happy birthday namie

Happy Birthday Sanji~!

Today it’s Sanji’s birthday!

Exactly one year ago I was in Tokyo and visited the Mugiwara Store and enjoying the Day of Sanji in the Year of Sanji.

Now, I’ve been extremely busy for the last six months and I haven’t been able to write even half of the posts I come up with in my head. But today is Sanji’s birthday and he’s my favorite anime character of all time. So, I am going to talk about my love for Sanji, and all (some of) the reasons to why he’s my favorite.

Under the cut you’ll find a lot of love and me being biased! Now on to my list of reasons to love Sanji.

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Happy Birthday! (July 3rd)

  • Nami (One Piece) 
  • Emi (Pop’n Music)
  • Judy (Pop’n Music)
  • Shiita Urayama (Prince of Tennis)
  • Kentarou Minami (Prince of Tennis)
  • Atsushi Yano (Big Windup!)
  • Chisaki Hiradaira (Nagi no Asukara)
  • M.M. (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) 
  • Kazuya Hara (Kuroko no Basuke)
  • Neji Hyuuga (Naruto)
  • Fumi Kanno (Devil Survivor 2)
  • King Neptune (One Piece)
  • Yoshino Yorita (Cinderella Girls)
  • Ako Udagawa (BanG Dream!)

/is late

I-i really wanted to draw Namie a present because over the past year I’ve really come to admire her uwu

I got into a talk with my friend a while ago and I was telling him about artists I like and how I usually get artbooks of/from them because I use them to learn how to paint stuff… (so it was kinda important that their style was a little similar to what I was after)… Then he brought up Namie and asked me what I liked about her even though I don’t draw ‘cute’ much.

… So I kinda went off into a tangent and ANYWAY to sum up what I told him: I really admire how her art seems very genuine and gives off that feel that she just really, purely, enjoys drawing. Her art makes me smile whenever I see it and her comics make me feel all sorts of… feels (lol). She also works really hard and she stands up for what she likes to draw!!

Anyway it’s really motivating for me, I think uwu especially for the last part, it’s become rather important to me lately because I feel like I’m being thrown around by the idea of having to ‘bend’ your art to sell to a specific audience. It’s difficult because living in Australia, I still don’t have the confidence that drawing anime will earn me any good points with anyone. The people I’m working with right now said they were fairly happy with what I drew and the way I drew them, but I still subconsciously fell for that trap and steered towards slightly more western-looking stuff that I didn’t really enjoy (the result looks really weird)… so right now I’m pretty unhappy because of it;; 100+ pages feel like an eternity;; … but! I do feel a lot better now than I did before, and in the future will strive to keep true to what I love doing just like her c: (So thank you~)

… so yeah that’s become really personal for some reason I’m sorry OTL /tries to figure out how to forward this drawing to her …////

edit: sorry about the questionable drawing ahahhh;;;;; /awkwardly laughs

Nami from One Piece

I just felt like drawing Nami.

While I was looking up references on tumblr I also noticed that it’s around the time of her birthday (July 3rd), so happy birthday, Nami!