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Poe Can Be Quite Forgetful

Word Count : 616

Not requested but it is from a prompt list : ‘i saved a piece for you’

Keep sending in requests, this is yet another Poe drabble, totally not enough Poe imagines out there

“I saved a piece for you. “Poe said through a mouthful of cake. You had just finished your shift repairing droids and sat across from Poe as he slid you your own slice of cake.“Apparently it’s someone’s birthday. I don’t know who they are, must be new and I must be sure to introduce myself.”

You smile. “It’s the General’s birthday Poe.”

He nearly spat out the cake in his mouth and you giggled. “Seriously?”

“Yeah, why do you think the command room was full of gifts today?”

It took Poe a moment before he shook his head, then let it drop to the table with a light clang. You patted the top of his head soothingly. “It’s okay, she’ll forgive you as long as you don’t tell her you forgot her birthday. And I’ll forgive you as long as you don’t forget our anniversary.”

Poe’s head lifted. “That’s not today is it?”

Your hand froze halfway between your plate and your mouth, cake sliding off of the fork. “Excuse me, Poe?”

Quickly realizing his mistake, he immediately began coming up with excuses. “I am so sorry, babe, it’s um, it’s um…” He lost his trail of thought. “I do know the day, I just can’t think of it right now, it’s not today, it’s coming up right?”

You wanted to be mad at the pilot, but who could when he gave you those sad mud brown eyes, the dark curls nearly falling into his eyes, his hand reaching for yours, asking for forgiveness all at once. “Oh, Poe.” You say quietly. “Our anniversary is in two months. I know you’ve been stressed lately, especially the past couple of days. I forgive you, now, you might want to prepare to either get forgiveness or be given hell.”

“Why?” Poor Poe was so confused.

“Hello, General.” You smiled “Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you, Captain. Commander,” She turned to Poe. “How are you?”

“Happy Birthday!” He quickly got out, as if that wasn’t enough of a cue that he’d forgotten.

The General laughed. “It’s okay Dameron, we’ve had a lot on our plates lately, you’re forgiven, I also know you’re not the best with remembering birthdays.”

“Or anniversaries.” You say finally letting the fork reach your mouth and Leia turned sharply back to Poe.

“Oh Dameron.”

“She’s already yelled at me about that, General, and reminded me when it was. I need to get better at remembering these things.”

An orange and white droid rolled up and started beeping. Leia smiled and patted the droid gently. “Thank you BB-8! You and (YN) remembered.” The droid turned to Poe who put his hands up in surrender, no one was in a forgiving mood for him forgetting the General’s birthday. He beeped repeatedly at Poe, earning raised eyebrows from all three of you. The droid went on and on and finally with one last little beep that sounded like a huff, he strolled away.

“Well that was eventful, thank you again, Captain, Commander.”

When she left, Poe grabbed both of your empty plates and stood to head back to the room. “Any way I can make it up to you? Forgetting our anniversary before it even had a chance to get here?”

Looping your arm through his on the way back, you leaned your head on his shoulder. “You don’t need to make anything up, Poe, just put on the pilot suit when we get there.”

“Why?” a curious smirk made it’s way to his beautiful lips. “Got something planned?”

A laugh escaped from you. “Call it an early anniversary gift, make sure you never forget the date again.”

He kissed your cheek and ran ahead to the room. “Yes, ma’am!”

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happy belated birthday @theinsanefox! this is nearly 2 months late but i hope you enjoy it. technically, it does fit the prompt “otabek domming the hell out of jj”, except with more Bigfoot kink than you ever wanted.

thanks to @kinoglowworm for enabling this mess. props to you guys as well as @phaytesworld, @meimagino, and @francowitch for your help betaing this fic!

The moment was broken by a buzz; despite JJ’s thorough reapplication of repellant, another mosquito bit Otabek, and he cursed. “Let’s go back to the cabin. I’m getting eaten alive out here.”

JJ elbowed him in the side. “I told you, you have sweet blood!”

Otabek sat up. “Whatever, let’s go inside. I don’t want the Wendigo smelling my sweet blood and deciding to eat me.” He was beginning to regret coming out here. He was covered with mosquito bites and sexually frustrated. Even 300 kilometers north of Montreal, Jean-Jacques Leroy was still far too repressed to acknowledge the sexual tension that had been simmering between them all year.

“It’s summer. There’s no Wendigos in the summertime.” JJ grinned. “We do have Bigfoot, though.”

“Whatever. I don’t want Bigfoot to eat me.”

JJ chugged his beer and belched, eyes glinting with humor. “I wouldn’t mind getting eaten out by Bigfoot.”

Otabek almost choked. “That’s not what I said,” he sputtered.

JJ grinned and winked. “I know what I said. I would bang Bigfoot.”

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(Roxanne can’t help but snicker at her friend’s declaration. It’s nearly a month late, but,,,, It’s still nice to hear even if it’s way late. Her smile has a bittersweet twinge to it as she looks at the striped tabby in front of her.  She leans against the door sill. It’s clear that Roxanne was troubled by something, her expression not as cheerful as it usually is.)

“Thank you, Kitt. It means a lot.”