in New York the whole day and doing crazy WIERD SHIIT. I really love you my man and I know we gonna spend many more years together. You’ve changed me and we’ve learnt so much together and from each other. You, me and the boys. We gonna celebrate manny more birthdays together and this is just one of those in the beginning. Happy birthday! // Oscar. x.

omarrudberg: I finally found a cute pic! Well bro your birthday was yesterday, what can I say… I can say that you’re gettin’ older ;) Just kidding we’re kids.. sometimes. Love u, and I hope you hade a great birthday with us❤️ We know it’s hard being with us cause we’re so fucked up but you’re in it too so that’s no problem! We’re a weirdo family and we love u! #HappyBirthdayFelix ❤️