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Happy 37th Birthday to Óscar Isaac Hérnandez Estrada!

(March 9, 1979)

How did you decide on Rupert Graves as Alec Scudder?

James Ivory: I always thought he’d be good. He’s such a free soul, a free spirit, if you know him personally. His Freddy Honeychurch in A Room With A View is a more restrained version of himself. He’s very fun-loving and down to earth. He was surprised that we’d chosen him, because he doesn’t usually play types like that. … He liked playing Alec.

He was wonderful in [A] Room With A View, but when I heard he was playing Alec I couldn’t quite picture it. But he’s terrific. And the material with Alec really catches fire in the movie.

Ivory: I feel it has a lot to do with Rupert.

– James Ivory & Ismail Merchant interviewed by Chris Bram, New York Native, 21 Sep 1987


My gifs, from The Story of Maurice documentary (2004)

Hey guys, I decided to write her a song for Halsey’s 22nd birthday so here it goes:

She’s not your typical americana
her voice is restless and unapologetic
fuelled with the marijuana
she’s a queen but not one of drama
the path is dark
like the densest coal
there might be demons but
she’s in control
you’d think her crazy 
for describing the contents of her soul
but she’s really a savior
her heart is made of gold
Ashley Please assure me it will be ok
Ashley it feels like you’re never afraid
I know you’re in Badlands
but those mountains they will fade away
Her hair’s a rainbow
it changes everyday
Her eyes flash and sparkle
I would never be in her way
Tell me your life story
did you really inhabit all those streets?
you said you’d bring champagne
but why is it all in your sink?
I’ll hold your cold hand
and say you ain’t no no machine
cheer up and move on
but stay away from the gasoline
Ashley who’s been haunting you these days?
Ashley don’t give a fuck about what they say
Labels don’t define you
please live your own way
Ashley you’ll have your own kingdom one day
Sweet hurricane
please tell me it will be okay

Happy Birthday!

* Lafayette × Reader
* Modern
* Request: it’s the reader’s birthday and she’s dating Laf and he tries to throw a surprise party

A/N: Was it your birthday anon? If so Happy Birthday! So here’s an imagine anyone can read on their birthday! But I hope you enjoy this fluffy Lafayette story!

Word Count: 1,219


Your eyes fluttered open due to light streaming in through your curtains. You flung your arm behind you to where your boyfriend should have been. Instead your hand landed on cold sheets. You sat up and scanned the room. Where was that Frenchman?

Suddenly, you heard the door open and swing shut. “Mademoiselle?” You heard Lafayette call. Something in his tone made you pause. It sounded like he didn’t expect you to answer. You decided to burrow back under your blankets and shut you eyes, feigning sleep.
“Y/N?” You head him again. From the proximity of his voice you guessed he was in the doorway.

You heard retreating feet. Slowly and carefully, you turned back to the door. The front door was opened and closed once more. You were about to investigate when the door, again, was opened and shut. This time you heard the rustling of bags.

You shut your eyes to the point the appeared closed but you could still see. Lafayette passed the door to the bed room with plastic bags. Though he passed quickly, his long legs allowing him to take long strides, you were able to glance some objects in the bag. Streamers and balloons for sure.

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Rules and Instructions for the ‘Colin Morgan Birthday Project’

Sum up of project: 
In this project, we intent to create a video, for Colin Morgan’s 29th birthday. In this video, there will be a little paragraph at the start explaining how much he all means to us, which you can contribute too. Then, there will be little clips of fans saying “happy birthday, Colin” in their native language. The purpose of this is to show how popular Colin is, and how much he is loved all around the globe. Colin fans always say how Colin doesn’t know how much he means to us, so this video intends on showing him just that. Under the fans video will include their names and the country they are from, so Colin will kind of know who you are. We will either give Colin the video personally, if he’s doing theatre, or we will send it through fan mail. We will also post it on YouTube for people to see. Wanna take part?

Rules and instructions:
1) The video you send must be NO LONGER THAN 10 SECONDS LONG.
2) You can only say “Happy Birthday, Colin” or something along those lines (no big speeches).
3) You should probably say it in your native language to show variety.

4) When sending your video, you must include your name, country and the language you’re speaking in, with the translation.

5) You can send suggestions of what to say in the message at the start of the video.

6) You do not have to include your face in the video if you do not wish.
7) You must be wearing “appropriate” clothing.

8) You can record the video as a group of people or on your own.

9) You need to take the video from an “appropriate” camera angle.

10) Try to speak clearly.

If we feel that your video is not “appropriate” in any ways, we will contact you back, giving you a second chance.

**You can send your videos to colinmorganbirthdayproject@gmail.com starting NOW!**

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on our email!

Warning that if you send a video, and it’s already been added to the final product, you cannot send another video asking for that to be used instead.


PS. Please reblog this and tell as many people as you can to spread the word! Thanks! We look forward to seeing all of your wonderful videos! I’m sure Colin would appreciate them.

Big birthday collage for Jüri

In 26 days (on 1st July) our precious Estonian Cupcake, Jüri Pootsmann, will be 22 years old. I felt that we should make a big surprise present for him and make him very happy.

What will be the present?

The present is a big collage of pictures with birthday greetings from all over Europe and Australia. We’d send him the collage via Facebook and Twitter on his birthday.

How can I join?

You just have to post a picture of your humble self with a sign of “Happy Birthday” in your native language. Post the pic with the hashtag #JüriSurprise on Twitter or Tumblr. You can also tag me (Twitter: Mondscheinregen) or Selestina @balticboys (Twitter: Wicked_Stormer) in it . BUT DON’T TAG JÜRI!! Remember, it is a surprise!

Why are you doing this?

To show Jüri that there are still people from foreign countries who really appreciate him and his music. Cause he makes us happy! It’s a big thank you and happy birthday from us europals!

When is the deadline?

You can send your picture until 25th of June.

Who is responsible for this project?

Me and Selestina (@balticboys). If you have any questions feel free to ask us.

How can I support?

It would be nice if you reblog or retweet this post on Tumblr/Twitter, so that as many people as possible can participate.

Stromae Birthday Project !

On March 12, Stromae will celebrate his 31st birthday!!! In order to celebrate his birthday, we [the fans] are creating a video for him! which we will later send to him. If you want to take part in this video project, please keep reading =D

I would like you to film yourself doing the following:

• Say your name, age and where you are from.

• Bless Stromae with a “happy birthday” in your native language:)

• describe Stromae in one word.

• Mention your favorite Stromae song, it can be atm since its hard to choose.

Obviously Stromae makes great video clips, I would love for us, the fans, to remake them. You can remake one or more video’s.

Here is an inspiration list:

Papaoutai Tous les mêmes


Ta fête

Alors on Danse


Or one of his lessons (can be found under the YouTube channel dapastudio)

And finally, I want you to say one thing you want Stromae to know: How he influenced you / why do you love him, etc.

Please send all videos to the following address:

stromaebdayproject@gmail.com You can upload the videos by google drive, dropbox, or use wetransfer.

☆For questions you can ask me and @asgoodasgoldenhere on Tumblr / Email.

IMPORTANT You can send your video until: 30 November!

Why I wrap up so early? I have a couple of reasons. we will edit this project on our own, so it will be slow, long and I am in my exam year so I would like to take enough time to put this together and make it look great! PLEASE RE BLOG THIS POST SO MORE PEOPLE WILL BE AWARE OF THIS PROJECT =D

FAQs •Who can participate the project? - Everyone who wants to.

•If I don’t want to do all things, can I just wish him happy birthday? - Sure, but I hope a lot of people will take part in everything.

•If I don’t want to speak, Can I take a pic of me with a “Happy birthday” poster? – Yes.

•Can you guarantee Stromae will see the video? - sadly not, but I will do my best to make this work.


asgoodasgolden & shineemh ☆☆

George Blagden Birthday Video Project

Gosh, that’s a long title. Anyway. The idea is, to make a birthdayvideo for him. This has probably been done before, but well. Why not do it again, right? So, here we go:

What are we going to do?

The idea is to make a video- or two, I’m not sure yet- of us saying “Happy birthday!” in our native language (Or English, whichever you want. I think it’d be cute to do it in our native tongues.) Also, to put in what your Birthdaywish for him is, for his 25th year. (It is is 25th Birthday, right?) So, for HIM, and not things like “I wish we meet!” or something. Keep it about him.


There aren’t many rules.

  • Please keep it short though. I think I’ll set the max at 60 seconds, because I don’t want it to become a cinemalength movie. If it’s WAY too long, I’ll probably ask you to redo it or cut a bit off.
  • Keep your messages about him, and not about you, or your wishes of you doing something with him. Also, try to keep it about him, his career and his general life, and not about his looks. (For example, don’t say something like “I hope you’ll turn even hotter!” “My birthday wish for you is even longer hair!!”)
  • Try to say something to make him smile. That’s our ultimate goal, to make him smile.
  • Email your videofiles to me in .wmv, preferably. You can email them to georgespancake@gmail.com
  • Please send two videos, if you want to. One with you saying your message, and one of you saying happy birthday in your language/just English, whatever you want. 
  • Film your v ideos horizontally, and not vertically, so we don’t get big black beams on either side of the screen!
  • In the video with your birthday message, you can state your name. And please tell me your name, country and twitterhandle so I can put it in the video as well!! In the Happy Birthday video, please only state your happy birthday. I’ll put your name, country and twitterhandle in the bottom!!
  • I can’t think of anything else right now, but maybe I’ll add it!


Since George Blagden’s birthday is on the 28th, I’m going to set the deadline on the 24th of December 2014. Anything after that will NOT be accepted!! I’’m doing it then, because I’m not very good at videoedditing and will probably spend some time doing this.

(Also, if anyone has, you know, a tip for a free online app/program/thingy like Windows Movie Maker, please let me know! I cant'seem to find one that works really well! I’ll just need to put things behind eachother, add text in between and over the videos, and cut parts. Thank you!!)

JB Birthday Scenario (With complimentary smut)

Oh yes. There is smut.
But if you just want a JB birthday Scenario, you can read this until the time jump, because that’s where the sex starts.
Anyways—— This is so late and not even proof read and god IDEK but I’m feeling good about this one! So Happy Birthday Leader-nim! I love you, IGOT7 loves you, and your members loves you! Be happy forever!

also omg it’s been so long since I last wrote female smut I just didn’t know what to call her… parts… that I just ended up calling it womanhood omfg. What are you suposed to call it in smut I don’t know

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