happy birthday nph

Five for Friday.

1. The girls in this photo made up most of my core group of friends in high school. I only really keep up with one of them anymore; the rest I know vaguely through facebook. It’s not sad, exactly; that’s life - but it does make me think about how drastically facebook has changed the nature of “friendship” and “relationships”. Would I know that the girl on the far left has already been divorced and remarried, and just had a beautiful baby girl? I doubt it. Would I know the tall girl in the middle is now a beekeeper and has started making her own honey? Almost certainly not. And the girl in the red and white dress to her right is about to move to Australia, maybe. Our lives have taken us such different directions, and truthfully I’m thankful for facebook, grateful to be able to track their paths as I go down my own.

2. I am supposed to go to a party tonight and I really don’t want to go. But I haven’t seen the friend who is throwing it in a long time so I’ll feel guilty if I don’t. Hrmph.

3. One of our managers at work is moving to Colorado, and rather than hire a new person for her job, our VP is splitting her work among several of us who will be elevated to leadership positions and probably/possibly getting a raise to go with the promotion. I’m one of the people being tapped for more work. AND they’re hiring me an assistant. I feel kind of cool and important now.

4. I’m reading the Game of Thrones books and I like them a lot more than I actually expected to! Does anyone know if I can watch the two tv seasons for free anywhere? Now that I’ve read book 1, I’m intrigued…

5. It’s Neil Patrick Harris’ birthday today! (I don’t know why that’s one of my things, it just popped into my head.) (I almost wrote “pooped” instead of “popped”. Hehehe.)